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  1. I could not really understand a detail why don't you make it a bit easier to audiences,otherwise I am own highly demanding sometimes to write longly. For instance check such things and apply. like this continuoum f is a function ∀ ɛ > 0 , δ , I x- x0 I < δ , I f(x) - f(x0) I < ɛ simply if any functşon is continuous ,then x → x0 , f(x) → f(x0) discrete probably there exist several descriptions for this one when d is a metric. and on a set/space d(x,y)= 1 ,then this is discrete. Countability if there exist a function ,f is one by one and f G → N G is countable Ca
  2. hi; I have sent a letter to harvard and said them that I cancelled all considerations across this university. according to my contention the recommendation letter is quite fault requirement to make it mandatory. I respect everyone's ideas. But I strictly criticized harvard and cancelled the consideration. There exist some details. nature is in silence. as I understand they are willing to take articles from me. But I need economic support. this is unique necessity. I do not need anything else (MSc ,PhD any of these is not the thing which I am looking for.) because I believe I have ability
  3. haha :-) this is your personal idea.(but I respect your thought,ok you are free how to think) illogical why I know ajb is Editor at one journal at real ,and at once he said "if I see no reference at any paper ,I will reject it" :-) but while you are right ,about my responsibility, I think I am unable to be good at everything or every subject. so failing to find evidence is NORMAL. and so supposing logical me to have failed finding reference must be just illogical I am leaving now. there exists some e-mails which must be replied by me. furthermore nature physics sent me a new e-mail
  4. I have been feeling exhausted ,I don't agree this idea. be aware that ,I will add you to my ignored list if you continue this subject. my explanations which are up to now should be enough
  5. haha haa ha :-) one of the most entertaining (fine) personality @studiot haha ... could you reply again my question which had been asked as a first time around 3-4 months ago. why did not you accept friendship with me on facebook??? Really appreciable sayings haha :-) (positive ✓ ) I only remember ,you said : "I am too old to use facebook" I don't think that it would prevent. is it logical or illogical?? or neither logical nor illogical? which one ? :-) (note: I had met a christian woman ,really she was very good (qualified according to entertainment as I define, li
  6. 1)okay. this is right! (In this case I would express that anyone did not see me ,live) 2) off topic. this is also right. but we did not do somethings which are so bad. anyway, imatfaal may change this topic to another forum. Really I remember I was saying loved this personality (imatfaal) ,but look he prefer not to see this notation. I believe he has also clever personality and seem poistive (like studiot) but I have been feeling surprised from his notation. look he is feeling annoyed above.(previous page)
  7. No,There is no comparison. in my opnion you are cunfusing . I only mentioned something about my personality. (but there is no comparison) I also enjoy to see someone are giving comliments to their own personality. like this :When Studiot was beginning his own comment with this sentence "Let see more perspective idea..." surely I feel very happy. I mean YOU WILL FEEL BETTER IF YOU GIVE COMPLIMENTS TO YOUR OWN PERSONALITY. MORE OBJECTIVELY I mean if anyone give compliments to his/her own personality ,Then He/she feels and be better. (this is belief) surely ,there is no comp
  8. both of these are right! but I don't remember that I implied I was better than anyone.
  9. 1) I imply only scientific context but (not apperance or not ego ,be sure) 2) :-) :-) really I thought imatfaal was lovely, I also think I love everyone. but remember feeling nervous does not mean contradiction with this and almost every subject will have relation as I said before. no question ,thanks. ?????? it is strange may I ask ,why do you think so?
  10. ok. if they want me to leave the forum. I may make it by my own. any elite person will not be demanding to remain where he is not wanted. I don't think that I am speaking insultive. (sure!) where is any insultive expression belonging me,show it to me ? I think imatfaal will feel regretfull at the end if he is thinking intimately. I know this. he did not see how Dr.Krettin used DISGUSTING words. (at another forum(s). and if you are able to show me any insultive expression ,I will apologise. you did not show me (??)
  11. if you are asking a general definition of ethics , this is quite simple to give brief information. (very very simple ! , so simple that I think you should not ask! ) ok. I will make some definitions or give some instructions. (you are making me exhausted!, although I am quite series and state that I am speaking honestly ,your all questions are repetead actions ,stop please to do this and / or don't do this over 3 three times so as not to miss ideal communication!,I am not feeling happy in such cases or anyone who thinks he/she is intelligent will not feel happy,but I see almost all of quest
  12. this queries shows us , at least one of these (about academic / mathematics) --->> you are not enough (insufficient) for mathematical skill (especially perspective aspect) --->> you have no sufficient mathematical knowledge (only mathematical) Really the ethical contexts are too wide. I am unable to tell now (I am at universty hospital for presentation (oncology değartment) ) but simply,it will be about "human rights and manner of intellectualism at science" DO NOT USE BAD WORDS!!! NEVER DO THIS , Dr.krettin is in my ignored list. I don't see his comments and... HE
  13. SHOW ME WHICH one ANY OF THEM IS "ILLOGICAL" ?? I hope you will not be unethic (or uncultured as Dr.Krettin) .... Remember please other instructions about my personality , I am stressed and feel quite exhaustive to repeat something to someone .. REMEMBER PLEASE ,I AM NOT TRADITIONAL AND NOT A WEAK SCIENTIST ACCORDING TO MY IDEAS. THERE EXIST ENOUGH INFORMATON NOW TO RALIASE THIS... I request you not to violate BOTH GENREAL ETHICAL PSRINCIPLES AND PRINCIPLES WHICH ARE RELATED TO ETHICS OF SCIENCE the last one is containing advanced rules & approaches. blue89
  14. sorry to write lack word. my keyboard i spoilt and sometimes it does not write some words. (the correct form should (have) be(en) "one moderator implys ....we should NOT quote ...." ("NOT" Could not be written ,sorry for this) 1) I NEVER SUPPORT SOMEONES WHO ARE DISHONEST! (yur comment seems like to reminiscent something just like CONFLICT OF INTEREST (!) 2) may I ask ,why did you prefer to use that (subject) pronoun : "your" , this was not necessity , and why don't you prefer to criticize your own ideas before criticizing any idea? while ,this have some good ways in your opinion
  15. this is not discussion. WHERE IS THE RELIABLE EVIDENCE....??? ajb ,do you know that the time is 01.39 there :) (after midnight)
  16. haha yes , of course the time's character will definitely be changed! that was not the actual implication of hawking ... he is realistic.
  17. THANKS FOR YOUR NOBLE! I have to go ,at least for not to live worse matters about my eyes. inner product?? if it is so,no. some hilberd spaces are not euclidean.
  18. WE NEED STRONGER EVIDENCES FOR >3D spaces (actual proof) LIKE STEPHEN HAWKING IMPLIED IN HIS PAPER. read please this the most respectıve scientist's paper if you are interested in. He was quite realistic at that paper when he used this sentence "We predict that 3D space would be..." he means ,we are already able to formulate these spaces for a long time but there still there is no reality ....at real :-) could you show me please any of the picture which are red coloured ?? note the second one is definitely not acceptable! (equation!) hah ha ha h
  19. (DrKrettin is such ones Uncultured (his culture is too lack ) and he is impolite (not inelegant ,impolite ,elegance is upper level than politeness) and also illogical in particular idfeas,sorry krettin) let show me any element of such sequences or functional sequences ...or any usage in engineering. I also have no enough knowledge. one moderator was speaking blaming . but this is already general / UNIVERSAL truth that anyone cannot be good at all subjects. I accept this. this is logical. TOPOLOGIC USAGE (PICTURING MAY BE USEFUL IN ENGINEERING ,BUT HOW THE POSSIBILITY IS ..? I
  20. picture are telling. let continue on facebook later. I don't feel me relief there SOME UNCULTURED & IMPOLITE AND ALSO ILLOGICAL MEMBERS ARE DETECTED.
  21. therse are also not acceptable. Laurent series are upper than Taylor series and I know these. ... I have to sleep (I suffer from my eyes.)
  22. feel relief ,I see the wisdom. (you are trying to make me remember nt to be off topic.) ok here is the answer. with extreme probability : YES Because we need both formula and picturing (appearance and / or strongly active usage) look the pictures.and remember EUCLID space was constructed with only three general planes (no existence of extra plane) .. and Span of Euclid. I did not see all material which you implied ,but probably you will be able to make formulizate ,but will not be able to give picture. and I am also unsure for acceptable formulization. otherwise
  23. we need the actual correlation with REALITY ...like stephen hawking's words. check please his paper which are related black holes. ok. anyone doesn't deserve or doesn't have to read my texts which are containing speling or grammatical errors. well, I DON'T HAVE TO SEE/READ ILLOGICAL IDEAS they are forgetting that I am mathematician and always check whether any idea was logical or not at first step. and I am sure someones idea are QUITE ILLOGICAL. why don't they think the reason why they were not great scientist??? they are missing ,both nature and science aaas are also contain many us
  24. :-) someone will never see the correct truth until I get published the material how I think it was. what about to continue on facebook for a while tomorrow I don't feel me relief now there. I may tell some parts of any project that might persuade you. (I had shared one project:'s big part with studiot, why I trusted him) ??
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