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  1. REPORT Dear... I think my English is good. The turkish one is already upper advanced and highly professional.I believe I will be able to present to you >80 ets TOEFL point & one paper in this year (Note: currently I am willing to study with only springer-Nature ). Unfortunately someones could not see one detail , indeed my life conditions are dreadfully difficult.(but I am studying hard ,though) About Language: there already exists an explanation : ets TOEFL says : "a very good understanding "grammatical structure" (score was 51 (july 21)) ,ets commonly notified vocab faults. b
  2. I have been abit confused. could you provide more detail please,whgat did you exactly imply? (which of them below or else you implied) 1) Chief Editor was there during two hours read only abstract. (abstract was around 160 word only) 2) Chief Editor was apperaing there,but was not at real. A notation Dear CharonY I submitted one whole manuscript and two abstract presubmission,means as total 3 submission. but I am almost sure at a point: "they sometimes give very very natural comments. or in other words ,I think they do not give generic replies at all. (I experienced it at a time)
  3. there ,I see something like equivalency between two part of analysis. if all sequences have convergent subsequences at any (X) set X is said to be compact. (f.analysis) The descriptions in real analysis seem like another descriptions. basic and or functional analysis. of course topology might contain more different ones.
  4. if you are asking a question about how to calculate a type of "probability",then you have to provide us more information and choose suitable distribution. probably poisson distribution or one type of "continuoum distribution" (like: beta-gamma- cauchy,normal ,std.normal ...etc.) be suitable. but I would inform that the analysis is quite different part of math. a notation: these are commonly used at "statistical" analysis 1) Variance E[x] -E[x^2] ,2)covariance. 3)correlation=k (-1 <k <1 and k might be equal to -+1) ,5)deviation. 6)standart deviation. 7) trends ..etc.
  5. thats right for a reason. Nature comonly warns all authors on an issue "spelling faults" they say that this was "unacceptable". but when I asked this to editorial office. it said that it was not important for initial submission the brief manuscript was 3000 words as it expressed. I see that editor made consideration more than two hours,but hypervalient iodine says that that was only if only "generic" assessment. CharonY what about your idea? heyy,did you read nature's articles? I could not see so diffşcult or so advanced usage of english at all. already nature warns that we shoul
  6. yes. 1)Never!!! (I do not think anyone who gives such strong emphasise to the honesty demands this.) 2) really I do not know the actual procedures,but if we think the logic aspect,why not? think/asssume this detail,there exists one engineer says that he invented a method or methods for a device or machine ,then will you say the same thing??
  7. the question that you asked above made me feel like "I am wanting or looking for someones to help me via taking them an amount of "money" this question was the worst I have ever seen. I never wanted someones money. but I thought this possibility if I sign an aggrement with some corporations ,then they might pay me amount of money and application fee. probably Strange knows this detail. but be sure I never want/request someones "money". that also does not seem like a thing which would be done by someones who are saying that they were quite strong and honest.. application fee: for p
  8. 1) because most of my works require new device or cure or any type of "novel" method or product. 2)no,surely not. NPG,we have made many many communications. if you have option ,I may give you my telephone number,call me and see that I am speaking well. nature only implied that my that manuscript was insufficient. also,the editorial assisstant said to me that it would be good to revise it. I already submitted only one whole manuscript. 3)yes I just tried to say that one. 4) thanks,check please the second explanation. The second manuscript is standard article and is to provide evidents a
  9. no ,not really useful. or this was not the implied thing. patent is quite different event. nature is already willing to take my papers. because we have had numerous mailings. I strongly would emphasise e detail ,I have no suitable computer so spelling faults are commonly happening. again apologies. I have no well temperatured accomodation. so I am unable to make my bests. if you are insisting that I am not sufficient studying hard,then I am trying to make it well. furthermore,I also have no option how to apply patent institutes because at first I could not clarify a detail : turkish pat
  10. Sure,it is incorrect and so should not :-) hey strange ,I think I have more flexible personality than yours. of course you are nice.(but My favouritte is studiot there) anyway why don't you concentrate on the text? you are probably the most qualified one to interprete the subject. everyone is willing to use traditional way. They are of course honest. but generally anyone is unable to catch the great accomplishment. however,of course after a period it is probable to pursue the "professor" title. but...I am unsure whether professors are entirely happy. because The youth is one o
  11. totally and with the extreme probability this is the best item to prefer among all critiques which are coming towards my romantic and handsome personality. hey strange how are you?? how is everything going? have you ever been to china. as long as I observed on my social profile,chinese are friendly. arabics are dangerous indians seem sexy :-) I also thank to you
  12. hahaha ha ha :-) Seni Çok Seviyorum StringJunky :-) but....is it really so much bad??? if it is then Oh,my gosh!! :-) you are really a bit right intimately I did not allege that it was advanced (never!). but also not so much bad that would prevent me either to write paper or communicate. I only thought these ones 1) frşendship is very very good thing. 2) whenever I read something academic. I understand >%80. so ,why not to say that I know english. but of course ,I also do not say that it was upper intermetdiate. you are right at all these details. hey string ,do
  13. Currently, I am sure at two details 1) you cannot turn the time back. 2) that is better to earn hearts rather than earning money!

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      Unfortunately I do not expect to pass someones' prejudice.This is our result of current observation.

    3. blue89


      We do not enjoy seeing the same,impolite, repeated actions!!!

      Whereas,we remember that we had warned very politely. also,they had missed that we complimented them. but they insulted!..(arrogant(!)) unacceptable. egoistical is either.

    4. Raider5678


      You talking about yourself as though there are multiple people in your body. Like Gollum in lord of the rings. We don't like people like that. It makes us mad. "Whos us" Me, myself, and I.

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  14. ow,there is "lounge" part.and we may communicate more reliefly and politely and also intellectually. Dear ophiolette and klaynos aren't you really a bit pessimistic?
  15. neither of these are good to prefer nor value. look please. we are scintists. We need communication. yes that is indeed possible and normal thing if you have both english and well cultured qualifications to await me to present you very well designed text. I definitely respect that! but actually I have been feeling me quite sad for this repeated reminders rather than to see nice faces. I believe I have a very nice personality because in spite of everything,be sure that I am always generous to smile everyone. no liar and no truism in such a way. but if you would earn my heart ,that is
  16. As we observed and concluded a point And a decision ; there exists a very good detail to make our preferences more clearly and also carefully than rather than goals. For instance,I obviously observed/gathered these details (***** * ***** See the intellectuality among details ***** * *****) 1) everyone would do the science whoever is honest but unfortunately is ordinary 2) everyone is not aware a point but it is very very important : "youth" 3)generally ,while it is commonly possible to write many papers ,it is highly difficult to create an extraordinary contribution. look please and s
  17. yes. mandarin. but we know that arabic culture also contains wide information or mysteries.
  18. if any function is a linear function,then this function should satisfy these two conditions below 1) x and y are vectors. f(x+y)= f(x) + f(y) 2) when α is a scalar and x is a vector,then f(α.x) = α.f(x) or only this is equivalent ,too. *** α,β are scalar , x and y are vectors f(αx+βy) = αf(x)+βf(y)
  19. hi, I believe that language is quite important to do science it will affect our social ability and the quality of papers. I know three language one of these is akin to arabic but cannot choose the forth one. really I am willing to choose chinese. persian is also possible and easier. but chinese is different. which one should be chosen?
  20. you are failing. That editor had assessed the paper during two hours. anyway my unique goal is sufficient to be understood in my opnion. Financial support is not for such arbitrary things if you implied . really I already feel mne ashamed everytime to express , these demands are generally conflict with the personal honors or general ethics. Of course my unique goal is contribution to science
  21. also ,your irony does not have relevance with me but why did you say this really I wondered , if you submitted a manuscript in the past to any of nature's journals. would not it be shown in the output text (assessment) that your allegations were correct: bad language. and I request you to remember that I do not care such things ,but also have almost no option to correct faults. Economic support
  22. of course we have to respect all ideas until there exists any such a very very rude expression. anyway..I will always respect all ideas. I look for support...
  23. I do not want to reply across such rude scientist so as not to take warning points and/or notation from editors. Sorry but I cannot respond to rude scientists. first apologise,then..
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