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  1. Something for your reading - http://www.spiritoday.com/telekinesis-psychokinesis/ Seems like crucial evidence to me.
  2. "Reality doesn't know or care whst you believe". Not arrogant at all. All new things start from some "belief". (I am currently on my cellphone so forgive my lazy posts).
  3. Doesn't quantum teleportation break the law of the speed of light ? Anyway that's what I read. I want to comment something, and that is how young modern science is. It is only about 100 years old, it is practically an infant, both in comparison to the overall age of humanity, and not to mention the age of planet earth or the universe. It is very young but at the same time also very arrogant and boustful, sort of like a baby bully. Lets take a look at the law of the speed of light. Currently the nearest planet outside the solar system is around 40 light years away, which means that even if we achieve light speed travel, it will be not very efficient, to say the least. My personal belief is that in the future some kind of teleportation of space vessels will be invented, and man will be able to travel the universe.
  4. Nothing will ever contradict the laws of physics ? What about quantum teleportation ? Where as I have read information is teleported between particles. Is that not contradicting the laws of physics ?
  5. Just shows how different we are in our mind sets, that's all. Side note: I am able to get the wheel to move with the glass bowl over it, but only by a little bit.
  6. Hoax = scam, as in not my particular case. I have no intention to fool anyone. There was mentioned the breaking of the laws of physics. I think today's physics need a good slap in the face. Even if it means the breaking of the most strict rules. Physics have been there forever with it's strict rules, weighing down on us, not to "god forbid" be broken. I am sure alot of the laws of physics will be broken eventually, like the rule of the speed of light, which from my reading has already been scientifically broken. The current laws of physics prevent alot from us, like for example space travel. Man will have to leave planet earth one day and find a new home, hopefully physics' laws will be long broken by then.
  7. Not yet. I am waiting for my "power" to "grow". And indeed I am getting better results these days. I still am not able to spin it with the glass bowl over it which might be an academic requisite and is also my next goal. If I do not get it to move with the bowl in the next week or 2 I will contact the university.
  8. You know what, till my own recent experience with telekinesis I wouldn't know how to answer your "claim". I would probably say something like "You don't really know that, and I would like to believe that it does exist". But now with my personal experience I can say confidently that it does exist.
  9. My next step is getting the wheel to spin with the bowl placed over it, the thing is that this is harder, sort of like moving a metal spoon that is heavier. No one knows really how harder this is, it could be alot harder and could take me some time. Still, and in case this takes too much time, I believe academic testing even without the bowl will still yield positive results. I live close to a university and maybe soon I will contact them.
  10. I would be "debunked" only if it were really some common physical phenomenon, like the heat from my hands or air currents. Hydrick is/was a magician using a trick, the only trick in my case would be the world tricking ME.
  11. You see me and this Hydrick are nothing alike. I consider myself a wannabe scientist, I want to learn and research and help advance science. I am by no means a "fraud guy" or some magician, and I don't take interest in illusionary magic, such as common stage magicians practise. I want to improve my telekinesis and telepathic abilities and bring them to trial in front of academics, with the major goal of advancing science and our general knowledge of the world we live in.
  12. Making it spin from far is another notch of difficulty, I have been able to do this a few times, but it is much harder.
  13. I am not blowing on it .. if I was you could hear it in the audio.
  14. I have not 1, but 3 videos for your viewing entertainment. The only edit I have made is flip the video since it was "lying down" (from the cellphone), so basically they are presented with no editing at all. 1 - 2- 3 -
  15. I have no one helping me, in "we" I meant myself and all the rest of humanity.
  16. I am going to the clinic tomorrow and I will pick up a breathing mask, the results should be the same.
  17. If it was from my breath it would be moving all the time or at least alot more. I also put it in a location with no air drafts, when I look at it from far it does not move at all. Without the bowl I AM still able to move it and I am sure of it, however my initial excitement has decreased severely with not being able to move it with the bowl over the wheel, which would probably be an academic requirement. You need to understand that moving it is very hard as it is and happens sort of randomly and not at all the times I try. We don't really know how this works, but with the bowl over it makes it harder and I don't know by how much, it is certainly though the next step of my "ability".
  18. Yes I agree that this would qualify more as a "thought process", where actual thinking is envolved. I mostly don't move my hands, but sometimes I do, anyway it shouldn't make for much of a difference.
  19. Well It isn't easy at all, making it spin AT ALL isn't easy, but to change the direction I basically think of the other direction.
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