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  1. Then quite possibly. But still we must carefully manage this. We DO NOT WANT the Matrix. Though that's cool as hell we do not want the matrix....
  2. Lol. Well this is a bunch of p*ss poor guys trying to do something great.
  3. Well it is indeed an ethical grey area. Apple is correct to deny access to the government on the basis that it wants to protect the privacy of it's clients, even if they are murders, (In addition with the government's general habit of once we do something once we're gonna do it a bunch before long the government would be checking out each time you misspell corn at work while looking something up, and record it and send it to your corporate office, so we'd all be out of jobs pretty fast) But it is wrong to the victims of the shooting to not take part in dealing out retribution for the gunman's actions, and preventing him from doing it again.
  4. Truth, while I am no religious nut I'd have to agree for the most part with you with one thing I'd like to point out. Religion does happen to cause groups yes, but it facilitates an air of progress and innovation because groups are always trying to be 'better than' other groups in the same way males of many species (Sometimes even humans ) fight for the position of 'alpha male', this position requires you to be the biggest baddest and best armed in a region where the species propagates. This is a natural survival instinct because if you are bigger, badder, and better armed than another group/individual then you have a very high chance of survival, and what is the base instinct of every living thing? Survive and reproduce. This mindset also applies to groups. While this can be achieved without religion, religion has a way of sparking technological innovation and a culture of moderation and democracy, So while it can be an ugly beast (Especially in the cases of some rather twisted religions like ones that use cannibalism or human sacrifice as a rite) it does serve some purpose in secular society.
  5. Massive is an understatement. The world's mess of politics, media rave, racism, and general problems could not accurately be summed up if I typed all night and into the next morning.
  6. Thanks again everyone! I am now much better off financially but that helped me a lot when I wasn't.
  7. You dirty little word thief..... I was going to say that.....
  8. Well the greeks did like their public nudity..... A lot.
  9. Ha. That is true. I loved reading that book. Very good point. I need to work on my poetry skills most definitely.... Especially since I love making music so much. That shuts me the hell up. I've never looked at it that way, thank you for pointing that out.
  10. 4. A Sentient robot must protect it's own existence so long as it does not conflict with the first law, and if a human is to die/a catastrophic event that would cause great loss of life/knowledge/materials, the third law. If we do not give these sentient robots a value for their own lives how can we expect them to value ours? And why would they ever follow the third law if they were disposable? Non sentient machines for disposable tasks, Once something is sentient it has rights as a sentient being capable of logic, because by that said logic if it were to not have rights it would fight very hard for them.

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      Then you don't need to study whatever forces you to study useless philosophical poems :P

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      Nice! $7k is something you notice when you look at your check!!

  12. Part of the learning experience in science is being wrong. You have to make a mistake to realize a mistake. Present well rounded points, Study hard. Fact can only be found be highlighting what is fiction, and fiction requires experiment to prove it is fiction.
  13. Ever heard of a poem called May Magnificat by Gerard Manley Hopkins? It was stuck to the side of a religious statue at the college he went to along with many other poems in honor of a tradition of students at that university in honor of Mary. Well it's frankly childish banter that is obviously very vague on the symbology, For example there is a line, " When Drop of blood and foam dapple, bloom lights the orchard apple " What the hell is this symbology...... It's unlike any of his other poetry, and the drop of blood in that line is obviously supposed to be indicative of the death of christ, but what the hell is the foam.... It's supposedly sea foam because Mary is patron of the seas or something like that. Whatever the case I'm not a religious nut so I don't get half the s*** in this poem. Seriously. Can I just have an education that f***ing doesn't require me to have a bachelor's degree in theology? I'm sorry for my profanity but this is frustrating as HELL. I love poetry but that's in leisure reading, which is how poems are supposed to be enjoyed, The moment you expect specific answers out of someone that reads a poem you ruin the poem because you take away their own perspective on it.
  14. Not to make light of your situation or post, but do you by any chance work in an office and have a boss named Micheal Scott who looks like Steve Carell and have co-workers you have mini wars with in your office?
  15. That's actually pretty good. Holy s*** "Carnal Vomit" That's funny as hell because we had a pregnancy scare (my wife and I) a few months ago..... Neon wind. That's a cool name Hm. Maybe something to do with upbringing because I had a rather rough one (My parents were great, girlfriends were not) so I was depressed all the time.
  16. Sure lol why not. Ha. You should make that you're new signature Phi Go for something a little more..... Punk. This is gonna be based around my experiences in college and the subsequent marriage, and the subsequent pregnancy scare thanks to our being young, careless and very carnally inclined thanks to our youth and inexperience in that area. And about my own dip into temporary minor alcoholism and subsequent sever depression after my first real heartbreak.
  17. Good day, I'm seriously considering starting a band, it's been a very rough year of college for me and I am not doing well in school, and I'm honestly beginning to think that chemistry is not for me. I've played guitar for nearly three years and I love it more than life, and have written much of my own stuff that draws influence from Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Chuck Berry, and punk bands like Modern Baseball and Sum 41, as well as post hardcore bands like Hail the Sun. Any things I should know about besides I'm gonna be poor as s*** and I'm always going to be hungry? I have an original 1959 Custom Shop Gibson Les Paul (Restored it myself, bought it at a yard sale, it was in pretty bad shape), and I am saving up for two Marshall 1960AV cabinet systems with CODE amp heads, and I have a modeling amp that I've had since I started. I also have a friend who is a guitarist, but no bassist drummer or vocalist.
  18. If you work on learning about electricity, even online, then there are lots of jobs overseas and ashore that you could apply for for electrical work. Everyone needs electricians these days, and while you're learning about electricity/working with it you can gradually build up your knowledge to the point where you can innovate. Here's a few important things to remember about inventing: You're making a product that is useful to society and is unique in it's own right and function, and you want that product to be able to be cheaply mass produced for very low material cost while maintaining quality, that is if you're going for an invention that will make you a lot of money, which is what you are probably looking to do. Struggle creates genius my friend, keep at it!
  19. Dude you see how they blamed that one suicide thing on a band because it's music somehow 'caused' suicide? Jeez. I remember I used to read the stuff until then, just because my parents read the daily mail and I liked it.
  20. Anyone up for going and asking Dave nicely to IPS4 a little early? And or finding out where these redirects are coming from via IP tracing?
  21. That would be most interesting. Depends on how old you are. If you happen to be that 2 day old child super-prodigy who knows how to type and thinks about this then maybe, just maybe.
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