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  1. I understand you problem. The electric field is always pointing from the positive potential to the negative one. So you have an electric field vector. But: the force is the known Lorentz force which is (without a magnetic field): F=q*E . Since q is negative in the case of the electron, the electron moves against the pointing direction of the electric field.

  2. 21 hours ago, Carrock said:

    OK. The photon is generally considered to be its own antiparticle.

    It's not currently a popular idea, but AFIK an antiparticle is mathematically equivalent to a particle travelling backwards in time as in e.g. Feynman diagrams.

    So a photon travelling forwards in time can alternatively be considered to be an antiphoton (i.e. a photon) travelling backwards in time.

    So in the universe we're discussing, the photon is created in the future and travels back in time until it interacts with the black body.

    Energy, momentum and spin (i.e. a photon) is created from nothing, violating three conservation laws, and travels back in time until it interacts with the black body.

    The alternative, that such photons can be (destroyed but not created/created but not destroyed) is also problematic; I'm not aware of any theoretical basis for that.

    Some cosmological theories dodge this bullet with a 'future singularity' i.e. hand waving; others avoid it by e.g. postulating a temporally finite universe.


    A full consideration would require its own thread but it would soon get hijacked.


    The Feynman interpretation of antiparticles is just an mathematical sign change to have an antiparticle with positive energy and not negative (which would be a disaster -> see the Diracs sea problem and his interpretation). So all in all its an interpretation to solve this problem. The antiparticles do not really travel back in time. And after all, Quantum electrodynamics isnt a complete theory at all...but in our energy range it is a reeaaally good tool ;)

  3. Wow, that sounds rather awesome :D getting a book published is a pretty difficult thing to do, but your relative must have done everything right, otherwise it would not have happened that fast… but from what I have heard, becoming a published author demands a lot of patience and perseverance and getting rejected that often doesn’t exactly boost your ego :/ but I have never heard about this vanity publishing house your relative got into… how did their “collaboration” look like and are there any genres they prefer? (my friend wrote a romance novel – would they accept that genre?) I suppose, you mentioned them because they do take care of that PR and advertising stuff… Has she been satisfied with their services or did she have any troubles (e.g. relating to graphics, layout and so on.) and more important: what services do they offer?

    It would be really great if you tell us a bit more about them and their services ;)

  4. I totally agree with you guys ;) honestly, I love the idea of valentines day, but during the past centuries, it has become rather commercial… me and my boyfriend, we don’t care about valentines day any longer. This year, we didn’t even get a chance to celebrate it, because we had to celebrate my aunties birthday… and it didn’t bothered us! But once a month, he bys me flowers (without any special occasion ;)) and tells me nearly everyday that he loves me more than anything else (and of course, I tell him exactly the same) ;)

  5. So, some vanity publishing houses do care about advertising and PR Stuff?

    I mean, even though you wrote a real page turner it, I am pretty sure that the most important part to get your book sold and to catch potential readers attraction, are effective marketing efforts (otherwise a novel like fifty shades of grey wouldn’t have become such a bestseller :P) or am I wrong?

    Therefore it is extremely important, to have someone, who takes care about this stuff (because none of us is a marketing genius much less a graphic designer or an editor…) We have already looked for some (vanity) publishing houses in the Internet during the past few days, but I guess that we have lost track… it is not that easy to find out, which publishing houses are reliable and in which we can “trust” (considering fees and extra cost for editing, layout and so on…)

    @playground: what was your experience like and have you already published a book? If so, how did you manage it to get your book promoted?


    Thanks anyway for your help, I hope you guys don’t mind answering that many questions :P

  6. I am pretty sure that insulting you and others who are working at such labs wasn’t rajnish intention… but I really doubt, that we are searching only for those things, which fit in our perspective and ignore such other particles. I am pretty sure that people like swansont and his lab colleagues will cut a caper, if they make a discovery beyond the standard model and won’t blame their equipment for setbacks or failures!

  7. Thank you very much for your suggestions! He already thought about publishing an e-book, but though it is cheaper and much easier to produce, he would definitely prefer a paperback version… furthermore, as is said before, he is rather inexperienced, therefore having an agent (or personal custodian) wouldn’t be amiss :/ if he goes with self-publishing, he has t do all the marketing and PR-Stuff by his own (I doubt, that this is a good idea, due to his lack of experience) but we both know, that finding a publishing house that accepts unknown writers like him is a pretty difficult thing to do… one of his mates has written a novel too and it has taken him two years until he found a publishing house that looks at his manuscript.


    Because of that, my friend thought about vanity publishing but we had no clue that they won’t care about promotion and so on :/ his book got reviewed by two other readers so far and their feedback was pretty positive ;)


    thank you very much for the link! These forums are definitely worth a try… but isn’t it a bit risky, to let complete strangers read your previously unreleased manuscript (come to think of copyright issues due to potential plagiarism)?

  8. Hey guys ;)


    A few days ago, I have been chatting with an old friend of mine who told me, that he has written a novel… he just finished it and now he is wondering, how his book should get published.


    I am really green to this, therefore I didn’t know what to say and couldn’t tell him, what he has to do now. He is looking for the most convenient arrangement and has already asked some mates for advices… they suggested, that he should choose between self-publishing or a publisher.


    He has done some research on the topic but is still timid. The main problem is, that self-publishing sounds rather expensive and risky, but finding a publishing house (or an agent?) is also a pretty difficult thing to… because of that, we would like to ask you guys, if some of you already have written a book and what your experiences are?


    Due to the fact, that he is an inexperienced and unknown writer, I would go for a publisher instead of self-publishing, or am I wrong?


    Thanks a lot ;)

  9. At the moment, I am sitting in my father’s office, waiting for him to finish his phone calls so we can finally go having lunch :/ I would rather listen to Nickelback instead of his angry voice (he is yelling at one of his employees) but as soon I get home, I will turn on my laptop and listen to the beautiful voice of chad kroeger :D

  10. I have thousands of photos on my phone too ;) I never think about sorting them out and normally it doesn’t bother me until my phone requests deleting due to a lack of memory cell… I guess I will download such an app either, to finally get rid of unnecessary photos (like my aunties new bed-linen – sent on whats app and automatically stored!)

  11. I have never though about buying real estates or stocks and so on… It is simply far too risky for me, so I haven’t informed myself about the several possibilities I would have. Furthermore, I am pretty broke, so I will continue investing my money in holidays and clothes until I earn enough to buy stocks and estates :P

  12. Since I am at university, I am receiving a lot of stress for my parents either (especially, when it comes to money) and in my opinion, they are absolutely right! My whole life, they have done everything for me and without them and their (financial) help I wouldn’t have gone to university at all… therefore, I can understand why they want to know everything about every step take ;) As long as I depend on their money, I have to listen to them.. they just want what is best for me (like your father just wants whats best for you ;))

    If you cant handle it, you have to talk to him about it!

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