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  1. 1) I am smiling :-) :-) 2) yes it's true. 3) thats why while mathematical / theoritical materails are too difficult -contain heavily difficult formulas & theories - ,theoritical materials does not provide good beneficts - or are not lucrative- so , this even takes too much time to evaluate them. 3) I don't know the reason why to be so bad thing to be off topic. but of course if editors/moderators would protect the thread to be quite disracted ,they this will be right! ✓ ,I only said we may find some new things (interdisciplinary) by such conversations and I am sure we are innoce
  2. 1) this may not be truth at medicine I think. because for instance while some diseases are caused by viruses , most of them are caused by bacterias. but bacterias & viruses are difinitely difefrent descriptions. for instance , AIDS is caused by a type of virus. but tetanus is caused by a type of bacteria. both of these two catastrophic ilness have no actual solution after infection. but I am sure ,when any medical dotor invent the treatment for any of these , with extreme probability this will not be valid for the scond one. 2) I don't mean the IF may define the prominence. but it s
  3. the question was this one, could you write some clear and succint instructions which may persuade us that >3D is actively used. for instance if we would use a 1D ,we may choose a tool (V and m is not important there) if we would like to use 2D dimension ,we may choose a circle as in electric field to use. but if we would like to use 3D ,it would be better to use calender there are only simple analogy that might be acepted as to picture. but what about >3D to give as eaxmple?
  4. I thought that great journals would also care the benefits of literatures. for instance , if we explore / invent a treatment of one well known catastrpphic disease or a piece of it , that great journal and regularly almost all people will care it. but thin please , I don't believe that honest mathematicians were not hardworking. in contrary this , they are generally study hard. but think also the reason why they are living troubles just like me and other ones , although believe that they study hard ,they have economic matters. this is quite unethic. but I am not complaining so much ,
  5. wait plase for around 5-10 minute, I am checkind some keywords. actually ,I think all these will provide the logical reason for why such qualified journals are not publishing heavily theoritic materials/papers. and they seem right on this issue. otherwise of course this will not be correct to refuse the necessity or worth of theoritic studies. these are different. we know that in this century engineering studies are more lucrative. my interests about physics (to use at creation for engineering product would be : magnetism , electric fields , optics (lens - eyes (usage) some new me
  6. one moderator implys that it was a rule of forum that we should quote/announce our another thread's link or other members' link which are opened / commented interior this forum. he said that we are allowed to quote the original that comment instead this. at first I would ask a reason for this rules? and secondly , isn't it more difficult to find that comment and QUOTE comment? because it's longer way. so I suggest to change this rule. it doesn't seem useful.
  7. unortunately I don't believe me to achieve such bright things at mechanics. but I have strong belief at electricity & optics and/or related these contexts. to succeed/reach bright results.
  8. ok. could you specify please the first one . no necessity for the second one. really I do not think that my knowledge would be enough for physics on this stage to allege so advanced expressions which are all quite interdisciplinary. my methods will not be traditional already. I am using quite different methods or try to use it. but probably it would be enough logical to think the possibility of such different methods.
  9. the second phrases please ,that one and the following phrases' (the second ones') meaning is alrady obvious in its first meaning. I did not ask the first meaning I thought that he might tell something seems like a secret this are well known in all languages as a method of also cryptology I asked just this one whether it existed. anyway ,if there is not any else maning ,ok it has already been understood. is there any else meaning about this sentence? /phrase?
  10. what is the actual meaning of this two sentences/phrases?
  11. Dear ajb , we already know in mathematics there is numerous theories related this context. but I could not see the picture / apperance which might prove it realistic. Let remember/see what respective scientist :Stephen hawking says at my this thread http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/98054-a-query/
  12. THANKS for your reply! could you provide pictures of usage. it should be effective.direct usage defines just this meaning at real. for instance , Euclid space's 3D can be shown. (both formulization and picturing)
  13. 1) sure! anyone cannot be good at everything 2) improvement?? , I know and may provide you some references that such ones have no obstacle to write paper. however , if you are implying using this language in ELITE version. sorry ,I do not think the possibility for this at least for 8 years. look what I experienced ; my native language is not turkish. but I am speaking highly better than turkishes . intimately it is ELITE. but the actual reason for this was learning their culture well. (not only linguistic ,-usage of language-this is not difficult.) we need to learn any language's culture
  14. in pure mathematics we commonly use >3D spaces. there will be many many types which are formulated. but I do not know whether we use any of them as an actual usage in life of science. I see at this document https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilbert_space hilbert spaces are being used at physics discipline and/or electric electronic engineering. I request anyone to provide any sample of direct usage of >3D space(s) as evidence if there exists or how its usage is. (note only formulizations are not acceptable, usage is required.)
  15. Dear Imatfaal ; May I ask , what is your current & official interest? are you academician at law faculty?
  16. hi ; sorry to be late for reply! I request your kind understandings because of traffic among difficult academic rseraches. and remember please I am trying to research under very difficult life conditions. so ,once again I request your kind understandings of course I accept that my English language is not advanced. and surely I do not believe that it would be advanced because of its "pronounciation". But I don't accept that it was so bad like the level had/has been told by someone. I do not doubt that some members have good qualifications ,especailly : "Arete, CharonY , ajb , Strang
  17. +1 this comment folded so as not to be of topic & has been sent to Tampitump in private mod. blue 89
  18. I thought that this text was not suitable to be shown under this thread, it has been folded & sent to ajb by private message ... blue
  19. blue89

    a query

    hi ; Really I think time parameter might have various qualifications. when I read a piece of a paper of stephen hawking , I realised that he uses some words that makes us almost sure/confident that still we have no obvious useful information about both time characater and >3D dimension. for instance he uses a sentence like this "We predict that >3D would be...." the red coloured words proves this us. the thing that I am sure is the difficulty of finding such implied properties or new things about this issue. but at the same time ,I think this is clear that we are able to f
  20. isn't this a bit basic? or ..what its importance? for instance if there exists any discussion about such sets ,I don't know the reason why we learnt thems. look , M ≠ Ø < M , o > provides qualifications below. 1) every a,b ϵ M aob ϵ M (closed) 2) every a,b ϵ M (aob)oc = ao(boc) (associative) 3) e unit element , every a ϵ M eoa = aoe = a ----- although there exist many many many subjects & titles at algebra , I do not remember we used such sets commonly. I see you are using "Lie Algebra" in your papers what is the usage of this definition : this is "Monoi
  21. ok. thanks although I have forgotten to give some particular instructions ,I see you have not missing such details (like red coloured) could you gice an example clearly please. For instance if < G,* > and < H,ß > be each group : F : G → H and if F provide the requirements below this will be homomorphism or isomorphism for every a , b ϵ G F ( a*b) = F (a) ß F(b) ⟹ F is homomorphism When F provides 1-1 and onto characters at the same time , then F is isomorphism. of course there will be very many variety of groups (I know up to nilpotent group
  22. mmm ,I may say that all critiques are constructive under this thread. in this case ,may I ask a point and this is important for me ; we know that some artistic studies are related to science. so ,what do you think about aspect of ART study. really I think the picture above is not good. but Assume please when we succeed the professional types ,will not it be worth? if it be valuable (that I think so) ,we must continue this activity? please feel free to express your any idea under this thread. Thanks
  23. is it the same defiition with homomorphism / isomorphism (1-1 ,onto) ?
  24. already, I could not understand anything clearly. Now ,I think that it should be compulsory to write ORIGINAL AND FULL TEXT of QUESTION. :-) but it would be good to say there is nothing which is DIFFICULT in mathematics. all existences are things what require studying hard and more carefully I have to leave ....the time is 00.36 ,in turkey Unless I sleep ,it will be worse for my eyes. good nights. sincerely blue
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