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  1. why is plastic surgery frowned upon in america?

    I dont get it, I see nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery. if I wanted to get it and I'm happier from it shouldn't people be happy for me?

    I see the risks in the actual surgery, the risk of death is 1 in 250,000 from cosmetic procedures and the risk of complications is also pretty low.


    but even with that usually people know you got the surgery after it so therefore you didn't die. Do you find plastic surgery to be wrong? and if yes then why?

  2. I am also a fan of religion I'm an atheist. I think science can explain everything without a god, I dont believe in magic, god would be magic, he would not be able to have a scientific explanation to his existence.I think everything can be explained by science. so far we have learned so much about the universe,gravity,orbits, we still have alot to learn but so far we have found a scientific explanation for most things on earth,

  3. I think part of the problem is that accumulation of power seems to be a self-reinforcing problem in most human societies. The more power you have, the easier it becomes to accumulate power and the harder it becomes to curtail your accumulation of power. Especially when money and power are so intertwined.


    A purely egalitarian society, on a large scale, appears fairly unstable, as eventually someone comes along to who finds a way to increase their status and then you're off with another run of concentrating power.

    I agree the more power you have the harder it is to take the power away from you. it is easier for you to accumulate power with a lot of power.

    and yea I think she is saying that its impossible to have an egalitarian society for a long time because someone will want to take and take more power and not want to give it up. I have a good question about power i dont want to derail from this conversation but does power really corrupt? it it possible to have a nice sharing powerful person? i think it might not corrupt all people but the people that it dosent corrupt they use mot of their money to help other people and are left with enough to survive. sorry maybe this should be a new topic.

  4. I don't think its unethical to kill animals for food. I think there is a humane way of killing them. everyone has different morals and we should not punish people for eating meat because they have different morals. if someone thinks it unmoral to eat meat they they don't have to eat meat. I do think that they are mistreated in farms and I would like to stop that, but we raise them till their adults we feed them and get meat leather and gelatin from them. I do not think we can get B12 if you don't eat animal products. I also think that eating supplements is a healthy diet and not everyone wants to be vegan, not everyone cares about animals. all animals will eventually die and the farm animals will be killed by other predators anyway. "Cows and chickens can still be used for their milk and eggs, sheep for their wool, while being treated ethically. There would need to be some kind of global plan on how to treat the other animals, if to set them back in nature and how. I'm sure the professionals can handle this, it is still much prefered than slaughter." why is it preferred over slaughter? we would rather have meat for ourselves then over populating the planet with some kind of carnivorous animal. if you still want to keep animals for eggs and milk then what will we do with them when they die? if you are against eating the meat then it will go to some other animals. and of you say we can eat them becasue they died ethically then how do we determine who gets the meat? there are far more people that want meat then animals die naturally so we have to kill them for everyone to be able to get meat.

  5. I understand what you mean by the college lecturer point, even there you misspelled people you wrote: "peple turn off" but you are holding me to high standards, to standards of a college lecturer and or employer. and what I am talking about is when people don't answer my questions because of the spelling errors. I do not have that many errors in my posts, if you want to correct my spelling and answer my question that is fine but if you only correct my spelling that is rude, it shows that you do not care what I have to say. are you saying this forum is equivalent to a college lecture? I think this is not as crucial to be absolutely correct in spelling and grammar in every word. even with a college lecture, I have seen them make power points with spelling mistakes. People point it out; or they notice the mistakes themselves, then they continue answering the question. They care more how much the professor knows on the subject then if they made a spelling mistake.

  6. yea I agree sometimes spelling and grammar can be important to the meaning of what you said and I do want people to correct me on that, but what I am talking about is people who only correct spelling that is already obvious what word I mean and they don't answer my question. the fact that they don't answer my question only look at my spelling bothers me. it makes me wonder did they read the content of my post of just look for spelling errors. I don't need that post if they don't answer my question.

  7. these sound interesting. thank you for sharing. there a little far for me to go but hopefully one day I will get to go. I also have been planning to do to the washington DC one but the past time my friend cancelled on me. I didn't want to go alone the trip would have only been cheaper and worth it for two plane tickets. http://www.usasciencefestival.org/

  8. Here at SFN I've found a common problem: People like to make things that needn't be complex, complex to make themselves look more knowledgeable on a topic. There are places where complexity is necessary, such as is the case with many explanations with large amounts of complex mathematical equations and explanations for those equations, but there are also places where complexity simply isn't necessary. One piece of advice on posting scientific threads on SFN is: Don't make things more complex than they need to be, Remember that the simplest explanations are not only the ones that will carry the most weight with your opponent in debate, but will be the easiest for all to understand, and will leave the least doubt that you are attempting to use misinformation to influence the argument, or any other foul play.


    I completely agree, thank you for making this forum post. I often wither feel stupid when someone answers my question in confusing board analogys of the world, I'm not a scientist, I only wish I was as smart as them that's why I'm on here asking questions or like I am causing people to not like this forum because i'm like the stupid little kid that posts silly things. I did go to college,I'm a recent grad even though its for an art major, I still have my own opinions. I don't like when I post that I am not well educated on this but I want to learn more or I make a spelling/ grammar mistake and rather then answering my question they point out writing mistakes. I try a lot more on here to correct grammar look over the writing for mistakes than I do anywhere else and I try to use proper grammar less contractions. so thank you to anyone who answers my questions. I don't need to sound smart I need to be smart, I want to go back to college for a masters in science because I made a mistake with art college and I think the thousands of people in my college will regret their decision too, but I would have to get multiple post baccalaureate degrees to make up the lack of academics and have to do well on the GREs. I need more self esteem and practice in math to get into science, I am not good at math. and perhaps this site inst for me if its made for people with extensive scientific knowledge because they would not want to brake everything down for me but I think I have seen a few people post who claim that they don't have a science degree. if this site is not made for people like me what site is? recommend me something, because this is not the first cite I have tired.

  9. Do most people who use instagram also have an iphone?


    Is it worth having if you don't have an iphone?


    Do you have instagram?


    If so, why?


    If not, why not?


    Should I get instagram?


    Is it worth it or is it largely a waste of time?

    who knows if they have I phnoes I dont think there has even been a study on this but so many people have phones I dont know if its I phones though

    no I do not have an Instagram, i use twitter and pintrist

    I dont have one because im not into posting my privet life or images of myself online. and its mainly used for that.

    if you want to and if you are going to use it, I don't make accounts that I don't use because if i started to want to use them daily one time after not using it for a while I dont want to have to remember the password and security questions.

    I find things like twitter and pintrist a big time consumer, what I find the most waste of time is things that require you to visit every day to get a daily reward. you get addicted to thoes. twitter was a waste of time for me, I dont know what to tweet i only follow people and privet message people on there. but I do get inspired after pintrist, if I ever get off of it i get many things dont afterwords I want to clean and improve my apartment after that.

  10. i would just ignore it walk away, I have a strong immune system. it dosent even matter to me weather they are angry or not thats what I would do in all situations if it only happens a few times, if it keeps going I would tell them to cover themselves and walk away. I think its a little ridiculous to think there should be consequences especially ones like murder



    If they were male, I'd kill them where they stand. If female, no problem.

    especially this, it kind of scares me if your not joking.





    How would you know they were angry at something that happened earlier? They're a stranger.

    and i agree with swasont, you woulndt know, people just don't walk around looking angry but i'm assuming your talking about someone melodramatic who is walking around like this for this senerio.

  11. I still want to respond to the questions because I think a lot about this. and I wonder if not thinking about the purpose of life is better because then you dont over think things that perhaps don't have and answer and will take you down a rabbit whole and probably with negative thoughts about humanity. "

    Let me know what you think? Do you think that human life really matters in the big picture? What do you think the purpose of life is? Is there really a purpose?"


    I do think that human life matters in the big picture because we are the only animals who are intelligent enough to change the world, we create many good and bad things in it we save species we increase the rate of global warming and pollution, so we are the only animals capable of understanding and changing the world for the better and there are organizations that are trying to do that. we also dont know how long people are going to exist but they have existed for a long time now and very likly to continue to exist for a long time, until the world ends or perhaps people will become extinct through natural causes like diseases or extreme weather.


    I think the purpose of life is whatever you want it to be. but I also think its fine to live without a purpose and I think it might be better. I think it could be better because some people it is distressing not to have a purpose and if you dont think about it and not pay attention to it it wont worry you. I only care that I am happy in life. I don't even consider it a purpose.

  12. the soul god spirits have not been proven to exist and probably never will be so you might think that thoes things create compassion but they might really not, becised even if they do every person would have a soul you cant be born without one, you would be a robot.

    you wrote"They don't believe in God.

    They don't believe in the human soul.

    They appear to have no connection linked with anything that deals with " emotional connections.""

    its ok to not believe in god, it dosent make you immoral or not compassionate

    not believing in a soul dosent make you not have one, and believing on one dosent make you have a soul love dose not come from souls

    you dont have good evidence for them not getting emotional connections, they get connections just like anyone elce. infact I would claim that some scientists, the ones I personally know have more love and better understand love because they are very interested in researcheing and understanding it and they are picky with relationships they need them to be filled with love, like the saying work hard play hard. but this is just anecdotal evidence.




    If that’s so then why introduce the concept of suicide?


    The point is; if you have a reason to get up in the morning, you have no reason to question ‘which morning’.

    the point is because if you live forever you cannot commit suicide. you can still commit suicide weather you have a point to life or not people commit suicide when they feel like life is terrible they might have a goal in life but they feel like they will never reach it.

  14. dimreepr


    yea I agree you have to assign a purpose to have a purpose but I thought about what purpose I would put on life and even if I came up with one which I did and even if I reach that purpose , I am perfectly fine living life without one just enjoying life finding the best suitable life for me at just taking pleasure in it so if you brought up that point to relate to suicide, then I think the purpose of life dose not always effect suicide.

  15. i agree with this statement "people would like the option of being able to change their minds about the prospect of not dying, if and when life became unbearable, or even when the "costs" seemed to outweigh the benefits, and even if said costs were as abstract as an overwhelming sense of ennui, weltschmerz, or the purposelessness of life" but I think if you ask the question would you like to live forever you are not assuming its saying would you like to live forever if you had the option of willingly dyeing, then it wouldn't be forever then you can choose when you die. I wouldn't even want to choose when i dye because i have family members that attempted suicide and im glad they are still alive today that are now not depressed and as far as we know generally happy in life.

  16. no I would not want to live forever because I would not want to experience the world ending and be alive for that, I dont want to get killed and not feel the pain from that, I think at some point I would be the one killing myself. I also dont want to experience so many people die throughout my life some people do actually want to live forever my mom does and I will never understand that.

  17. this is a grate question. well things dosnt get digested as well if you get diarriha then the intestine work faster so they dont absorb as much nutrients or water. if you get diarrhea then your intestine work faster if you get constipation they work slower. it effects the bacteria inside usually many more die thats why we have appendixes, they store good bacteria. it may also depend on how long ago the person ate and which step of digestionth food is on.

  18. thats a good question, I often wondered how did HIV evolve on this earth? do viruses even evolve they are non living so they cant live if they dont have a host. HIV virus can not survive in extreme heat (60 C)or extreme cold (-70 C)and it dies after several weeks outside the body. http://www.aidsmap.com/Survival-outside-the-body/page/1321278/ I think they wont be able to live in any of these chemicals, the article did say viruses cant live in sea water which is sodium chloride and they cant live in sodium hydroxide. but i am not sure about the rest.

  19. sorry don't know how to spell unnesiserly. im not sure if this should be under philosophy. Are people unnesiserly embarrassed over things they shouldn't be embarrassed about? has the scocierrty made people be embarrassed about things that there is no reason to be embarrassed about? I coundnt find any studies on this exact question but i did find some studies on embarrassment. " Results are consistent with the compliance model that embarrassed individuals seek the positive experience of helping someone in order to relieve the discomfort of their embarrassment." http://psycnet.apa.org/journals/psp/32/1/145/ I wanted to figure out why are we embarrassed? how is embarrassment useful to modern day people? this study talks about how embarassemnt is used to help people want to help others. and this study " These studies indicate that embarrassment serves an appeasement function, reconciling social relations when they have gone awry. We then speculate about how embarrassment is elaborated into more complex social interactions, such as teasing and flirtation." shows that embarrassment is good to repair human interactions. but what about being embarrassed about your sexuality? that is not something as a result of bad human interactions, its something one is embarrassed about even if no one knows yet. maybey I should look for a study that examines how cultures are embarrassed about different things and some of those things all cultures have in common like embarrassment about sexuality. http://cdp.sagepub.com/content/9/6/187.short

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