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  1. 20 hours ago, Ghideon said:

    Information provided so far is not enough to comment on what kind of issue you are facing regarding performance; I do not have an opinion if specific products are suitable or not suitable. 

    As you can see my shelve db file are some few GBs in size. Each dictionary consists of a phrase and a frequency and I would constantly update this frequency. So for sqlite I would have like 1 billion upsert statements. I tried to run 1 billion inserts, which is fast, but when it comes to update the frequency it takes forever. This is for if exist insert else update. I never tried upsert so I would not know if it is faster/slower.

  2. 57 minutes ago, Sensei said:

    You don't seem to understand what he did on the video...

    Game was not run in some turbo speed. Just frequency of key events was increased..

    On Windows OS is sending events WM_KEYDOWN when user pressed key and WM_KEYUP after releasing key button. However when user pressed key button and holds it, there are send WM_CHAR with small delay between them. Application (emulator) and/or external keyboard utility (e.g. keylogger) can inject more WM_CHAR into input events queue and increase frequency. Buggy application will be cheated because programmer did not think about such situation in advance..

    Similar situation is with games which did not wait for vertical blank (VBlank interrupt).

    Emulator get this functionality to fight with such not waiting for vblank games, so they still could be usable after increasing delay of key events.

    If you want to increase speed of execution of your programs 1) stop using Python and write code in C/C++ 2) use multithreading. Modern CPUs have 8+ HT threads and more. 3) use CUDA/OpenCL and use GPU for heavy computing. Modern GPUs have 1024-8192 cores on GFX.

    Looking on questions asked on the forum, doubtful that his Python programs are multithreaded. So he could instantly have 8-12 boost after using the all cores of CPU.. If script is just calculating.. But the most of the scripts are loading data from storage etc. etc. Getting M2 NVMe would speedup 3-7x in comparison to ordinary SSD, and 70x in comparison to traditional HDD.

    I looked at the emulator's source code. I think they are skipping frames so instead of 60 frames per sec they stream at 120 frames per sec. I would only guess the whole mechanics works like a CRT television screen display.

  3. 2 hours ago, Ghideon said:

    The information provided is too limited, I will not try to make a prediction. In my experience performance is a result of many parameters; using another implementation language may or may not result in a required performance boost.  

    I agree, I am unable to find a suitable disk based dictionary for c# = =, I am using shelvedb for this program. So I might have to use sqlite if I want to integrate it to a c# platform, but sqlite is pretty slow still.

  4. 23 hours ago, Ghideon said:

    Sorry but I think you need to think through what you want to create and how to present it. It is tricky to sort out what kind of computer science aspects you wish to discuss. The contradictions between you posts does not help. 

    If you want to incorporate FPS*in the gameplay I think it would be more efficient to start from something else than a comparison with Command and Conquer. AFAIK the Command and Conquer franchise does not incorporate FPS gameplay (yet).

    Ya you are right. As you know I am working with Unity 3D, I am deciding between a 2D platform or 3D platform. The 2D platform would consist of a mercenary camp and mercenary bots that would traverse the map and hunt zombies and get items. The 3D platform would consist of a wave like maze with a boss in the end, think of a Wacraft III td maze with a FPS aspect where you get to control a hero in a FPS manner.

    I dunno, I think not as many people would purchase a 2D platform vs a 3D Doom type gameplay, but that is just from my perspective.

  5. You can customize the mercenaries with weapons purchased from a shop or drop from zombies(The mercenaries have their own inventory). The default weapon is a fist. And once you get a weapon you can implement different stats.

    Yes it will be wave based, but you get to control one of the unit in FPS style, the rest are your comrades. I think I want to make the base invincible though, still deciding.

    Yes it is a little bit like War Craft III in a sense combined with FPS

  6. I want to make a game with Unity 3D. I have not decided if it should be in 2D or 3D. The idea is like this. If you've played Command and Conquer then you know you can make an infantry camp. And my game would start out with a mercenary camp and I can hire people to kill zombies(randomly generated on the map), or work in a company to get money. Now if you ask me why killing zombie does not get you money I would say I have no idea cuz I just thought of this idea. The unique part about this game is the character's movements are all automated. Meaning they would explore the map and kill zombies by themselves, same goes for going to the company and working to earn money. As you know in Unity 3D you can play scripts inside an object, but I have not really worked on a 3D intelligent bot before. This sort of bot only exist in MMORPG macro if you know what I mean. So I might keep it in 2D, just to make it simple. I have not touch Unity 3D since 2014, but I think this idea is golden. Let me know what you think and how I can get this character scripts to work.

    P.S. If you say Command and Conquer has done it before, no have they have not. The difference is this game would have the characters automated in their task. Like search and destroy.

    P.S. Yes the Command and Conquer AI, but that is not a game = =, hmm

  7. Description:

    I wrote this AI after I left my previous company in Pou Chen. I did a little bit of web scraping with words frequency testing in the company so I came up with this AI after I left the company. Below are the videos and the Python scripts are included in the video as well as a link to Crunchyroll explaining its content posted by me.

    You can:

    Run the scripts and test them out for me to see what I can improve on. Yes the scripts are crude with no comments but I took 6 months(non continuous) working on them. So before you say it does not make sense or not working, sort of take some time to get used to the scripts and I will try and answer the questions here. You can also test the scripts with a different dictionary once you understand the program.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:


  8. 10 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    Yet you insist on steering it...

    Salamander was not born on that day, that rules out the regeneration capabilities. And I think that was not earth bound, aka, not someone time traveled from the future. The interesting part is it was shut down by lightning though and the weather storm device is clearly not on my side.

  9. 5 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    No, just a lack of understanding...

    I can't be the first one to figure it out, if Michael Levin has done it it is probably there since the 1970s. Well but I am gonna keep it to myself for my own benefit, so that I hopefully do not come across a no answer @@

  10. 14 minutes ago, dimreepr said:

    because it's funny, when you guys try to explain it...

    LOL right(agrees), but jokes aside, someone has to live their entire life crippled if they could just use progesterone to regenerate a limb, but such an information is never released to the public. Is there something secret about salamanders?

  11. 1 hour ago, swansont said:

    Yes, it’s a highly-held secret. It’s not like they’d tell you in any of the journal articles, or other sources that are easily Googled.</s>

    Well, what is the reason you guys keep it a secret? How can we be sure to entrust this to the Watchmen and ensure the Watchmen does not abuse its power?

    On another note, progesterone for human regeneration is on another path for my search to immortality and it seems largely harmless(it is not a weaponry), why keep progesterone as a mean of human regeneration a secret?

  12. 1 hour ago, swansont said:

    Really? That’s what you got from this discussion?

    I will go back and reread LOL, but lately been busy with the job hunt.


    Yes, multiple times

    Sodium atoms are the one used by the Harvard slow light experiment which I posted, I wouldn't know the absorption spectrum for the sodium atoms they used to conduct the experiment.

  13. 10 hours ago, swansont said:

    Why would you use 780 nm on sodium?

    Well, you are trying to inhibit the infrared heat energy dissipation which is the same for all materials. Although you did mention 780nm is for rubidium atoms. So, I dunno.

  14. 2 hours ago, swansont said:

    Then you know nothing about BEC, despite this discussion.

    My bad, I will drop by to learn about BEC from time to time = =, I might use a Chrome browser.

    51 minutes ago, md65536 said:

    Why do you think it would turn into a BEC if hot? A BEC involves the atoms being in the lowest quantum states, not highly energetic ones. The laser cooling described in the thread is done to take energy away from the atoms.

    A layman explanation of a BEC (and possibly completely wrong, others please correct me) is that when a particle's speed is very close to zero (ie. very low temperature), you know the momentum of it to high certainty, so due to the uncertainty principle, you can only know the position of it to lower certainty. With a cloud of particles acting as if the particles are each spread out, they overlap each other (their wave functions overlap) and are indistinguishable, and the cloud behaves in ways that are like it's one macroscopic fuzzy particle (for lack of words), instead of behaving like it's made of many microscopic particles. If the atoms are hot (in aggregate), I don't think there's a practical way to force the positional uncertainly that you need for these effects.

    Precisely, you'll need a dome of mortys to conceal the genius wavelength

    P.S. I got that from learning about Rasenga from Crunchyroll @@


  15. 23 minutes ago, Klaynos said:

    Everything you have written here is wrong. What does anything here have to do with immortality or time travel?

    A 1 meter BEC should theoretically pull in enough photon energy to create a time machine(black orb), but this is theoretical and would not fit the topic. Immortality is a something I am trying to pull with the dream groups since the Persians, but both are off topic so I am leaving it at that. You could message me if you are interested. This is all I know about BEC so I am leaving it as it is.

  16. On 2/19/2021 at 1:08 AM, swansont said:

    You claimed your post would make sense on this day. 

    Well Swanson sir, too many factors in question about these dream groups = =. I have only one objective, which is immortality, and I want them to realize this for me since they know the brain structure inside and out. Thing is I do not know them in person. I do not know how to invest in them(if investment in stock is even required), nor do I know how to purchase this product known as immortality from them, or their true objective(world domination?). I just sort of want an extra life for free, puting all the resources I can into these dream groups with my half baked knowledge(About progesterone and striatum) and man power(If any? Cuz my Amazon associate is not showing me any man power). These dream groups remain to be theoretical entities labeled by numbers from my perspective. I do not want to get people to invest/purchase this product known as immortality from them only to find out they are cons(they might not be). That would put my reputation at stake and be called a scammer(am not). What I think we should do is sort of tap into their network and see what they are doing and see if we can get a share if they are not civilians restricted. I alone am not a good indicator for these groups since I do not know them and I receive about 80% of all dreams turning out to be nightmares(They visit me at night and make me dream). I do not want to wake up missing an arm or part of the brain, that would be outrageous.

    With that said, a one meter BEC is a potential time machine if the energy is manipulated correctly. I am not as interested in traveling the future(who wouldn't), but more on manipulating the frames of the person in question so you can sort his life in reverse. Of course knowing the future grants infinite possibilities including death avoidance, but I just want to place this theoretical clone body on the correct time frame so once I pass out I would be linked directly to the clone body with no lag time.

    With that said, well, building a one meter BEC and storing energy has to do with precise manipulation of infrared energy. You are beaming the Near Infrared Laser of 780nm to inhibit sodium atoms from emitting infrared energy as heat energy while having it absorb light of a different wavelength so it keeps getting hotter and hotter until it turns into a BEC or possibly a black hole. I am not sure if a black hole is required to store light energy though I would have to look into the EIT method you mentioned.

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