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  • Birthday 10/10/1958

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    Lagos, Nigeria
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    Classical Music, Natural Science, Food Preservation, the Geological Record, Deep Time, Beer and species Rhododendron.
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    Chemical Engineering - UMIST
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    Probably inorganic chemistry. Or evolution.
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    As far as I remember, I got very drunk in all sorts of different places.
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  1. If you really enjoy the organism experience, then they remove the letters "ni" so you can really celebrate.

    I was happy to be promoted to Primate a while back, as it worked with my avatar so well.  

    1. sethoflagos


      If they removed the other letters instead, could I become a knight?

      Might even be of more use to me these days.

    2. TheVat


      I hope we don't have to appease you with a shrubbery.  Or cut down the largest tree in the forest with a herring.  (it's a little disturbing how well I remember this scene)

    3. sethoflagos


      It's there in my listed interests. Rhododendron.

      And not just any Rhododendron, mind you. Only species Rhododendron will do! We'll not be having any of your hybrid lousy, blowsy town park Doncasters or Faggetter's Favourites here my good man! Indeed not!



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