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  1. I wouldn't call it a thought process, I place my hands over it (not touching of course) and stare at the wheel, working some kind of "intuition" i guess.
  2. I bought a glass bowl, and unfortunately I cannot get it to spin with it over the wheel. I can get it to tremble at best (assuming it is from me and not something else, which is hard to pinpoint). I can still get it to spin without the bowl over it, which to me means the bowl over the wheel just makes it harder to move, in the same way that moving some other object (like a straw placed on a bottle's cap) is harder (I cannot do this yet).
  3. 2 things from you list are a "no". The sheet between me and the wheel, which I currently am not in possession of, and the double blind, which requires academic grounds I guess. I will buy a glass bowl in the future to place over the wheel.
  4. From a quick google check it looks like this million dollar challenge is done with.
  5. haha, maybe I will when I'm REALLY good at it It is simple paper, cut into a square and folded
  6. Hi, I have made what is called a "psi wheel" and am able to make it spin using my mind, and without any physical contact. I have done this many times and am 100% sure that this is telekinesis. I am not lying. I am wondering what kind of impacts this has on science. For example what are the mediums being used in telekinesis ? I also experience telepathy, since years ago, and believe it "warps" around the universe, as in two individuals can be on different sides of the universe and contact each other with telepathy instantly. I think telekinesis and telepathy can introduce new concepts into science and help it evolve.
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