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  1. I see. Ive been gone for a while now so im kinda lost on the newer people around here.
  2. ive bought so much stuff from them. I even bought some borosil test tubes from them before they had it on the site. Good company. But damn slow. It usualy takes me three weeks.
  3. H2SO4


    system restore.
  4. ID imagine if you coated you mouth with a base, then that would suck far worse then the sourness of lemons. Anyway, is it true that the ciric acid in lemons eats the enamel on your teeth, or destroys other chemicals in your teeth? My mom told me this years ago and she knows nothing of chemistry. Ive just always thought it might be plausible.
  5. How is he not going past the "kewl" level Woelen. He has made 120 post on a forum dedicated to science. I dont see how this is cool at all. And this question isnt random. It is chemistry related, hence in the chemistry section of this forum.
  6. lol akcapr "what a dumb question"
  7. I dont know. But is you used carbon rods the flourin would destroy one of them quickly. Flouring is the most reactive chemical know, so I would imagine electroysis of it would be impossible or just stupid.
  8. If you want to make a bright flash, just expirement. Ive made numerous "bright burning" mixtures. If you mix granulated magnesium and maybe some Al powder, and some strontium nitrate then you can get a slow burning red "flare" which will light up the entire garage.If you want a green flare use barium nitrate. [Edit]
  9. basicaly, its a sponge that fills with blood and gets hard.
  10. the total size of xp is about 2 gigs, so im not worried.
  11. Im building a gaming pc as of now, but until then im using my dell 600m laptop. I can run all the new games, but not very well. I can however run halo at a reseonable resolution and all other settings on high. All sounds on high as well. I can play fear on low. My setup: DELL 600m Laptop 1.8Ghz Dothan M 1 gigabyte infinion pc3200 Fujitsu ultraATA 5400 RPM HDD SXGA Monitor ATi Mobility 9000 64mb
  12. Im building a high performance pc now also. The hard disk will be SATA. I do not see how any of you dont know what sata is. Its not new technology. Dell home pc's ship standard with SATA drives. So basicaly i dont see whats so hard about building a computer. You basicaly buy all your parts neccessary/ Install the power supply. Then the motherboard. Then the processor and the fansink. then the drives. THen the add on cards. Keepp yourself grounded by often touvhing the case chassis. After you install your motherboard and before anything else, you may want to consider conencting all your case things to your mobo, like your piezo buzzer, power swith, audio, usb, firewire....fans and all your other mods and crap. Make sure everythings good, pluged in and secure. press the power button and hope it boots.
  13. And YT, fiber optics would be neat, but to light the thing up like hey wants to they wouldnt channel enoguh light. Unless he pokes them through THE THINGS HE TRYING TO LIGHT. Like maybe text.
  14. id imagine christmas lights would be awful. They just dont have that big of an output. Id go with LED's. Plugin lights are to large. Led's are small, and intense. Buy four hgih intensity white ones, then put them into a series circuit with a resistor (cant tell you how many ohms, or how much resistance the resistor should be, im kind of an electronics noob for the most complex thing ive built is an astable multivibrator (very simple)). Im guessing a 30,000 ohm resistor. Go to radio shack and theylll tell you. Run it off a few AA's or a ine volt or a dc adaptor.
  15. sucks. That wouldve been cool, especialy if ameria didnt have to do it this time.
  16. Um explosives? Maybe some homemade flash powder! nO JUST KIDDING THIS IS A BAD IDEA (caps lock which i hate) I like the idea of the bonfire next to it to expand it and then cool it real quich.
  17. no it does not have internet explorer in it. It uses a web browser that sony or some other corporation made. And typing is a pain in the ass just to let you know, but it is a pretty neat feature, having a browser that is.
  18. Read the warning label on the H2SO4. It says if drank, drink milk of magnesia, large quantitys of water, beaten eggs! Or vegetable oil. Im guesing the milk of magnesia is a base to nuetralize the acid.
  19. The bottle in the picture states the ingredients. Sulfurinc acid and water. From an earlier post, someone said the drain cleaners impuritys are caused by organic impuritys. So this probaly makes it brown.
  20. Whatever dude wavepad still owns. If you need a good batch converter get the free cheetah audio converter, from download.com
  21. ya takes some time from what Ive heard. I wantoto try to crack into my own netwrk to see what its like. I dont know if they have any homebrew apps to crack a netrwork key, but id imagine it would take forever anyway versus a computer on a psp's weak hardware (not a psp fan, sorry).
  22. try http://www.download.com/WavePad/3000-2170_4-10382895.html?tag=lst-0-1
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