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  1. Have you thought of doing a documentary on the subject. There were some classic clips of having a woman walking down a street and observing people's reactions, particularly of men, to that.

    I would hate to live in a place where I'm accused of being a wanker, even though in NZ some do this in friendly way.


    But if you had it on film society could have a chance to self analyse itself. Hopefully for the better.

    Haha Robitty you just love videos don't you. It is a good idea I have to say.

  2. It changes the brain from psychological pioint of view. Seeing big boobs and ideal bodies makes one seek for such things in real life. Thanks god no woman or man is perfect enough to meet the standards created by porn.


    That's the thing I would be mostly concerned about.

    Porn stars are all impants and surgeries. Another sickness of modern society. I live in Israel not LA, but still I see many women with breast implants (to my disdane even my mom, probably convinced by my shallow and horny father. I personally think her original chest was beautiful), and am appalled by it. It is getting quite a trend here too. I also think men should be proud of their body hair, and not surgically remove it like sissies.

  3. Companies which make games do not care as long as they get money. Also, raging kids can be met only at low ranks (or mostly) which makes you want to climb in a ladder.


    From psychological point of view, parents are the one to be blamed. They work all the time and do not pay attention to what kids do. Also, they are buying tons of new gadgets for no reason - everyone stands as potential addiction. Nowadays I see pople who are talking to each other and using phones at the same time. Like...what happend to society?


    I remember in my childhood when we used to go and play outside. Now the only thing I see is kids playing games, kids talking about games, kids spending money on useless in-game things and so on.

    Some good points. Western parents, mainly western, really do spoil there kids alot. As if the child has more power than the parents and sort of controls them. I am not a parent, but I would hate myself if my kid grew up to be one of these shallow gamers. I would do everything for him/her to be respectable, stable and proficient. Modern parents seem to not care about the private life of their kid, as long as they get good grades and respectable jobs. They toss them out there to the cruel modern world, and the outcome is visible in these games, little struggling brats. Some are nicer than others, rare ones, and probably it is again because of more decent parents, that raised them up better, maybe more humanely, spending quality time with them, and getting them to be more "human".


    The internet has taken over our world, and especially the young ones, mesmerized by it, and out of control. As much as the internet is a positive thing in some ways, it is also a very negative thing, with all that harmful content out there for free and easily accessed, even seemingly unharmful games. Where they are thrown out there like in an ancient arena brawl, struggling, hungry and ferocious vs their "peers", other young ones, in this competitive atmosphere. I think there should be actual laws against all this internet mess. Maybe even keeping kids away from the internet until older age.


    I remember spending a lot of my childhood playing games, talking about games and trying to get money to buys games. It was awesome.

    That is just sad my young friend.

  4. I will say again, this phenomenon I described is real, it isn't my imagination or my psychosis. I am very stable today and consider my self healthy as any other healthy individual. And just today I was walking in the street and had these profane comments thrown at me. I am not violent these days, wish to avoid confrontation, and all I do is answer with "look who's talking". They also say it to one another not just at me. I hear it and am appalled. I don't have any blatant bad habit either. I even confirmed with my friend today again about these comments. He knows about it too, is aware of it and can talk about it. Is funny how you guys reject the truth.

  5. From what I understand the supernatural, like telekinesis and telepathy can break the laws of science and are therefore feared by scientists. Scientists are usually people that studied and worked hard, as required by the academy, to get where they are, and therefore are very tight regarding anything apposing science and their work. They come to be over strict about the whole world and hold tight to their positions. Science is great, of course, it gave us an understanding of most of our universe, and as Gee said it also required quite a fight with the old world to come to be. But at the same time it is also closed minded, or at least it's practitioners are, in a way not far from the old world, also mentioned by Gee. As I was saying science is great, but it is also very dull, it is basically all that is 1 + 1, all that is clear to the eye. I believe, and even have evidence that this world is more than that, is more than 1 + 1. Scientists fear the breaking of the laws of science and cling to them almost desperately, denying science from advancing, which should be the main goal of all scientists. Don't be so scared of the unknown, after all science wants to include everything inside it. So a law will be broken here and there, you can reshape it or make new laws, don't be so clingy. I have heard such words as "the laws of science will never be broken". I think that is a joke.


    To Gee: Thanks for amusing me with your great sense of humour.

  6. 'Universe' means everything that exists... there can only be one.

    Our universe is basically a big 3d space with all sorts of things inside it, I don't think it is everything that exists. I have mentioned about my theory in another thread but it is relevant here too so I will say it again.


    Our universe is part of the Everything. Which I call from hebrew the Clal. The Clal includes everything, including everything outside our universe, and is very ambiguous and hard to percept. Our universe is a certain formation from within the Clal. The Clal contains many detached worlds or universes.

  7. Or your head was itching because you haven't taken shower for a while, or you had head lice or you had some skin condition. There's a lot of options. Believe what you want, but that doesn't make it any less idiotic.

    Before the masturbation I was fine, no head itching, I was showered and clean. Then after my head would itch and I would want to take a shower.

  8. I see the universe as composed of two components, classical and quantum, with the mind a meeting of those two elements. Being a component of the universe, the mind has no choice in the matter, and that meeting generates conversations in our "event horizon" which we can see from the classical side...and attempt to repeat within the calculus of the moment...

    The quantum world is where you go down scale and our known universe breaks up into quanta. Us as humans beings we are in the middle between the lowest and highest scale. We basically belong entirely to what you called the classical world, and so does everything about us, if it is the mind, the soul and so on.

  9. As to the scientific side of masturbation the studies seem to be inconclusive, even regarding the physical impacts alone. Isn't it some kind of rumor that masturbation damages eye sight ? I would add hair loss to this as well. I remember when I did masturbate that my head would itch afterwards, and I would want to take a shower. Science has a difficulty with this topic probably because of the control group, people that don't masturbate. Science has a problem with this topic, and so it is necessary for another kind of approach, from a different angle, that is maybe a bit less scientific.

  10. Why do you assume

    (1) that life has a meaning and

    (2) that your view on the matter has any significance?

    My view may have no significance to you or others, but it does to me and maybe to some others as well, that care about an opinion of another. With this saying of yours you can assume that no view, no opinion of an individual is worth anything. Maybe to you it isn't oh Mr. Arrogant, oh Mr. High and Mighty. Probably if someone you admire like Einstein or whatever said anything you would sit down and actually study it.


    Why do I assume that life has a meaning ? Cause I assume. It is my right ok ? I am allowed to ?

  11. This statement alone tells me your getting thermal influence from the heat of your hands. Or are you stating your mind energy is flowing through your hands ? Which doesn't make any sense as to being easier.


    Not that much in this thread other than proper test procedures makes much sense.


    I noticed you haven't followed up on any of the recommendations on proper testing. Not too confident

    "Or are you stating your mind energy is flowing through your hands ?"

    I don't see it as mind energy but as energy of your entire being. Using the hands somehow helps, it is a fact.


    "I noticed you haven't followed up on any of the recommendations on proper testing."

    I just did this test with the 2 wheels that I was offered to do. I most likely wouldn't have done this without it being offered. And also spent some time trying to get the decent videos. I also tried various other things that were proposed here. Just because I didn't document it doesn't mean it didn't happen. If you are referring to covering the wheel with the glass bowl, then as I said before I am not "skilled" enough for it yet.

  12. I think anything with the pure intention of causing masturbation, or being intentionally made for masturbation purposes is false. There is enough to do and not waste yourself on masturbation. I know it can be hard to avoid masturbation, and that's why I think of the whole masturbation industry even worse, sitting there and hooking people on masturbation or fueling their drive. You said masturbation can be a good thing, well I disagree with this, it seems to be harmless but it isn't. Saying it is a good thing is kind of like saying drinking coca cola is a good thing, they are both hedonistic and corruptive. Every individual needs to set themselves straight, find a nice life partner to have intercourse with and be proficient to themselves, their close ones and to all humanity. Spending hours on masturbation isn't very proficient to say the least.

  13. +1


    It is a very strange thing to say indeed, although I speak a second language at home and sometimes when I try to translate a saying that is relevant into English, it just doesn't have the same meaning or sounds like a very bizarre thing to say which you just wouldn't use in English.


    Eshel, perhaps it is your severe reactions which arise such comments from people; don't you think carrying a knife and tear gas is an excessive retaliation on just words? Ignoring them may have a more profound effect. Even so, comments like this are not common, most people understand there is a minimum level of behavioural expectations to be accepted in society. Unless they're very intoxicated, mentally unstable or very aggressive/violent then they have no real reason to be so verbally insulting to your face. This behaviour is not just genetic but environmental too, children learn from a young age what is acceptable and what is not. Therefore, as Phi said, I don't think we're hearing the full story.

    Hmm .. I feel like I am at the psychiatrist's office. I really didn't think this would raise such skepticism. I guess you guys haven't experienced the likes of this and find it weird. Even here in israel when I speak about this it is considered weird, but it is just repressed by them. They are even lying I think, as they do know about the phenomenon and are just repressing it. Like for example if I would talk about this with my parents, they would deny/repress it for sure, but I have heard them both speak it themselves. I have one friend who I see eye to eye with, and I can talk to him about this, he knows it to be true as well. He even told me he let go of some friend of his that would talk to him this way.


    "Therefore, as Phi said, I don't think we're hearing the full story."

    What is missing ? I am not holding back anything. It is a solid truth.

  14. How important was it to cup your hands around the base of the wheel? For you had said you could do it without hands, so I was surprised you went back to hands.

    Cup your hands around the control without intending it to move. Show us that it won't move at all please.

    Using the hands makes it easier and gives better results, but isn't a must. Just covering your hands around a wheel and doing nothing else will not make it move.

  15. The way I see it is that there is the physical world and the metaphysical world. While our body and brain belong to the physical world, our soul belongs to the metaphysical world. The metaphysical and the physical world interact with one another to create a whole, an entire human being, an entire universe.


    It is hard to define the word "mind". I think it has mainly to do with the brain and the physical world, but it could also have to do with our soul in the metaphysical world.

  16. That's a pretty explicit thing to say to a stranger on the street, with no provocation. It makes no sense as a hurled epithet, and I've NEVER heard it here in the USA. It doesn't sound like something one would say idly. I feel we're getting only one side of a very weird story.


    I have to ask. Were you masturbating? Were you masturbating on them? Is that why they said those things?


    Don't you think it might have been the psychosis, aggravated by what you perceived as inappropriate comments thrown in your face?

    "Were you masturbating? Were you masturbating on them? Is that why they said those things?"

    Of course not. When I did masturbate in the past, in my younger life, it was only privately and unseen by anyone.


    "Don't you think it might have been the psychosis, aggravated by what you perceived as inappropriate comments thrown in your face?"

    This is real, I heard it a bazillion times and also I remember once in a store, a customer complaining to the boss there that some worker said these things to him. He was very angry and loud, was kind of hard to miss. And there are other examples that I remember clearly. This isn't my imagination.

  17. There is religion, that somehow sets much hate between different religions. Like in the Islam it is allowed to kill others if they are not amongst your religion. Actually it is not just allowed, it is demanded. In Christianity there is the hate for Jewish people, since they think the Jews murdered Jesus, and so again setting an allotment of hate and murder. That's for religion, that may be reason number 1.


    I have made a post about online games and the disturbed world going on there. Alot of hate, disdane and profanity. There are sometimes sayings like "expect your computer to get hacked", they get into it so much. It seems to be alot of stress on the young ones, and maybe even on the older, to achieve and be successful. Or in another word competition. I would say even hardcore competition, that leads them to lose their morality.


    I will give another example from my personal life, as to hate and violence. I live in Israel, the city of Tel Aviv. It is a custom here for people casually walking past you in the street to throw comments at your face. These comments are such as "You are masturbating" or "You are masturbating on me", and other comments. This in hebrew of course, I'm not sure if it exists in other places outside Isreal, but I have been in the USA and I think I remember it there too, my memory not being the best from that time. Anyway these comments set alot of hate in me and even violence. When I was psychotic a few years back I would confront these people and even get close to fighting them physically. I even bought tear gas and a knife for self defense in case of a fight.

    Even though this was a while back, I still hold much contempt for these people. The comments are still going on, but I am more stable and care for them less. What makes a stranger in the street throw dirty comments at someone he doesn't know at all ?

    It seems to be a sort of fashion, that grabbed everyone, even to a sort of competition. What I can attest to myself is that these comments can make me very mad, even to the point of wanting to murder someone else. Since they almost all do it, I can attest to myself that I basically hate almost everyone (at least in Israel). This comment throwing comes I believe from arrogance and high self esteem, wanting to sort of fight another person in "legitimate" ways. I guess fighting is in the nature of man, and this is the form that it has shaped up to in these modern times, governed by police and the law. I myself do not throw around these comments, I never have.

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