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  1. "That proposition is based on the theory that infrequent ejaculation increases the risk of prostate cancer because of retained carcinogenic secretions in the prostatic acini."

    I see this as just going heavily into detail. Sort of like going down scale and finding quanta. Light for example as we know it is much more interesting and colorful than just the quanta it is made up of. It is an entire world.

    What you quoted could be the biological side of the psychological issue.


    Which returns us to the very first response made by me to your very first post on this topic:


    Similarly, what is the "spiritual level?" How do we measure it and rate "bad" in an objective way?

    Again as I have said, these are things still out of the grasps of science. Studying telekinesis and telepathy can help to improve this subject.


    Absolutely NOT. I don't want it to include useless opinion and anecdote. I want it to focus on supportable explanations.


    Your anecdotes might be interesting elsewhere. They aren't useful here.

    Useless opinion is made up because something is lacking or needs to be explained, as in doesn't have a full explanation yet. Useless opinion is usually about subjects quite interesting. Don't you want science to fill these gaps ? That is what I meant. And not always you can have concrete evidence, that comes only at the end of the process. The way is filled with opinions and ideas, some are good some are bad.


    No you're not.



    No it's not science at all.



    If you can back up what you say using data and evidence, sure, of course. The more opinions the merrier. What I don't want is someone offering up their opinion as fact with no way to support it. When you present us with "I feel itchy/dirty after a hand shandy" we have an anecdote. A single anecdote does not evidence make.


    When I say "jerking it (or heading on down to towel town, if that's floats your boat) what 3-7 times a month can lower the risk of prostate cancer in men; here's a study". That's an evidence backed statement. Do you understand the distinction?

    I think masturbation is mainly bad on a spiritual level. On the physical level, to me personally it is bad, and despite not having concrete evidence I'm still pretty sure it is bad for all. If I were a scientist with means I would probably study this to prove it. Religious people are supposed not to masturbate, maybe they are a good case study.


    Here is something to the opposite end. Ejaculating releases sexual tension. Sexual tension that isn't controlled leads to stress and anxiety, that can be negative. So here is the good side of masturbation, which probably explains that study. But what I think is that sexual tension needs to be controlled, and then gradually to reduce the stress and anxiety to a state of calm. This is a way of life. I personally live this way and overall feel good, though I suffer from boredom and depression. So my overall mood is up and down.

  3. There is something I can't seem to understand. On one hand light is an electromagnetic wave, as in made up of electric and magnetic fields moving through space. On the second hand it is said to create the electric field, by quantum electrodynamics. Don't these 2 heavily contradict each other ?

  4. It is unlikely that the graviton will be "discovered" in the terms of being detected. The graviton would be a quantum of a gravity wave. Gravity waves themselves are so weak and hard to measure, that we would be hard pressed to measure a single quantum of one.

    Gravitons would be part of a quantum gravity theory and within it would fulfill the same role that photons do within QED. Gravity would be mediated by virtual gravitons.

    As far as GR is concerned, it would still be viable in the domain it is presently being used and any quantum gravity theory would have to make the same predictions it does in that domain at least to an equal degree as we have tested GR (just like SR and Newtonian physics are near indistinguishable at low relative speeds) . What a QGT theory would do is extend the applicable domain into regions where GR presently is inapplicable.

    The graviton would be not just the quanta of a gravity wave but of all gravitation. It is actually harder to imagine in the head since it quite different than in the case of light. It is pretty simple to imagine a quanta of something moving like an electromagnetic wave, but in the case of gravity and general relativity there is nothing moving, it is sort of like a side of a slope of a hill, it is a bend, a distortion of space. So it is quite hard to imagine a quanta of this. This is also why these 2 theories, general relativity and graviton theory seem so different to me. But maybe they can co-exist as it is not as simple as a slope of a hill. In the case of the slope there is a force pushing down, In the bending of space, there is no additional force, it seems to be the bending itself that causes the force. Anyway these 2 theories are alot more detached than in the case of light and the photon.

  5. I have some questions regarding the graviton. Let's say it was discovered, would this be the end of general relativity's idea of gravity ? Or do they somehow work together ? With the discovery of the graviton, what exactly will happen with general relativity ? In graviton theory, how does sending particles back and forth cause objects to be attracted to one another and not the opposite, as in pushing each other away ? Is it something like quantum electro dynamics, where 2 charges can attract each other ? Even there in a well confirmed theory (or is it ?), still they don't have a solid explanation of the attraction. Is this just the weirdness of the universe ? Or is something not right even with QED ?

  6. At first I wasn't talking about the TK experiments but the TP experiences, think of them as a coincidence.


    Now the TK experiment needs further proof where no one can say it was air currents etc.

    How can a guy saying out load exactly what I just said in my head be coincidence ? And this is also a complete sentence not just a word or something like that.

  7. That is an experience that could just be coincidence, and I'd say it is best just to think of it like that.

    You can come up with concepts of how it might work but they will be just pure guesses.


    You could get a bit more traction if you were to prove the TK experiment beyond the realms of chance. Don't step too far into the theoretical (making up theories of how it works) before you have actual proof of the simplest first.

    Did you see the videos ? how can you call such steady and long going spinning chance ?

  8. I want to share some telepathic experiences I had, that to me are concrete evidence of telepathy.

    The first and most important event that happened to me is thus :

    I was walking in the street in Tel Aviv, I saw a group of teenagers, one of the girls said telepathically, in my head, "We are so cool". Then I made a joke in my head, I said " "We are so cool" said the young girl in the prevalent heat of youth" or something like that, in hebrew. Then one of the boys there said my joke out load, he screamed it and I heard it clearly, he said " " "We are so cool" said the young girl in the " .. WHAT ?!". He said it and seemed confused. Then I kept on in my walk.


    Basically people can somehow read my mind. I don't know how they do it, but that is my story.


    Another example of this is thus:

    I made up this word in hebrew, and never said it out loud, only used it in my head. Then one day at the mall this woman made a profane remark at me using my word. This is the only time I ever head this word out loud, the word is quite disturbing, and I'm sure she heard it from me sometime, and then used it out loud. Another case of this telepathic mind reading.


    Anyway I am just trying to prove that telepathy is real. I think it can have great consequences on science. For example I don't think it travels in a straight path like light, I think it warps from place to place, all around the universe. For example two people can be on opposite ends of the universe and talk with each other with telepathy instantaneously. I think studying telepathy can unfold the key to teleportation. I see telepathy as part of what I call the metaphysical world.


    This is how it seems for someone looking at your posts. I have seen multiple people offer you valid, sound advice on overcoming some of the hurdles and obstacles you've chosen to share. I have not seen you take ANY of it on board, not once. You argue when someone tries to offer their perspective, and so it seems like it's rather pointless talking to you. You'll never change, that's what this attitude of yours says to me. Why discuss anything with a person whose mind is made up?


    It's very much like you're disgusted by the knowledge others are trying to pass on. What's up with that, anyway (cue defensive denials)?

    I really am set in my mind, but this is after a lifetime of experience. As I have mentioned I had a rather psychotic life but today I am very stable. I have a rather exotic personal world, consisting of telepathy and the metaphysical world, I even have some metaphysical entity friends. I believe in these strongly and consider them very real. This is a science forum and most of you are scientifically inclined, and will call me a crackpot. You see we are quite different, you won't convince me and I won't convince you. However it is fun to talk and discuss. I personally like to share my world and views. I am also trying to help science advance by excepting things that are out of borders today, like telekinesis, telepathy and the metaphysical world.

  10. Wait, since when is being competitive a bad thing?

    Competitiveness can be a bad thing, mainly in over competitiveness. When people lose their humanity for the cause, when all they see is the goal ahead, like say money, and elbow push their way to it. I think also for kids competitiveness is cruel, already from a very young age they are faced with much competitiveness, if it is grades, general success at even the smallest things or their looks. I think this world of ours is very cruel and cold. When it comes to school all it is is about grades and more grades, being a survival issue at older age. I call it the meat grinding machine. But this is capitalism, a dog eat dog world. From a sociological point a view you can say competitiveness is a good thing as it gives results, but I think it is mainly cold and cruel.

    If it were my call I would go for a more supportive kind of way. If I ever have kids I don't think I will let them go into regular school, I am disgusted by it.

  11. Academic success isn't everything, honestly it is something kind of expected by us since we were born. It is the course that society dictates to every individual, sort of like how a woman is expected to give birth to children and raise them. Personally I have strayed from the academy, I was psychotic in my early life and maybe missed it, and today at the age of 34 I am not eager about it. I even look down upon it a bit as it is SO competitive, and like a meat grinding machine of grades. I still think that remark by your friend I commented about and you did also is very sad and shallow and reminds me of a young child mesmerized by something so mundane and shallow like today's pc games. Something I feel sad for, or disgusted by. I myself play pc games, but it is mainly to pass time and have something constant to do, I actually prefer not to play them at all if I could, but as I mentioned before I suffer from boredom and depression so it is hard. I also don't have a life partner or social company, which is my goal for the future. I think it is the key to happiness. Online games today are very popular with all ages, and mainly with the younger ones, I think they are mostly very shallow and over competitive, not to mention the community, that is ridiculously shallow. It is quite a joke. Another important thing is the trend of these online games to hog money from it's users, people of all ages spending ridiculous amounts of money on things so stupid. Just adding to the overall shallownessof of nowadays PC games. I remember when I was a teenager the popular genre of pc games was strategy games, which are much more respectable than modern online games. This genre is currently almost dead.

  12. I'm not really sure where you're coming from here. As long as these people are not hurting anyone they're allowed to do that. Assuming that their choice is wrong means you have to define a purpose to life. This is why religion has tyrannical episodes because it makes up a purpose to life. Everyone is free to define their own purpose in life. If you are concerned about the future of science then you can pursue science youself. I like the idea of helping people, making a change and I like science which is why I'm pursuing postgrad in physics and engineering in medicine but I do not have the right to force others down my path.

    First of all they are hurting others, on a daily bases in these games. The purpose of life I think is creation. If you look at this whole world we live in that seems to be the main general goal, of the universe and of life, which is in itself the major creation of the universe. The universe created us, we are kind of like it's masterpiece, it's prime art, and then we in turn are also asked to create, and humanity has overall created alot. Now if the topic is kids in pc games, then they are not creating or anything, and most of them do the opposite, which is degeneration of themselves and of others. Their whole childhood and teenage life is wasted on shallowness and pettiness. This isn't mainly against the games themselves but against the way they act in them. And this also goes to the majority of the internet. From what I see in a popular website like facebook for example, it is also mostly shallowness and pettiness, and here it is not just kids but all ages. Even senior folks making sly remarks about some photo some girl posted of herself. Sadly as much as the internet is useful and progressive it also acts as a medium for much stupidity and the degeneration of all mankind. Most people need to be led, as you have mentioned, in order to be creative and productive, and the internet is leading them nowhere.

  13. We are still waiting to see why you don't think that's psychosomatic.

    It's funny .. I present legit physical evidence, then you turn to pyschosomatic causes. All those physical phenomena cannot all be psychsomatic, I see them as plain physical phenomena. They were with me always, even when I wasn't against masturbation, mainly after I was erased by the psychiatric world. They are also very repetitive, as in will always always happen. Seems very physical to me. Every individual's physiology is different, and in my case my head itches after I masturbate and my eyes become dry, but still I don't think it is psychosomatic. This excuse is just an excuse.

  14. Why would science stand up against something good?

    As I mentioned after masturbating my head itches and I feel "dirty", I have to take a shower. Also I would get back cramps, and all sorts of weird stuff on my penis. My head itching causes me to scratch my head, which leads to hair loss. How is that good ? (Luckliy I don't masturbate anymore.) Masturbation also dries you up, physically and spiritually. My eyes would dry up and I would have to wet them with water. Probably a cause of losing eye sight. My younger life I believe has caused me to lose both some hair and some eye sight. Today my hair isn't receding anymore and my eye sight seems steady, almost like it's getting better instead of worse.


    Something unmentioned is how porn and malicious content like viruses and spyware are connected. Basically while masturbating you also destroy your computer and possibly your personal safety. Especially young ones and people not very aware of PC safety.

  15. It's up to the parents. Laws against the internet are hard to enforce and easily infringe on the freedom of speech. You seem to have an issue with western culture. That's up to you however, it's western culture that pushes forward human rights and democracy. Western culture has produced most of the modern innovations and leads the world in education and research. The poor in the west have much more freedom. Majority of art, literature and film comes out of the west. It's popular to hate the west like it's popular to hate the head boy a school. We can talk superficial statements till the cows come home but in reality the real deep-down reason is that they weren't picked to be head boy. In this day and age there isn't another culture that even comes close to rivaling western culture.

    I mainly meant how in western culture the young ones have less restraints. They are basically free to do as they wish, and this usually takes a wrong turn, almost unregarded by the parents. I also think the modern world of the internet is degenerating the younger generations so much that the whole of humanity will suffer in the future. Instead of caring about science, music and art they will only care to get pc game items, or masturbate all day hooked on internet content.

  16. I am actually very sane and stable these days. I have very good hearing, I think better than most other people, and I hear these remarks very clearly. I think most people don't have the best hearing and maybe don't hear it, or hear it so dimly they don't 100% believe in it. I also confirmed with a second friend about the profane comments. In Israel for sure it is a very popular trend. Most people also don't look other people in the street straight in the eyes, I however do this, I like to see faces. Usually after I do this they will say the comment. Also if a girl senses I am attracted to her she will say it. I see it as a sort of social competition, in the realm of the "allowed". As previously mentioned they don't say it just to me, but also to one another, I hear it all the time, it is quite ugly.

  17. Well I am back. I tried a spiritual forum but it is quite dead. I suffer from boredom and depression and need the livelyhood of this forum. Excusing myself thus I will continue with the subject at hand.


    I think masturbation and porn are so accepted because everyone does/watches it. It is sort of damaging to the norms of society to step up and say "Hey, this is wrong". Sort of like trying to get a junk food junkie to lay off hamburgers and pizza (though another topic, they are also damaging). Both of these have become so accepted that it is very hard now to turn the wheel backwards. They really have become norms. As Seinfeld said, masturbation is like shaving. Or in other words a common habit, that is accepted by all society, a norm. Really hard to go against something like this. I think even science is afraid to step up against both porn and masturbation, thus the so inconclusive results.

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