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  1. IT would be nice if the 5minutes I took to locate a data link did not get me blocked from  the thread I was writing in - or was it simply because you didn't like what I was saying?

    I guess- in science censorship and sackings for having opinions others

    dissagree with is now the way everyone behaves.

    Community reputation -1 poor ? Block him quick I dont like what he said.

    Is that really how this forum is run?

    Shame on you.


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    2. zapatos


      What thread are you blocked in? Is it the one where you called other people's idea "stupid"? The thread still seems to be open.

      "Is that really how this forum is run? Shame on you."

      No, it is not how this forum is run. But thanks for shaming us even though you didn't know how things worked here.

      I'm hopeful you can do better in the future.

    3. MigL


      To be fair Zap, he called the 'notion' stupid. No people were mentiond.
      I do think he deserves the opportunity to explain WHY he thinks the notion is stupid before piling the negative reps on him.

    4. zapatos


      No one in particular was mentioned but the notion (or "idea" as I called it) comes from people. 

      While we attack ideas around here and not people, it is generally good practice to not suggest someone's notion is "stupid" without supplying justification. Even better is to avoid the word "stupid" altogether.

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