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  1. Can you quote or link the page that says idebenone is only on prescription? Known webshops like smartpowders and powdercity sell idebenone in high quantity.
  2. If we are not animals then what are we? We share countless biological systems with other animals...even with plants. I think it's odd to distinguish us from animals.
  3. Why do you think that's a special case? What else can block a recessive gene?
  4. This is just an explanation of a dominant relationship between alleles...that does not say anything about the cause for the relationship. That's true but what makes a dominant gene to be weeded out? There must be a system that makes it more likely for unnecessary alleles or genes to be deleted from the gene pool. Genes can become dominant/recessive, dominance and recessiveness can change. I just found how it's possible. The way an allele becomes dominant over another allele is simple: a small RNA encoded by the first allele recognises a specific sequence on the second allele and bl
  5. I did read it but it does not explain what causes dominance or how it can change. Your post gave an explanation on how alleles can behave dominant or recessive. The mRNA is a transcript based on the DNA sequence but RNA still has to bind to the correct allele to form mRNA. A dominant allele can block transcription of a recessive allele (this is a very important property) so there is something which causes RNA to bind to the correct alleles. DNA is useless on its own, the interactions with RNA give DNA a purpose. It's like our brain that can't survive without our body and vice versa.
  6. Dominance and recessiveness of alleles is only observable because of the interaction with RNA/ribosomes. RNA copies an allele and carries it to a ribosome where the allele is decoded into a protein which can cause a phenotype. The alleles which are copied (by RNA) and possible cause a phenotype are either dominant or recessive.(or something in between) This process allows you to study the functionality of alleles and this process determines the functionality of alleles. RNA is probably the only thing that interacts with DNA and decides what is dominant or recessive. So if a recessive allel
  7. The earth was warmer, polar regions were more habitable. Antarctica was forested. Alaska's flora resembled those growing in the temperate, subtropical and tropical regions of earth today. Dinosaurs were probably mesotherm, they could not deal with the cold like mammmals. http://www.livescience.com/46293-dinosaurs-had-in-between-blood.html
  8. But in the Cenozoic the environment changed. About 49 million years ago a long term cooling started which was favorable for mammals. I think the bigger dinosaurs would go extinct or would reduce in size. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cenozoic#Climate
  9. ok,then what would happen if a recessive gene causes the fittest phenotype?
  10. A Kermode bear is an american black bear with a white coat. The white coat is due to a double recessive gene. When something causes bears with a white coat to be the fittest and bears with a black coat to be in disadvantage then the recessive gene must become dominant so the population would not diminish to much. Recessive genes that become dominant and vice versa enables evolution of DNA-based organisms. There must be something which causes this 'switch'.
  11. I've ordered idebenone via ebay.uk...if that is delivered without any problem then there is no reason why the idebenone which is stuck in Cologne can't be cleared....I hope. Shouldn't Fedex be contacted if a package can't be cleared?
  12. I've contacted the customs of cologne bonn airport and they said the inspection of my consignment is still going on and they don't know how long it will take. I've ordered it with Fedex international priority....priority....???
  13. Consciousness or the conscious mind is what allows us to survive. When you observe a problem with your conscious mind, your conscious mind will choose the appropriate action. Depending on previous experiences with the observed problem, your body will react without further interfering of the conscious mind or your conscious mind will have a small 'debate' and choose the correct action. -If you see a falling glass with your conscious mind then you will not choose the correct action since there is no need and time for. Your body will immediately react. -If you have to choose which button
  14. What causes alleles to become dominant or recessive? How does RNA 'know' which allele is dominant and which is recessive? How does itbind with the correct one? If a recessive allele causes the fittest phenotype then the recessive allele will become dominant(after a long time)...this causes the huge variation. How is this possible? Alleles which become dominant have the most interactions with RNA. Can RNA alter the dominance/recessiveness?
  15. Imo we call an event random when there are to many causes or when the main cause is open for interpretation or simply not known.
  16. It's sold on advertising link removed and ebay.co.uk so I doubt it's on prescription.
  17. I bought 200g idebenone. Many clinical trials show beneficial neurologic effects which is why I ordered it. I have a neuromuscular disease. It's sold in many webshops (including ebay and amazon) but I need a higher dose then the ones which areoften sold. The webshops that offer idebenone in higher quantities are out of stock or don't sell to Belgium. There are many idebenone manufacturers in China. You do have to figure out which are scams. This is an answer I got from the customs. "customs clearance first of all depends on the fact whether FedEx (Germany) has made a declarati
  18. I know it's a risk. But I did find several references which make me think it's a trustworthy company. So a long waiting time can happen...this sucks.
  19. I've ordered 200g of a herbal powder out of China, via FedEx. The shipment is currently in the customs in Cologne for 5 weeks. I've contacted FedEx and the customs several times but they can't help. What can cause this? What's the longest you ever had to wait?
  20. Titanosaurs were a diverse group of sauropods. Titanosaurus was a Titanosaur. Argentinosaurus was also a Titanosaur and was estimated at 30 m. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titanosaur
  21. Titanosaurus and Tyrannosaurus lived until the asteroid made his move. Titanosaurs were probably the biggest creatures ever to have walked the earth. So they were doing pretty good. Could big dinosaurs adapt to a cooling climate?
  22. God's thoughts and words existed before anything existed? oink
  23. What if, 66 million years ago, that asteroid did not wipe out the dinosaurs? Would mammals still have displaced the dinosaurs? Could dinosaurs develop childcare, complex societies, and adaptive intelligence?Those are properties we subscribe to mammals...
  24. Resveratrol is beneficial for cardiovascular health. You find resveratrol in the skin of red grapes(red wine), blueberries, raspberries, mulberries,... Raisins lost most of the resveratrol though. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21261638 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22240353
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