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  1. youd find out the density of kcl when its moleten then figure out the mols and go from there i think
  2. akcapr


    Depends on the motor you want to create, Ammonium Perchlorate is the most powerful oxidizer and is used in the large expert motors. If youre a beginner you should go with KNO3. Most of the other oxidizers are very/pretty impractical.
  3. I dont think rubbers will react with that, perhaps thats woelens new experiment?
  4. I dont see how u can lose 3 fingers from just BP but yes it is dangerous and that was just stupid. you may have 20 foot arms but duh u can still blow em up if you use them to mix stuff etc., but you could always make a some sort of remote control mecahnism to make the reaction procede with you safely away. An example is the atom bomb, very dangerous, but still can be tested safely.
  5. akcapr

    sci fair

    ya i did it and it worked real well i modified it so it wouldnt leak or malfunction.
  6. by the way bud, you can always be far enough away from a reaction to do it safely.
  7. im pretty sure its been created before
  8. one reaction that looks really cool is you take equal amounts roughly of each, put them in a test tube, and then heat till the kno3 melts then it burns bright and looks kinda like KCLO4 + gummy bear
  9. it would probably produce less smoke but that smoke would have less time to clear so you would have a thicker cloud. The amount of smoke difference wouldnt be noticable.
  10. akcapr


    you can PM me if you have questions i have some experience with homemade rocket motors.
  11. what exactly happened? i havent heard about this
  12. just dry/evapoprate the solution or filter it
  13. Well i found a little extraction method for myself that ive never exactly heard of: lets say you take a solution of something in water, then u add 200 proof EtOH, and some of the stuff that was in the water precipetates out n u can collect. Just thought i would share this, guess its a form of crystallization.
  14. akcapr

    Tea Popsicle

    they freeze it fast, but not quite flash. thats why their texture is smooth compared to homemade ones.
  15. centrifuging is hard cuz it can still mix after you centrifuge it
  16. ya but they probly form an azeotrope to some extent thats the most obvious method
  17. you could seperate also by taking advantage of the freezing points perhaps
  18. akcapr

    Tea Popsicle

    Is your avatar a picture of you?
  19. akcapr

    Tea Popsicle

    ehh i dunno about that. usually u dont saturate ur tea very much when its hot.
  20. it would still be liquid, just no hydrogen bonds
  21. well try http://www.unitednuclear.com but thats more pyrotechnix based.
  22. its worse, becuase youll get a bunch of chromium oxide, nad it wouldnbt work very well. Plus its more expensive. Go with KNO3. AN is alot harder to work with because its hard to light AN motors.
  23. try http://www.hometrainingtools.com
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