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  1. Bleach is a chemical and therefore cannot infect anything. Do you mean affect? Either way, the only difference is the route (oral vs injection). The fact that the ingestion is blood does not matter much.


    Depends on the concentration.



    If there was something like that, maybe. But the issue is that toxic components would affect you.

    I did mean affect

  2. First of all, injecting bleach is not safe. Typical concentrations of hypchlorite used for disinfection are around 5-6%. Injecting about 1 ml in something human-sized is probably not lethal but will have serious toxic effects. For mice it is well in the lethal range.

    For your first set, the blood does not matter. Its actions of disinfection are independent of blood. And it is indeed routinely used to clean up blood spills.

    Note that pus is not bacterial in origin (although produced during inflammation). Also you are aware that S. aureus are also bacteria, right? If you are thinking in terms of resistances, they are against antibiotics. Bleac as well as ethanol work differently (though certain differences in the cell hull make certain species more resilient).


    For killing anything with bleach it is a matter of concentration. There is little connection whether they feed on blood or not. If you think to increase the concentration of bleach in the bloodstream so that it gets sterilized you are certainly killing the host.


    Also, the strong reaction you see is due to the actions of a group of proteins in the blood with hydrogen peroxide which is quite unrelated to the actions of hypchlorite in this context.


    For the blood drinking creatures I wanted to know if bleach in the blood would infect them somehow. Like it would be the same as injecting bleach into a person stomach, but than the added affect that these creatures eat blood. So you have to take into account the blood reaction along with how the creatures body would adapt to it.


    If you inject bleach into a Tick will it die? Humans have gotten sick from ingesting infected food before too. Which also goes into another idea. If you can put some kind of chemical into your blood that wont kill you, but is deadly to parasites would you be immune to ticks and mosquito? Since your blood would kill or otherwise deter them?

  3. So what would happen if you introduced blood to bleach


    Set one


    Blood samples-

    Blood infected with staph(Mrsa)

    Blood infected with bacteria(Puss of infected cut)

    Blood infected with a virus(Cold)


    Set two


    Now what if you introduced it to creatures that drank blood







    Set 3


    Now what would happen if introduced to a mammal?


    Its known that you are not suppose to ingest bleach. Bleach is suppose to be a very strong base but people have also bathed in bleach. However what would happen if injected straight into the blood stream?



    I obviously not going to try this on everything living but given the fact this is a science forum I thought we could speculate what happens when you introduce bleach to blood.


    Though set one is probably pretty harmless and doable



    I got the idea from this video, but this is peroxide



  4. In the real world, we have been preserving things in sugar (originally in honey) for thousands of years and we don't all have diabetes.

    It is, of course, better to eat preserved food than to starve to death.

    Did you think you had some sort of point, or was it just that you didn't understand where I wrote that too much of anything is bad for you?


    So, to get somewhere back near the point:

    Notwithstanding Fiveworlds' strange opinion on preservatives, eggs are fine in moderation, but a little high in fat. They are also pretty much devoid of fibre.

    I agree with him about the water being a good thing (as always, in moderation) but not about his reasoning- water commonly contains chlorine as a preservative.


    However, the sensible answer is (as usual)

    Go and ask your doctor.

    Yes, but saying we should coat everything in sugar is not a good idea. Nore does everything need to be preserved and a lot of things use salt as a preservative not sugar. Also if you can have fresh food why eat food with nothing but preservatives?

  5. Water (not a bunch of water, like 1 cm deep or dripping leftover water

    Clothing (White Cotton Undershirt Sleeveless)

    Eye Glasses (The one people wear on their faces to see better)

    Window Glass

    Sun Glasses

    Sunscreen SPF 30

    Copy Paper

    Ziploc Plastic Bag


    Sunscreen(might depending on the brand)

    Eye Glasses(No, but they do have new UV protection kind) In Sunglasses to

    (Glasses often glare with sun and sometimes glass just amplify sun(If you cant stop the sun I doubt you are going to stop the UV rays)

    Sun glasses(Its been proven shown normal sunglasses dont always protect against UV so they made special UV sun glasses)


    They made a lot of new UV protection stuff in recent years since they did not protect against UV.

  6. First I would point out that CharonY is very knowledgeable in molecular biology.


    Secondly, maybe, to avoid further confusion as to what you are asking about, you could list some of the superpowers you have in mind.


    Some of these maybe at odds with the laws of physics even before we discuss genetic engineering (which in all honesty I have little to say).


    Well I just explained it. Basically giving humans abilities they would not normally have. Like maybe extra arms, better strength, heightened senses, better vision. Saying something like not being able to teleport makes sense but I dont see how one can say its impossible to make genetic mutations or bio engineer things like this. I mean we already have research dealing with this type of stuff. They make animals that have human DNA. This is done to make sure the transplant organ does not entirely reject its host. We know how cells work and how chromosomes work. We know how many chromosomes you need and where and how having too many or not enough creates defects in humans. We know that chemicals can mutate, damage or kill babies before they are born. Knowing all this information why is altering a human really so far out there? We know how people grow, and how to kill things like bacteria. We know how drugs affect our bodies and we know which chemicals we need a balance of to create a healthy human, What is so far fetched about creating intentional mutations? There are also a people with natural mutations already. I dont think humans are really that dumb. I think we have the potential to do a lot if there is enough interest and research.

  7. Why do so many theists posting here have such inferiority complexes?

    What makes you say that?


    I think you misunderstand what's going on here.


    If the atheist is being rational (we already know the creationist isn't), he should be telling you why his arguments are superior in every way, having the great good fortune to match up with what we observe in reality. Typically, the creationist can't argue successfully with reasoned thought, so they pretend the atheist is calling himself superior instead of his arguments.


    It's a form of Poisoning the Well, trying to discredit through misunderstanding and misinformation.

    Going out of your way to bother someone for praying over his lunch who was not bothering anyone does not sound rational. Why exactly do you believe bullying is a rational decision? You see when people have healthy self esteem they do not feel a need to gloat. If someone feels a need to push that stuff on everyone it just makes them seem like a bigger idiot and really weak minded. Why do we need stupid infecting society? Its kind of like hating gays for being Gay but I guess an Atheist would agree with that if they are straight right? Since anything they are not personally into is just plain evil. Wow, this sounds a lot like something someone else would do but I guess the irony is hard to see.


    Science is not a religion and Atheism should not be an Anti religious(Religion). When you turn Atheism into a religion you just created a hypocrisy.

  8. The ability displayed are for the most part physically impossible. Just calling it sci-fi does not make it science. And bioengineering is not magic. There are hard limitations to what is biologically possible. So yes, any ability that I can think of is pure fantasy. An exception may be becoming quite hairy. Still science fiction, but at least within the realm of possible.

    You think bio engineering is magic. I was talking about making genetically modified humans with super abilities. However you go on to say how bio engineering something is not possible and its the same as saying witchcraft. That was your idea not mine. I never brought up magic and spell casters. So you really should not preach something you would so willingly speak out against. Also I dont mean all the abilities as clearly some of them are not possible. The idea is more to give humans abilities they would not normally have through biological experiments but you know if you think bio-engineering is a dumb subject no purpose in discussing it with you right? There was also research done trying to stop the aging process too.


    The mechanism is very different. The claws do not retract beneath the dermis. Besides, the actual superpower is rapid healing, the claws cut through the skin every time.

    Either way it is pure fantasy not remotely rooted in reality. You could as well ask whether people will ever develop spellcasting skills.

    No, not really. You simply cant imagine it since no one has done it yet. Not that I think these things would necessarily be that useful and there are a bunch of other reasons to not do it. I am talking about scientific possibility not fantasy. There is a huge difference. Xmen is science fiction like a lot of superheros are. Bioengineering is impossible to you now and anytime in the future since you dont have an imagination of what could be but only what is presently here and honestly where would science be if everyone thought like that?

  10. Sugar is a perfectly natural part of our diet.

    It's also a preservative.


    So your implication that preservatives are bad makes no sense.


    "Also there was an article about sausages having so many preservatives now they think eating shop bought ones is worse than smoking. "

    There may have been such an article, but it wasn't based on the facts.


    Why mention it on a scientific site?

    Preserving things in a crap load of sugar is not healthy nor a good idea. Unless you like diabetes in which case keep doing what you are doing.

  11. However, you cannot readily teach creative writing until the individual has learned the letters of the alphabet. That can be boring. Making the basics interesting is the challenge to be faced.

    Yes, but that still goes into understanding a language. You can tell a person what a B and A sound likes all you want but that does not mean they understand how to read. Teaching a person to read is actually is a challenge. However once you get past that simple obstacle most thing become easy.


    Also learning the basics is good, but at the same time a lot of schools drill the basics even when its no longer needed. My school made us do spider webs till the 12th grade, and do to the fact I been writing since I was in 2nd grade I could create a story without one. The Basics are for those who dont understand it but even if the students are advanced they still teach these worthless paper cutter classes and dont allow children to just experience things. In fact a lot of times my teachers accused me of cheating on things I wrote for class when they asked for stories. Not that I would ever cheat on something I took pride in. One teacher actually looked it up on the computer but couldn't find anything that matched it.

  12. Many accept as a matter of fact that Jesus, as described by Christianity, was a real person and it is only his divinity that is up for debate. I grew up believing as much. As an adult I realized that I have never read credible information that proved a historical Jesus. In discussions with people through the years I have found that challanging a real life historical Jesus quickly becomes battles where I am asked to prove he wasn't real person. Ultimately there seems to be a general lack of proof either way. So I ask the forum for thoughts. Is the Christian story of Jesus based on an actual living man named Jesus who live around 2,000 years ago?



    Here is what I find to be a compelling explanation for why a historical Jesus most likely did not exist.


    I would be more willing to believe that than anything else. Also some of the things could have been metaphorical. Like we say we eat Jesus by eating cookies and drinking wine but its not literal.

  13. Probably of the thing next to it which is asserted as fact, but without any supporting evidence.

    Specifically, this


    The fact that so many Atheists do it. That so many people have also complained about this, and a bunch of them post online about how they insulted or attacked a Christian for doing something like pray for his lunch at work. So its called being aware. The fact you dont realize it just means you are not that aware of it. There are also famous Atheists who say stuff like we need to teach people to stop being religious. Though I not saying creationists are not guilty of the same crap. I have seen know it all Atheists fighting head strong creationist too. They are both often very rude, belligerent and judgmental. I dont like either side of the coin honestly and I been stuck in the cross fire of both parties in the past. Since I generally dont show a lot of conviction either way as I tend to be very open and friendly sometimes people assume I must be voting for the other party, but I not with a party. I am just open to other peoples beliefs and sadly there are Creationists and Atheists who simply aren't.


    Also if there is a story with a title "I cant stand Christians, why do they have to be so ignorant" followed by.


    So I was at work today and there was my coworker eating his lunch. Than he did something astounding. He looked like he was praying. So you know what I did? I went up to him and asked what he was doing. So he told me he was praying. I was just so disgusted by what he was telling me I just had to explain why what he believes is so wrong. Why do Christians have to be so stupid?


    When clearly he wasn't being stupid. The Atheist was just being terribly intolerant and than complains that Christians are intolerant. There are intolerant Christians but it seems hypocritical to go out of your way to be a jerk, and than say why everyone else is wrong. People should examine their own actions before they start placing blame on others. If you cant follow your own teachings, why should anyone else listen to you? If you cant follow your teachings anything you say is utterly worthless.


    Oh and another argument I see a lot.


    Question: Why do you hate Christians


    Awnser: Since Christian people were mean to me as a kid so all of them must want to hurt me.(Often mom and dad issues or church problems.) which turns into a loop

    Why did you do this to person B: Since (Childhood trauma)

    Why did you do this to person C: Since(Childhood trauma)

    Why did you do this to person D:Since(Childhood trauma)


    So a lot of times these people who become Atheists end up projecting and just want to rebel. Like the lost little Children they are.


    A mean Creationist will just call you stupid for not agreeing. An Atheist will tell you why he is superior in every way. I think I honestly prefer blatant stupidity over arrogance. However neither one is much fun to deal with. Its stupid to argue that everyone is bad for not agreeing with you, while its arrogant to say everyone is stupid since you should be hailed and worshiped as the supreme perfect one who knows all in this universe.

  14. In post #11 I detail the clear and undoubted value of each of the degree subjects that Elite Engineers considers to be "career-less". Please explain why you disagree with those assessments and why you still consider degrees in each of these subjects to be pointless.

    I am saying the specific degree that the OP posted is pointless. What is outdoor recreation? You know how to go camping? Sure camp is fun but why do you need a degree for it? I looked it up though it just seems like a gimmick to attract outdoorsy people to waste their college funds on.


    That has nothing at all to do with if you like engineering either. Its just common sense. In fact you dont need a degree to work for places like summer camp. A lot of times you need good character to get in and have to pass all these things like drug and background checks. As well as that if you gone to the camp before as a child the camp might just hire you on as a coach or camp leader. So you dont need a four year degree to actually get these jobs. Considering a lot of teenagers get summer-camp jobs, I dont see why you are under the idea that you need a degree.

  15. I have a hard time seeing adamantium claws growing out of someone's knuckles. But apparently that is possible now, given your sources.

    Well if you think about it this is how cat paws work. However cats are designed for retractable claws. They have a slit that the claws go in and out of. I think doing so with a human would be a bit painful and the wound would probobly heal over which would make a repeat performance very painful.

  16. I daydream a lot and love playing video games. Black Ops 3 was recently released and revolved around bionics, attaching machinery to the human body to enhance the human condition and peak. I know there've been works on bionics like a guy with bionic legs presented it during a TED talk, but when do y'all think it will become a trend?

    It already exists


    Advanced arms that are linked to your brain

    Headsets that can help blind people see

    Robot maids and assistants that look human like


    The future is already here so you know stop dreaming

  17. Xmen is a show about humans who have mutated and developed special powers. How this happens it considered unclear and seems to happen randomly. Magneto said that Xmen were the future. Now biological engineering could theoretically create something like this but there might be some ethical concerns with it. If you were offered to join a project to make superhumans would you do so? Further would you ever want to be a test subject of the project and would you see such a project as beneficial to mankind?

  18. I was wondering about once you "STATE" yourself an "Atheist",


    attachicon.gifimages (2).jpgatheist.jpg


    Most in this forum understand the universe on many levels, and most religions do not agree with what is known in science.


    I do not follow any written religion but I would not call myself an atheist.


    Do you lose some of that spark of "human imagination/freedom of thought" once you state yourself an Atheist, only believing in what you can prove?



    Haha, that meme. No, it just seems that most people attracted to this following happen to have a chip on their shoulder and are simply rebelling against someone who was cruel to them in child hood. This image is something they project onto a targeted group which they must attack to make themselves feel better about how they were treated as a child. Many people are just Atheist to rebel not because they are truly Atheists. They just want to flip the bird to Christians. There are a lot of people who believe only in what they can prove but they do not all call themselves Atheist. They are more focused on other things than labeling themselves. In the past none Christian religions that did not have another name were just called Pegan.


    Now on another note I think anyone who says for sure something like this is positive is pretty closed minded. Saying "I did not see it with my own eyes so its not there." You also cant see people in China from the US but we dont say that China is imaginary.

  19. I have a job working 10 hours at a warehouse and I am starving all the time. Which I am usually starving and have issues regulating my weight. When I dont eat enough I gain weight, which is irritating. I trying to figure out a good diet that has enough fat and protein where I dont get hungry but has enough roughage to maintain a healthy weight an regularity. Right now I am 115 pounds and 5,1. I trying to also gain some muscle which I dont seem to ever get, I just lose weight. How do you set up a decent diet plan?

  20. When people talk about "Physics" I dont think most people are really ever on the same page. There is physics related to stuff like motion, and movement of physical objects. Which can often be applied to engineering and mechanic degrees. While there is also nucluer and Astro physics. However I think when most people hear "Physics" they think of space. While physics often makes me think of the laws of motion.

  21. So as the tittle says i am a 16 year old student from Greece,i love physics as much as i love maths ..Most of my relatives are doctors,surgeons,dentists etc and they urge me in a way of becoming a doctor aswell but i really like physics and here comes the question , should i follow what i love and create my own path or follow their advice and do something that isnt my first option but will bring me a good income instead?

    In this point i want to say that here in Greece physics is dead since we lack of industry or research section and i ll have to move abroad to find a job.

    I would also like to mention that i am doing good in all science subjects .

    I thought people studying physics made good money? Perhaps if that does work out you can also go into a related field. However that depends on what type of physics you are trying to get into? However Medical doctors are needed everywhere all the time, especially right now in the states. They are really pushing for medical but I dont think either field is a bad choice. I think you should do what makes you happy. I dont think you will do good in Medical school if you dont have enough dedication to it.

  22. I have a pretty crazy idea, that probably won't work, but it's still worth thinking about. So you know with how we have to go to school, and learn. How cool would it be if we could "upload" information into our brain. I don't know how we would do that.


    So I have a few questions.


    When we learn something, are the things we learn put into our memories(like what we ate yesterday), or does what we learn go into a different part of the brain?


    And what are memories anyways? How does the brain store memories? And are what we learn memories?


    How are things like learning karate or gymnastics stored in our brain? Is that stored in our memories, or is that a whole separate part of the brain. I am asking that specific question because learning that stuff takes experience to do, and you need to do it over and over. You know, you just don't just read about how to do a back flip, and then be able to do a back flip.


    And can modern medical science read memories? And if not, what would need to happen so we could do that?


    Thanks in advance for the time spent reading and thinking.

    I believe that would be the most efficiunt method of learning. However we have not evolved or gotten anyone working on that project yet. Even though they have used human DNA to program computers, so you know I dont think this idea is really terribly far fetched.

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