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  1. I don't think you are stupid, curiosity often go hand in hand with intelligence. Greg H. told you the answer in post #2, the whole human body contains all three states of matter, just like the half filled bottle. As an example: bones are solid, blood are liquid and we breathe air, you can't classify all the different parts in one simple state.
  2. Well, then answer this simple question: is the whole complex body of a glass bottle, half filled with water and air, solid, liquid or gas?
  3. If you click on the [More Reply Options] button next to the button you get a [Preview Post] button that is very helpful.
  4. Yes and I must say that the staff are doing an excellent work with intercepting and keeping the forum clean and on a civil level.
  5. This thread? -> question about criticisms of BICEP2
  6. Maybe we need to better define what a "personal attack" is. I don't consider telling someone that they are wrong or that they have evaded my question as an personal attack, even though it's personal and negative. It's not an attack because it's not offensive, insulting or otherwise derogatory against that person as a person. IMHO it's not wrong to be personal, the bad starts when you try to hurt the opponent.
  7. The phone is intelligently managing and choking the current to prevent the batteries from getting to hot and be damaged.
  8. Harold G. "Sonny" White is a mechanical engineer, aerospace engineer and physicist who is the Advanced Propulsion Team Lead for the NASA Engineering Directorate and is known for proposing new Alcubierre drive concepts and promoting advanced propulsion projects, under development at the NASA Johnson Space Center, including the first practical experiment to demonstrate the existence of Alcubierre drive effects. NASA file photo of Harold Sonny White taken by Robert Markowitz. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_G._White_(NASA) Interferometer experiment The original device proposed by White after finding the energy-decreasing possibilities (see theoretical framework) is a modified Michelson interferometer that uses a λ = 633 nm beam from a helium-neon laser. The beam is split into two paths, with the space warping device placed in or near one beam path. The space warp would induce a relative phase shift between the split beams that should be detectable, provided that the magnitude of the phase shift created by the change in apparent path length is sufficient. By using 2D analytic signal processing, the magnitude and phase of the field can be extracted for study and comparison to theoretical models. The researchers first tried to see if the space warping by the electric-field energy of an extremely-high-voltage (up to 20kV) ring (0.5 cm radius) of high-κ barium titanate ceramic capacitors could be detected. After the first tests the experiment was moved to a seismically isolated lab due to very high interference that was already caused by people walking outside the room. The current goals are to increase sensitivity up to one hundredth of a wavelength and implement the oscillating field in order to get definite results. Results White announced the first results of his interferometer experiment at a 2013 space conference. According to White, these results showed a vanishing but non-zero difference between charged and uncharged states after signal processing, but this difference remains inconclusive due to external interference and limits in the computational processing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WhiteJuday_warp-field_interferometer
  9. Well, in response to the advertise attempt above, I want to repeat my opinion that any treatment that includes nicotine should be avoided. From personal experience I know that they are expensive and don't always help, they can even make a person more addicted than before.
  10. I think the limit of Up votes are 10 and Down votes are 3. Also it doesn't seem to be per day but per 24 hours, so if you vote at noon then you have to wait until noon next day to vote again.
  11. It depends on what programming language you use, I normally don't use this type of high level language so I can't say for certain, but: In the Forth programming language, for example, ordinarily only the return address, counted loop parameters and indexes, and possibly local variables are stored on the call stack (which in that environment is named the return stack) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_stack#Functions_of_the_call_stack
  12. In computer science, a call stack is a stack data structure that stores information about the active subroutines of a computer program. /Snip/ A call stack is used for several related purposes, but the main reason for having one is to keep track of the point to which each active subroutine should return control when it finishes executing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_stack
  13. Spyman

    solar energy

    If you want to sell or feed back solar energy to the power company then you need special equipment to convert the energy and adapt to their grid, this probably also includes a new power meter which can differentiate between what you consume and produce. Neither your neighbor nor you, on the other hand, has any way to distinguish from were the delivered energy from the power grid comes.
  14. This is really very simple and as others already has said, matter has positive mass and antimatter also has positive mass, adding them together means that there will be more mass. One of the fundamental laws of nature is conservation, mass or energy can't suddenly vanish without a trace. When matter and antimatter annihilate the process creates energy and this energy is of equal value as the total mass annihilated. Energy also have gravity and the energy from such annihilation have the same amount of gravity as the former mass had. You can't disintegrate a Black Hole by sending capsules of antimatter into it, it will swallow them and grow as if it where normal matter.
  15. I think it should be allowed, at least once. If someone really wants to change name they should be granted a new one. The username reflexts on yourself and if you really regret the name you took when you joined, then not allowing a change could cause good members start a new account or leave, which both would seem less desirable than the problems with a simple name change. If they have to ask an admin then I don't think it will be abused and while it could cause some problems, especially if a user like iNow or someone else with 10 000 or more posts would change name, I still think we can handle it even for them. There are examples of members who have been granted new names and even new accounts in the past, problems seems to have been minimal or none.
  16. Yes, I agree, nicotine substitutes should be avoided, I tried several different nicotine replacement therapies and they all made me more addicted to nicotine instead of helping me, they may help you get free from smoking but not from the nicotine itself. As a general rule they are also very expensive, there are a lot of better things one can use that money on to ease the abstinence. No:1 is "learning to live without nicotine", learning to live without smoking is a lesser task that is needed to accomplish the main goal. Unfortunately for me the act of smoking and the ritual around it was also very hard to quit, but you can't win without defeating both. It takes a strong mind, a final decision and a lot of stubbornness to endure without nicotine, (and smoking), but if you can manage long enough it starts to get easier and the emotional feeling of loss and sadness dissipates to a level where it only rarely reoccurs. Six to twelve weeks is the scientific measured time when "the top of the hill" has been reached and the journey gets easier, that doesn't mean that you can relax - you have to remain vigilant and on your guard against yourself and sudden temptations - but life and happiness will slowly return to more normal conditions. I would say it's an important milestone on the road to freedom and you are almost there - Keep on going strong!
  17. "All things are difficult before they are easy." - Thomas Fuller One more week and then it starts to get down hill: Studies have shown that it takes between 6 to 12 weeks post quitting before the amount of nicotinic receptors in the brain return to the level of a non smoker. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoking_cessation
  18. And how would the spiritual entity from the dead person affect the inherited DNA in the possessed baby?
  19. Who is David? [EDIT] Sorry, somehow missed the name in the headline, but still is bigview David Harvey or someone else?
  20. Good to hear that you are getting better and continue to be successful in your task. Another helpful advice is to have multiple goal points, while your ultimate goal is to never smoke again, that can seem to be unendurable from time to time, so it's good to have several intermediate goals to fall back on when the main goal feels overwhelming. For example the next larger goal could be to not smoke in another four weeks, a lesser goal to not smoke during this day. In an emergency the immediate goal is to not smoke for the next two minutes, because even when this need is very high it only lasts for a couple of minutes, so if you only can hold on that long then you probably have made it through this event and remain victorious. Also regarding social life as your spouse, children and friends, be aware that you can get hit by severe mood swings, where you can easily be annoyed by tiny things, to sometimes be very unpleasant to be with and possibly even explode in furious rage. Quit smoking is not a free ticket to be a prick, you may need to take extra care to be nice to others in your surroundings. Being well rested likely helps with good temper but it doesn't harm to be alert of changes in your emotions during this period.
  21. Well, you can always comfort yourself with one of those peanut butter cups you seem to be so found of in other threads, but watch out so you don't end up with another unhealthy habit, there can be too much of good things too. Lots of people who stop smoking gains weight, both from changes in the body due to the loss of nicotine and from eating to much to compensate the loss. I myself gained around 20 kg which I can't seem to get rid of even now after several years.
  22. This is where your train of thoughts go wrong, you can't look at individual molecules and conclude that since their gravity can't pull them together a larger cloud can't collapse either. There are some general basic rules of nature that you are overlooking, the strength of gravity depends on mass and distance but the number of molecules can increase in three spatial dimension making the size growing slower than its mass when molecular clouds gets larger. If we look at a sphere then when the radius doubles the volume and its mass increases with the cube of the radius: [math] V = \frac {4}{3} \pi r^3 [/math] And since the force of gravity decreases with the square of distance, according to Newton's law of universal gravitation: [math] F = G \frac {m_1m_2}{r^2} [/math] Thus the gravity of a roughly spherical molecular cloud at its edge will be approximately proportional to its radius. Double the radius of the cloud and the "surface" gravity will also be doubled, at some larger size it will begin to coalesce.
  23. AFAIK heat in solids consists of the vibrations by the atoms or molecules and not the speed of their electrons.
  24. Note: This is an old thread, steve69 has not been online since Mars 06, 2011.
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