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  1. So I'm looking for a way to scan brain tissue at a molecular level, one where you can see not only neurons but individual synapses and observe nerve signal firing. Through my research I found out that the most powerful MRI is able to get to a resolution of 1000 neurons with increased magnetic field and radio signals. As you know only radio signal or tetrahertz signal wavelength is able to penetrate the skin. The other possible solution I found is by injecting a virus that carries the gene for creating solar roof panel like light sensitive protein on the neuronal cell and observe the electromagnetic pulse. Of course you need to be looking inside the brain to capture this light. So I've thought of another idea being the potassium MRI scan which observes the potassium ions inside the brain, again the resolution is still not high enough on the molecular level, and of course it requires a magnetic field too which might cause discomfort. There is another method that I found which is through attosecond laser spectroscopy, but I'm not sure how detailed that would get, and the level of discomfort, keep in mind that we want to be alive with minimum discomfort when doing the scanning, that would help a lot of dreamers. So with these ideas in mind I want to know if there is a more optimized way of scanning the brain with molecular detail without causing too much discomfort. If any research is being done toward this area let me know as well, thanks!
  2. Right I know it's electro-chemical, but the transferring of sodium ions across the axon is similar to that of a current. And can you say that thought occurs within the axon, or the chemical messenger? It makes no sense. One idea is that the neuron is compared to a transistor similar to a computer with different input and outputs, each neuron has multiple input and output connections. So these transistors form what we perceive as consciousness, like an operating system, Windows
  3. Well, I read somewhere that before 1947 the traditional transistors are different than the one invented after 1947. Well I wasn't aware that Boolean Algebra was there before 1947, but you have a solid answer on who invented full adder? I could be wrong on this one, but the time is rather convenient though P.S. Nevermind it seems Shannon invented the first 4-bit full adder in 1938 using circuits and Boolean Algebra, thanks for the info
  4. After receiving a bad grade for my electrical classes yet again(bear with me for a while). I came to the conclusion that these electronic stuff is just too hard to be man made. This idea though, was left there for the entirety of my university years. Not until a few months ago, I came across this clip on youtube. How computer add numbers. So I was staring at the 0 and 1 bits, thinking if I can figure out a way to crunch the adder until it occurs to me that, the half adder seems too revolutionary to be man made. So I did a search on Google, to see who came up with half and full adder for the binary numbers. The result, such a person does not exist. The electrical engineering department is built completely by these transistor founders, yet they never mentioned who built a full adder, isn't it kind of fishy? So then I check the history of transistors, after all their main purpose is to add and subtract numbers, and the modern transistors are invented in the year 1947 from November to December by these founders. The year 1947 does not strike me at first, but then my mind wonders off to the famous UFO crash incident in Roswell. The same year showed up 1947 but it's in mid 1947 this time where the UFO crashed. Some suggested that it is a military weather balloon, but what if, that what's left there are computer made of transistors that blue print the computer device that we use today? So the UFO crash device somehow ends up in Bell Lab. I mean it could mean that all the electronic devices are doomed to fail. None of the advance UFOs are gonna crash on earth anyway. It is however, a starting point for man kind. So what goes of today electronics? Is it that we are reverse engineering other parts of the UFO device or are there aliens teaching us rudimentary electronics, I can't really say. Anyway, I feel bad for not being able to comprehend such a device, humans can't be inferior to aliens you know. The and and or gates are just truly revolutionary. If you try to come up with a decimal number adder it would exist in a wheel shape I think. So I think the other worldly deserve some credits for making the computers in earth today. You think military are already in contact with the aliens? Or are we only reverse engineering the devices? And if you don't believe what I say, look into half and full adders and see if who or you can come up with one
  5. Actually I can't really prove chemical synapses, but I really think it is just there for delay, if someone has a better idea feel free to post it
  6. After thinking about it for a while, aside from the nanofactory idea. I think you can construct things with nanomachines. The advantage is that if you can get nanomachine to the right place with computer guided assistance and place the material there. Sort of like a pickup item and drop technique. Then with Google's suggestion is to scan the structure with light that can pass through objects. Then you can use the nanomachine to repair or build objects. Although I don't think you can get nanomachine to move in between molecular bonds. So it has to go with a layer by layer bases. It would be more efficient than nanofactory in this case, picking up an item and delivering it to the correct place using nanomachine would be a challenge
  7. Then you need a precise scanner, possibly one that has to do with a molecular scanner in scanning the entire brain structure through hyperspectral imaging
  8. I'm thinking of a nanofactory built based on molecular robots. Ever since I watched the movie transcendence, been keeping my interest in nanotechnology. Think of a factory built based on these robots in constructing more factories and more robots.
  9. Well, first of all you have to prove that consciousness can exist within a computer. The brain consists of both digital and analogue circuits. For instance, when you pinch the skin you feel pain, if you pinch is harder the pain increases, that's analogue circuit. The pain itself, however, should be comprises of AND, OR, Etc. logic gates. Once you get the logic gates in the correct order. Consciousness would be just comprises of the moving electrical signals. Let it be pebbles or any objects to swap in for the electrical signals as long as you have enough of them and let it move at 150m/s you generate a consciousness, you don't even need a brain. Think of electric current with inputs and outputs currents, but without the hardware that controls it. So can consciousness exist in a computer? Personally I think consciousness is a movement, the rest is for you guys to debate P.S. There are also chemical synapses, personally I think they account for the delay in between circuits
  10. It's small enough to float somewhere lol, well I'm not sure what's inside a satellite so, just speculation
  11. Transferring consciousness to an empty body. Well technically you can just draw a 3D figure of the brain and have the consciousness transfer to it. The problem is you need to predict the next brain state as my friend pointed out, or you need to go faster than 150m/s. Scan the brain into a 3D image, have the signal spark origin(I am not sure how brain nerve signal origin is produced), predict the next available position of the signal, and just swap the consciousness into the 3D figure. That's how digital immortality will work. P.S. You probably don't need to know what the wiring does, speculation
  12. After thinking about nanorobotics, how about reduce the size of the satellite and just have it stick to the atmosphere?
  13. The way I know is using a balloon, then propel outward when it gets close to space. Thing is I can't think of much use for a satellite though. I mean sure we can set up a communication satellite and throw stuff into space, but earth is going to move away from it anyway. Ya I thought about the kite scenario too, that's not going to work. So how exactly do they control the Mars Rover all the way from earth? Beats me. Here's an example of Mars Rover. So if you're flying something straight to Mars it will take a while. Once it leaves the atmosphere it will just go in a straight path. Somewhere discussed in the Physics Forum about flying a paper airplane to Mars I think. And how do you control something in space. Electricity and some type of torque? We'll need some mechanical expert here.
  14. Its main concern is the radioactive material presented inside the satellite. I don't see the word illegal in there, if it is illegal then I would not do it
  15. Right, I just found it, thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  16. So I watched this movie yesterday, to be precise Xmen Apocalypse. I was wondering if mind transferring can be done? Well to an empty body. one that does not exhibit a consciousness when born
  17. Right well, I did hear about a perpetual satellite that stays in orbit from a friend (one that doesn't crash, like the moon). I just feel like having an easy way out of this, ie, satellite stay in one place. And that's where I went with the surveillance camera idea.
  18. Let's see, you shouldn't fear AI as it is. First of all, how do you create an AI? By simulating a brain similar to a human mind where the logic gate would create consciousness. Even if you give it all the memory of the world the brain still needs way to process it. Then you think about creating a smarter brain, how do you think a brain like that would look like? I personally don't think a bigger brain is a smarter brain. Human makes mistakes, and if AI would have a consciousness and thought processing power, it would does that same, you cannot have something with a consciousness to operate like a computer. Lastly, in terms of the time scale the consciousness can process things. I don't think you can simulate a faster consciousness, one where you think like 10,000 thoughts per second. If you increase the neuronal speed, nerve signal transferring speed, a consciousness might not arise. Normally human nerve signal runs at 120m/s. So a smart AI that would dominate the world is still a bit hard
  19. Something like that, well, no one complains a satellite invades privacy
  20. Right well, I thought it'll be interesting to send something to space
  21. I am setting up a camera legally in public, someone stop me
  22. Well, r^2 can really reduce the force acting by m1 and m2 according to the Newtonian description. I agree that you cannot plug in an infinite value for either of the masses. Right well the mass creates a field which produce gravity acting on the other masses, speculation
  23. I'm sure this is not a dating forum lol, but I like to watch anime myself Well alright guys, after looking up. It is legal to film in public, sorry about the confusion. I just thought it would be interesting to do. I'm sure government has it at certain point
  24. Well, asking girl(s) out is not a bad purpose Right, committing a crime is bad. The constitution guarantee freedom of speech I agree
  25. Well, not like bad purposes. Check out some hot girls probably lol. It should be legal, I just need one that doesn't break
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