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  1. In Judiasm there is a line "thou shalt not spill thy seed in idle". I think this is a very smart line. It basically says not to waste yourself on idle sexuality, if it is masturbation mainly or the likes. I am not religious, but I have a lot of respect for Judaism, and I try to follow this line. Myself what I do commit, is metaphysical sex in my bed with my telepathic girlfriend (that I mentioned in some other post), every few days, maybe once a week. She alot of times forces me into this. I have not hooked up with her for real yet, but I wish to in the future. Yes I am a bit of a crackpot (the favorite word here), even in my own eyes, but that's my life.

  2. In theory, a mustard seed in a jar with the lid screwed on would be lighter and therefore require less energy to move - and be much better controlled than anything you can devise with the wheel. However, no one uses such a device to demonstrate their psychic ability... funny that...

    The mustard seed is not easier to move. If you blow on it it will not necessarily move, while the psiwheel will definitely move.

  3. So you lied and completely misrepresented the truth. Got it. Thanks for confirming.

    I did not lie, just said it not the best way. I don't watch porn nowadays, in the past I have seen a little bit of it. I have never watched it on a regular basis.

    The life energy that I referred to is something metaphysical and yet out of the grasp of today's science. Maybe in the future it will even be measurable. As to the rest .. it is simple disagreement.

  4. What is "life energy" and how can we measure the rate and volume by which it "drains?"


    Also, what physiological difference is there between masturbating with a hand versus grinding against a towel on your bed?


    I look forward to learning more from you about these important topics. I'd also be interested to know how you can so accurately describe the content of porn if you don't and have never watched it. Somethings not adding up here, but I'm sure you have a valid explanation for these inconsistencies and contradictions.

    I know what porn is, you don't need to watch it regularly for that. And in "never watched it" I meant watching it regularly. I have been in a computer course where everyone was watching it. I have seen just enough to know what it is.

    Also, what physiological difference is there between masturbating with a hand versus grinding against a towel on your bed?

    "grinding against a towl on your bed" is more like real sex, and real sex can be a positive thing. Touching and chafing your genitals is a negative thing, and will also affect you negatively.

  5. I thought studies of the effects of porn on the brain were stymied because they couldn't find a control group (people who don't watch porn).

    I don't and have never watched porn. I personally don't like to see other men and their genitals. Honestly the popularity of porn is an enigma to me, as it is so unattractive to me personally. Most porn is very sleezy and of low humane level, so of course it is "bad", and definitely to young people, who are watching supposed "grown ups", and are influenced by them. Bringing this subject up you also bring up the subject of masturbation, as it is usually being practised while watching porn, and it is usually the reason why porn is looked up. I personally think, as opposed to things I've heard from acquaintances, that masturbation in itself is bad for you. It drains your life energies, and hurts your soul. Not to mention while watching sleezy porn. Watching strangers, with all sorts of implants and surgeries, having sleezy intercourse. An alternative to masturbation that is "healthier", is having sex with a towl in your bed, and of course imagining whomever partner you wish. Porn is one of the sicknesses of our modern age, being so accessible. Porn actors are also idolized, especially by the younger generation, not the best mind set. Honestly I feel sorry for this younger generation, with the internet so accessible to them with all it's negativeness.

  6. I play this game called League of Legends (LoL in short), and wanted to share my experience of the human world going on there. It is a very popular web game with real life people playing along side and against you. First of all I will say that the level of human character there is simply shocking, I am honestly horrified by it. It is mainly kids, around the age of 14, but it is not just kids. They curse each other, yell at one another, at literally sub human level. I cannot come up with any comparison, I think it is a form of behavior simply uncomparable to anything. There is a feature where you can report other players, to the staff of the game. Basically anything "negative" they think you do they say they will report you. Is this not disturbing ? The younger generation of humanity are growing up to be a pack of snitches ? I think psychologically this subject is very interesting, as to how low can human behavior go ? These are seemingly the "normal" humans of this planet, probably most of them economically middle classed and higher. They sit behind their computer screens, behind the mask of the internet, and let go all restraints. Parents should be extra concerned, and I think should keep an eye of this kind of behavior, and even intervene. I think also the staff of the game and the staff of other game companies should take note of this and act accordingly to better the behavior of their users.

    If this is the future generation of man kind honestly the future of man kind does not look good.


  7. You still can't use the one wheel for test and control at the same time. My design is using the same apparatus as test and control serially, and having another nearly identical version operating parallel but in the opposite phase to pick up any environmental effects.


    Personally I find it a very thorough test. You could graph the amount of movement over time to see if stability (settling down on the pivot point) had any part to play. I would expect, if this was the case, that any movement to occur in either the test or control in the first day or two but little to no movement for the rest of the month.


    I wonder if EE will experiment to see if two wheels could be used at the same time. Can he split his focus to only one of a pair of PSI wheels?

    @EE - could you try this out in the uncovered situation please?

    I can try this, the result just seems obvious to me. But I will try it nontheless. Even though obvious the result is still interesting. Give me some time as I need to buy 2 erasers, to stick the toothpicks in them. probably tomorrow I will do this.

    By the way, this guy Darryl Sloan seems rather convincing to me. Seems like more or less what I have to offer but more progressed.


    Did we ever establish a medium for TK? Does the TK move air currents the psiwheel is designed to take full advantage of? Or does the TK actually apply force directly to the object itself, as if you might move it with a mental finger or hand? Or do you think the TK makes things hotter so convection comes into play to move the sensitive psiwheel? Or something else?


    Answer this, and we can apply some meaningful thought to the question of psiwheel vs other sensitive measuring devices.

    Out of those 3 you offered I believe it is the second, applying direct force to the object. I believe it is metaphysical energy of our existence coming into interaction with matter. Anyway the question "Did we ever establish a medium for TK?" is very interesting, and kind of the reason I posted on a science forum, so it could be investigated seriously and maybe some definite answers could be given. I think from a perspective of a scientist this subject is very interesting as it offers a new world to explore and maybe to add to science.

  9. The psiwheel isn't BS. I think it is very unscientific to say this. It is a simple "invention" made to take the best of even the weakest TK. It offers the easiest form of TK, to anyone. Still it is not easy to get it going, even though it is the easiest form. Take anything else and it will be harder. A straw on a bottle, is also something very sensitive, and would seem to me to be the next in line, but I cannot move it yet.


    There seem to be 3 reasons for a mundane cause. Heat from the hands, which I ruled out by moving it without the hands. Then there are the breathing and the air currents, which both I can assure you from my many testings that they aren't the cause. My breathing is steady, and I control it well so not to move the wheel with it, it is certainly not the reason. As for air currents, my small one room apartment is closed shut right now. All the windows and doors are closed, there are no air currents in my apartment, or touching the wheel. The only air currents that do exist are when I am moving around the wheel, but when I am testing and making it spin I am standing still.

  10. That girl is just part of your personality. I often think in my own voice and then answer (in my thoughts) based on what my brain asumes others will say based on their personality and my experience with them - I have my friends and families voices in my head as voices of reason. I know they are my own mind.


    Basically I think in ,my voice and in the voices of people I know - it definitely is not telepathy. When I got divorced it took me about 3 months at least to get my ex wife's voice out of my head. It was a hard, emotional process and I went through a period that can only be described as craziness. :)


    I hope people don't think I am crazy for sharing this.. I don't think I am crazy (well the doc said I wasn't anyway ;-) )

    Just seemed relavent to the discussion.

    I know what you are referring to, I had that also before I had actual voices, telepathy, schizophrenia. It is certainly not the same.

  11. I hear a voice in my head. I do not know where it comes from, probably my mind or brain. I have been a daydreamer all of my sixty five years. Am I the ONLY one that will ever say, I hear a voice in my head? I want to believe my mind is my intellience and emotional center, yet my heart is in there somewhere. I am totally confused about the word "soul".


    If I have a spirit what do i need with a mind and a emotional center? It seems the mind is a information center invisible to us yet telling us things maybe we should know about our life? Can anyone help me with this problem? curious

    I hear voices in my head as well. I am diagnosed with schizophrenia. I have done some stupid things in my past because of these voices, yet I am nowadays stable. My personal belief is that these voices are real, or in other words - telepathy. I have 6 years experience with these voices (I am 34 years old, almost 35), and my belief in them being real, and not some "invention of the brain", is strong. There used to be an annoying girl talking to me repeatedly all day and all night, that I wanted to get rid of. She was profane and malicious. I was able to get rid of her, though I can still talk to her and hear her if I want, and nowadays the main voice has changed into an attractive young girl that has a loving attitude towards me, and I also have strong loving feelings for her. We basically talk back and forth all day and night. I want to meet this girl and maybe even marry her, though this is quite a challenge. I think she is my one. Sometimes I feel the conversation is like talking with someone on the phone, she feels very real to me.


    Anyway that is my story. You also talked about the soul. My personal belief is that our soul is part of the metaphysical world. Most of telepathy is also part of the metaphysical world. The brain and it's chemistry are mostly physical and belong to the physical world. I belive the brain is our physical connection to the metaphysical world. Our soul, in contrast to our body, will perhaps continue on forever. Only the act of sin can change that I believe.

  12. I put a lit lighter next to it, without trying to spin it telekinetically, it does not move.

    I can rule out the mundane reasons you claim it to be. Yet I know you will still rule this all out.

    Anyway I want to ask all of you something, which was kind of what I was implying to in the OP.

    Let's say it IS real, I mean you must give it some chance, some percent of being real. What does this then mean for science ? How would you explain it ?

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