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  1. I put a lit lighter next to it, without trying to spin it telekinetically, it does not move. I can rule out the mundane reasons you claim it to be. Yet I know you will still rule this all out. Anyway I want to ask all of you something, which was kind of what I was implying to in the OP. Let's say it IS real, I mean you must give it some chance, some percent of being real. What does this then mean for science ? How would you explain it ?
  2. If it was movement from the heat from my hands (or any heat) I think it would move much more than it does. It is not my breath and there are no air currents.
  3. I am not sure which one is the most convincing. Anyway I have 3 videos, here they are - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=eldad+eshel+psi+wheel
  4. This art display is interesting, but in my case my wheel doesn't move randomly on it's own. I said this, I look at it from far, it is stationary, and will be probably forever. I approach it, "do my thing" and it spins. And it is surely not my breath. I haven't made a video with a bowl. I can only get it to move very slightly with the bowl. Which isn't very exciting.
  5. The videos with the bowl are the ones linked by Robitty and are not mine. If you want mine search "Eldad Eshel Psi Wheel" on youtube.
  6. It does't seem to be easier. I tried to move a spec of dirt on my black laptop. So far I have been unable to. But then again I tried to blow on it hard and it wouldn't move also.
  7. The psiwheel is called a psiwheel because it apparently has some kind of special sensitivity to "special" powers. Also I want to point out something, when the wheel is being moved by air it rocks and jumps around asymmetrically, when I spin it it with my mind the motion is very solid, smove and "un-jumpy". When I look at it from a distance it is not moving at all, then I approach it, "do my thing" and it spins steadily and symmetrically. It is not breathing either, I stand over it breath steadily with the intention of not moving it with my breath and I see it is not moving.
  8. It has been mentioned here about science and it's interaction with reality. I'd like to bring up a concept that I have with me since I was teenager about the universe. There is the seen and "visible" universe, and then there is all the rest. All the rest + our universe is what I call The Everything, or a fancier word from hebrew The Clal. Our known universe is a formation in the Clal. Scientific intruments can pick up what is from our "visible" universe, and perhaps more with scientific progress. Our known universe mainly consists of matter and electromagnetic energy, but that is not all that exists. I believe in the Clal there are many worlds or "universes", each existing detached from the other. There is also the metaphysical world I have mentioned, it is hard to say whether this world is a direct part of our universe or something outside it belonging to the Clal. Can science actually interact with anything outside our direct universe ? Maybe in the future, a break through is needed for this.
  9. It is hard to say anything on this subject without assumingly "blaming" science, but this is really not my case. Direct personal experience is something that is very strong, sort of like an individual being abducted by aliens and having direct recollection of it, and then trying to convince others. Of course he/she will not be very successful. Personally I have 6 years experience with telepathy and now this recent experience with telekinesis, my personal experience with the paranormal is large. If I hadn't this experience I would at best "want" it to be real or "hope" for it to be real. But I do have it, so my case is kind of like that individual being abducted by aliens. Again I don't have any slander against anyone, I know how difficult this whole subject is. For scientists it is probably the most difficult, since they need to keep proffesional and be the voice of reason against the frauds (that are so many, only god knows why, that's humanity for you, striving for those 15 minutes of fame).
  10. I never said or even thought anyone "isn't doing it right". Scientists in general don't even believe in the paranormal, if they found out something about it it would probably be by chance. Those that try to study it by their own will actually end up coming up with positive results, and in my case I am only trying to help them out, and also those more skeptical, pointing out the brain as a "gold mine" for this subject. What I mean in "mostly stationary" is that I don't touch it or move it around, I am not referring to the paranormal spinning.
  11. Well I tend to get bored at my job so I bring the wheel and the bowl (which is a must since there are air currents there) to work. I may pass this up since the large bowl is kind of annoying to carry back and forth. So anyway Robitty my wheel at home is mostly stationary, I don't try it with the bowl that often anymore since I am trying to get good results with what I CAN do to show at the university.
  12. My friend I never meant any such thing. You are placing words or thoughts in my mind. I am quite aware of how difficult brain study is. I have no negative thought about the science of brain research, I just look forward to the future of it, that it might shed light on my personal interests. If I was a real scientist I would probably go into brain research. Phi for all I think you are over defensive, at least in my case.
  13. Well Robitty I mainly don't touch the wheel, but then I also place the bowl over it and remove it, and I also take the wheel and the bowl to work, so honestly it would be hard for me to conduct this experiment. Anyhow I have a suggestion for you. Make a psiwheel and try to spin it yourself, I believe anyone is capable of this.
  14. I did not "ignore" the results. At first I was very disappointed, and afterwards came to the conclusion that the bowl just makes it harder, when it is already hsrd enough. After a while I was able to move it a little bit with the bowl, which also confirmed the latter.
  15. I went out and bought a large glass bowl for the specific reason of being more scientific.
  16. Of course it is being studied, it is one of the most interesting things in the universe. Also studying the brain can shed light on telekinesis and telepathy.
  17. If you look on youtube you will see alot on telekinesis (not saying this is evidence, I myself doubt most of what's going on there). And second as I have already mentioned, you need to understand that it is difficult. I am a 34 year old "spiritualist" with alot of life experience, and all I can do is get a paper wheel to spin sometimes, which is probably the easiest form of telekinesis. I will also say again and not repeating the "concrete evidence" that you so disliked, that I am an honest individual that can be trusted against fraud, I am a "wannabe scientist" if you will. I want science to advance and maybe get to see some serious space travel in my time. If I couldn't be able to spin the wheel, I would honestly not REALLY believe in telekinesis, I would "want" it to exist and from the piles of videos on youtube maybe even think it is possible, but I still would be at bay as to REALLY believing. My own experience with the wheel makes me really believe, and as a wannabe scientist I want to explore this and maybe help advance science, and also of course I want to improve my "powers" to a more reliable and "exciting" form.
  18. To Gee : Hi Gee, when I talk of the metaphysical world, I refer mainly to the realm of the soul and of powers not yet known to science. I wouldn't say it is "just" consciousness, that would seem to be more the realm of the brain. God for example is part of the metaphysical world, and other entities. You talked about emotion, and you even say you study it, that is very interesting. I think emotion is shared between the brain and the soul, making it rather a complex thing to deal with. As I mentioned before our soul is part of the metaphysical world, so emotion I think is part physical and part metaphysical. The brain could be the physical connection to the metaphysical world, that's why I think studying the brain could help alot in this whole department.
  19. I conduct my own experiments and find the evidence to be concrete. If I hadn't I wouldn't have posted on a science forum. Call me a crackpot if you want, I am mature enough and of enough life experience to handle it. You are also providing me with more life experience.
  20. It has been mentioned here how TK is not very functional for man at it's current stage. Well of course, it is just at the beginning of it's potential. Just the even possibilty of it is alot, and I believe it can be carried onward to great extent. For science even moving a single atom, non seen to the eye, with TK is alot, since it is a whole new world to explore, and has the potential to advance science. I believe TK and telepathy can both with practise and "correct living" be enhanced to science fiction terms, maybe in the future there will be "super humans" sort of like Super Man or the X-Men, and who knows maybe it will be a common thing for all, sort of like the handheld internet phones of today. You also need to take in mind the difficulty of TK. To me just moving paper takes alot of effort, and I haven't been able yet to move anything else. In evolution terms, that has been also mentioned here, I think it is something too difficult for nature to focus on. I think it is mainly for man himself to manage and not nature. I believe It is all possible already, it just takes practise and time. Then again with saying this maybe evolution has already given us the necessary tools, and we just need to use them. Anyway I will say again that super natural powers are at their beginning for man, and to me the future looks bright.
  21. I would like to comment on the research of the paranormal in scientific terms. When it comes to the paranormal we are mostly dealing with humans and their abilities, and if we want to get scientific results we basically need to study these humans. This is the main difficulty in studying the paranormal, it is the "human factor". Most of science deals with matters or energies that are relatively easy to deal with and study, you can stare at them, poke them and mess with them all day without any complaint from their side, but when it comes to studying humans it is of course completely different. I take a look at my case. I can get a paper wheel to spin without physical contact. It happens not at all times I try, and sometimes will not happen at all in a single try (it will maybe move a little, which isn't very convincing, especially when going under testing). I want to go to the university and show them my ability, but I am also afraid they will disregard me quickly if I don't bring up results "fast". You see here is the difficulty of the "human factor", I am not a "telekinetic machine", I cannot bring up results at command. I can make the wheel spin, but I would need a researcher with patience in case it doesn't happen right away, and then again even more patience for actual scientific testing. I will go to the university eventually, it is just a matter of time.
  22. Hi, I have a question. Is the brain completely mapped by current science ? As in do we know every part of the brain and it's role ? Or is research in this department still needed ?
  23. I dislike frauds as well. I honestly don't really get their point, maybe it is the 15 minutes of fame that they are after. They hand the arrogant and the skeptic their daily dinner, and distract science from really finding out the truth and advancing. I would like to talk about something, that most of you will probably shrug at, but to me is a sort of explanation of the paranormal. There is something I call the Metaphysical world. This world can be seen in the head as imagery and animation, and is connected mainly to telepathy. When I talk with someone I can see him as a sort of "cartoon" image, this image is part of the metaphysical world. The metaphysical world unlike our regular world is made up of "segments", sort of like windows in the pc, it is not continuous. Our soul is also part of the metaphysical world. The metaphysical world holds certain powers that fluxuate throught out it, and can be manipulated, and can even affect the physical world. This is my explanation of telekinesis. I believe (yes again this word) that there is in the human brain some kind of segment that works with the metaphysical world. This segment is probably responsible for telepathy and telekinesis. I believe it is made up of special matter that is yet not known to science, and can definitely be a research case for brain scientists. This special matter can hold the key to the advance of science.
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