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  1. Kul att höra att du är från Irland , är engelska konstigt , speciellt med det grammatik , det tog mig flera år att ens tala grundläggande, brutna engelska , är bara nu kunna tala engelska flytande efter 15 år bor i England , växa upp jag jag fick lära mig svenska som jag föddes i Stockholm , och vi flyttade till Lancaster England när jag var fem, Sedan kom jag till Cornell Univerity när jag var 19 att studera kemi , och jag hoppas att en dag få en doktorsgrad i det och eventuellt undervisa på ett college efter speding tid på fältet.
  2. Excuse me, you're right...... I confused my functions, let me correct that before I look like an idiot.... I also changed the X exponent to 10 because it's not only a more realistic representation of what I was trying to convey as it shows a sudden expansion and then gradual further expansion which is gradually diminishing, but it complies with Einstein's belief in 10 dimensions if I am not mistaken? My knowledge in physics is extremely limited as previously stated so please forgive me if I'm wrong about that.
  3. Thank you but I'd like to state two things: I retain a neutral stance on this, but at the same time you must never rule out a possibility until it has been concretely proven that such a possibility is actually an impossibility. There is no proof, for either side of this thread because there is no verifiable evidence. That is why I recommend to all of you to remain neutral in this topic, as taking one side or another will not only reflect badly upon you, but it can lead to bigotry and even falsification of, or manipulation of factual information that supports one side or another, and among others, pseudoscience.
  4. I'd like to clear one thing up, My idea of using gaseous propane as a possible fuel did not go as well as planned, I ran an experiment with a small lawn mower engine and with the data from the experiment, figured that propane is in no form much more advantageous than gasoline, the original question of my original thread on this, 15/16's of the emissions, Better tank capacity but similar price because of the 5x greater consumption with taxes factored in, and finally horrible combustion efficiency.
  5. I usually don't frequent physics, being a chemistry student in college, as I have never been a fan of it, but I do have a rather unusual question to ask. Could we represent the expansion of the universe after the Big Bang with a graphing function, such as x=y10? With expansion being represented by the distance between the upper and lower arms of the function? I'm asking this question because I've been thinking (A dangerous pastime for me) that since time is essentially the non-co-occurrence for lack of a better word, of two events, could we not represent our current position on the universal timeline with line such as y=0? With the rate of expansion slowly diminishing over time as the slope of x=y10 gradually becomes less and less? If so, this also begs the question, is time slowing down because expansion of the universe is slowing down because time can be represented as the differential increase of distance between y=0 and x=y10? Please point out where I'm wrong, I do not have any more than introductory college experience so please help me out with this.
  6. Exactly the concept, I'm not an engineer, I'm studying chemistry in college (If you couldn't tell) And there went my BTU calcuations...... Sorry everyone, my brain has officially had it's first fart of the day...... Disregard my first calculations.....
  7. True, but the reason why I was talking about LP (which I forgot to hint at) was that we could store propane as LP, and then use a thermal exchange unit to cause it to boil and turn into gas, then feed it into a combustion chamber with a concentration of oxygen, and spark it.) Adds complexity, but brings up mileage per tank A LOT.
  8. Excuse me *cough* *cough* Theoretical vehicles running on gaseous propane..... Not real vehicles.... I'm beginning to think that this won't go anywhere.... Surprised?
  9. Oh dear I missed that part of the OP Well I was thinking of plain rocks..... like granite and limestone....
  10. I used firstly the proper units to measure gas (ft3) and then converted over into gallons3 and did the 3rd root of gal3. Then using BTU's I calculated heat energy and cost/gal.
  11. Differential: A noticeable difference in the behavior of two or more specific things, For example, the line y=3x+2 is different from the line y=26x-18, and the difference between the two lines can be used to mathematically solve for many things in calculus that pertain to that specific equation. Yeah I passed, no it wasn't difficult, it's just the professor was HILARIOUS. No, no no, I'm not saying that we can't get a "handle" on a law to prove we exist..... it was my own hubris that led me down the path to that argument, and I rightfully got my rear end handed to me in it.
  12. No, hydrogen is great for power plants and all, but the flame temperature SHEESH! You'll melt the engine block of a semi in a split second, I'm going out on a limb here and trying to figure out a way to use gaseous propane which is a by product of natural gas refinement (Including Methane) to power a driveshaft in a midsize sedan for greater fuel efficiency and such.
  13. Wait wait WHAT? gases turning into metals without fusion? Show Sources, I MUST KNOW!
  14. Excuse me, thanks for pointing that out..... *LPG Buses* Gasoline is ~$0.07/mile, and with propane falling 4/5 short of gas on efficiency we get about $0.008 for a gaseous propane powered vehicle with an MPG of 10 versus a gasoline powered vehicle with an MPG of 25. As I said. MUCH cheaper. The problem is getting a gaseous propane engine to work.....
  15. Hahaha..... that reminds me of an old argument I had with my calculus professor...... "How can you tell if a law exists if it's unbreakable and there's no differential to calculate the value of the law by?" *After sputtering the calculus professor stamped and shouted* "Because you can! you just can! how can you tell if we exist without knowing what non-existence is in it's entirety? Because we exist!". He always reminded me of Otto Leidenbrock from Journey to the Center of the Earth....
  16. Hej , jag är från Sverige , jag flyttade till USA omkring fyra år sedan , och jag har kämpat för att lära sig och tala engelska så flytande som jag talar mitt modersmål , jag önskar bara engelska var så enkelt som svenska ....
  17. So I've been working on this thread http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/93574-propane-versus-gasoline/and I would like to know, is there any specific algae that produce large amounts of natural gas? I'm not a biology buff so....
  18. OK so I've been working this out in another thread http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/93574-propane-versus-gasoline/and I've come up with the following facts for propane when compared to gasoline: Propane is ~900% cheaper than gasoline (with a 5-7 times greater consumption factored in) given it's average market value in gaseous form is $0.02 compared to $1.80 for Gasoline. Propane only produces 15/16th's of the Co 2 that a 5o2+2C8H18->16Co2+18H2o gasoline combustion reaction does, as propane only produces 3Co2 in a C3H8+5o2 reaction (Times 5 for the consumption rate), so it is slightly more environmentally friendly. Now I know that buses and larger industrial and commercial vehicles use propane, but what would be the viability of say a midsize sedan using a gaseous propane engine and still being able to achieve at least 80 mph from an engineering standpoint?
  19. Forgot to factor that in...... stupid taxes..... Anyways, economically speaking wouldn't worldwide market demand drive up value to narry a few cents shy of what it is?
  20. *Opens Back door to all phones* *Evil Genius Samuel Jackson from Kingsman (Haven't seen it) drains the bank accounts of everyone in the US* *Laughs wildly* That's the news headline we'd see if this backdoor thing went through.
  21. Ha ha ha....... of course not EVERY particle in the universe is governed by the same laws (Laws of physics for example) it doesn't work like that, That's why we assigned them into groups, like the laws of thermodynamics versus Mendel's laws in Thermal Dynamics and Biology. You can't build a city with just one type of building can you? That's why there are hundreds of sets of scientific laws, each pertaining to it's own niche, some even bridging over into other little subgroups of laws with laws from various groups to explain why said proton went in said way. Science is diverse you know...
  22. Exactly what I've been trying to use statistics and logic to prove to zapatos.....
  23. Yes which is why my money is on neither. *Science doesn't apply* WHOOSH over my head. (About the moot versus mute, I hate English because it has so many spellings of the same word, for instance you have Enquire versus Inquire and other silly stuff like that.) My native Swedish is much better.
  24. Probable, but not known. Probability based proofs are always dubious, you don't know who's knocking on your door until you open it. You can say "It is probably Emily, my girlfriend, knocking because she and I made plans to meet at my house at five o'clock for dinner, which is the hour now." but it could be the mailman, or a random salesman, you don't know until you open it.
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