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    note : this message has been reformed!.. in this case ,I would ask you ; unless we can see (or show with any device) them , how the communication (with mobile phone) is being happened?? or how it had been explored, or how the system is being constructed and controlled??
  2. hello dear scientists ; I have created some (interdisciplinary of mathematics-sociology) article's subjects and mainly one's subject and also main body of its is ready. but the journals require fee to see/read articles/manuscripts. I am mathematician I would read at least around 100 articles (both ssci or sci indexed relevant articles.) before sendind my article. I need to see them could you help ,how can I do? I continue to study interdisciplinary now and you can see about another my interdisciplinary study (this is project) on this link:http://www.scienceforums.n
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    ok.ajb , this is our praying time (friday is faithful day for us) and because of this I have to go to mosque just now, if it is convenient I will prepare and post them there ... thanks for your politeness. (--->> dear ajb I would express something about your personality : I see you trying very quickly to make answer for others.actually I appreciate this direction, and I think this showes that you are more and more energetic in comparison with others , especially according to age. don't miss this , this is very good.) :-) regards. **** * **** preparation before giving
  4. I did not understand what you meant. if you requested me to inform whether I have taken any e-mail from this department (gsas) then ,yes. but this was only automatic replying and it contains this clause ,too. "..be patient. we will respond to you." , unfortunately I have not read their all admissions.I had thought only their respect before writing. and because of this I predicted they will take attention to only the content project. of course I have incorectness' it was rudiment that 22 page is. by the time ,it is contained some other parts ,not only the main body of the project, f
  5. hello dear scientists .. I have created one interdisciplinary project ,and at first time when I contacted with harvard GSE , they replied in the same day of course, it was sent to incorrect department (it had been realised later) ,but in this e-mail it was said ..our office is not able to advise you regarding the subject of your inquiry. We recommend you contact the Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at admiss@fas.harvard.edu for further help. after this e-mail, I wrote my project and sent to this e-mail given above , but it has not been responded for 2 mont
  6. hello dear , actually I join ajb's idea , but I would share my own opinion in addition ajb's. "I think if / whenever you say I feel healthy,of course it will / should be possible to learn everything by the time you have no economic problem. and also I would express , it is not needed for someone like me that somebody tells him to learn something , it means you can learn whichever you would by your own, now for me requirements are (only theese ,having silent and convenient temperatured remaining home, having options for healthy feed. and written materials." however, I would remind s
  7. oh ,ajb ,that's just great your this sharing. intimately, I feel proud of you because of this comment.thanks ajb .
  8. dear @bignose and@ajb , be diligent please , theese are the separate subjects the project is not the same literature of the article type of literature.to see the result of this, it is required and imperious to implement to have observation.. if someone implies that I am the new in science , yes it is true , and I had already expressed this .. ,and of course although i have had no such a great literature published/implemented yet, i clearly know for my project,that it is impossible to speak about it's results before implemention ,because it is interdisciplinary of medicine mathematics a
  9. no exactly , I think it is approximately clear how to apply harvard , or it is very clear who they would apply and also they explained prospective students profile (as specializations and their requirements).. I meant ,I need some intellectual science journals whiches can publish my articles are interdisciplinary. could not you share some science journals name or link?? ( there will already be available their requirements such a convenience forms or another properties they would, if you share the links it will be enough) dear ajb may I ask one question to make clear the story above
  10. hello dear ajb ; at first I apologise for delay. but regrettebly (if I did not understand incorrectly) I do not join your ideas. sorry now in here I can not share my studies before being indexed, and as expressed,I would at least some of them be published in popular/intellectual!/qualified journals or (about project) being implemented in qualified univesity. in my initial comment I have already explained that my whole interest is just functional analysis. and it is regular that scientists who are studying in this department take an interest in topology, (and this opinion may
  11. hello I am looking for science journals to publish my articles, the required stipulations are above (in title) but there will be no difference which stipulation is admissed for journals between being indexed SCI or SSCI . however because of I would continue my personal studies as interdisciplinary , it will be better if the (list of) journals are intellectual whiches you share. and regularly , because of willing to be respective,it is predictable to take refugee because of grammar or faults by spelling in literature. in this case ,I would ask "what are you doing for this statemen
  12. dear scientists ; I am going to enterpret & answer the questions how possible is , this two passages are important ,and would be search of answer of "what is the reality?" question but more for "real quality " to be defined. actually I do not know the real (everywhere) but I saw that there are lots of differences in same programme of universities also in the same city ,too. for instance (in MSc programme) one of my friends said to me "what is your idea ,in this exam will we cheat..?" yes ,sha asked this question! ..I was shocked ...because in BSc I have never done this
  13. hi dear ajb ; may I ask this state : "which statement did you mean of : having PhD degree , or being a student in PhD programme..." and could you express your own idea too, do you think that in all around world mathematicians have difficult options to have job,especially ,to clarify could we say that mathematicians have tighter job options than other science departments ,for instance is it true in comparison of math&computer engieering thıs question is being asked to all mathematicians I have one interdisciplinary project and some articles. I did not try to publish them. b
  14. hello dear scientists I am new member in this website.and apologise if there already exist answers before questioning. as you see I want to be research/teaching asistant ,international especialy I wish it to be in usa ,canada ,or australya how possible is. and before of my questions I want to give my features. ** firstly I am 26 years old ,and now MSc (thesis based) student (new) (interest : functional analysis).(it is not new this state,but because of lots of difficulties to be academician in this part of science in turkey, Ihave had a break for a while) ** in personality
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