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  1. How do I delete my account? I was thinking of asking an administrator or moderator but they are probably too busy moderation or doing administration. i did not want to burden them with questions. I want to delete it because I'm not sure how much im going to use it. I used it a lot in college but now I work a lot and i dont have as much time to pursue my interest in science. 

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    2. hypervalent_iodine


      Sorry, I don't get email notifications about people posting statuses on my profile, so I frequently do not see them. I'd suggest using PM next time. 

      You cannot delete your account, and anything you have posted here will remain. As Phi suggested, we can ban you if you would like, or you could simply change your password to something you won't remember and log out. . 

    3. Lyudmilascience


      can I at least delete all my posts? I could not find an edit or delete button on them, I think I just want to start off on a clean slate , I asked too many dumb questions. 

    4. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      Absolutely not, that's what we want to avoid. It would ruin the threads you were involved in, make them look strange with remarks out of context and replies to quotes that are no longer there.

      Can I suggest that the "clean slate" concept is overrated? You're much more interesting as a person who has made mistakes and learned from them, than as a clean slate with no history. The past is present in you now, and will be into the future. And really, there are no dumb questions. Questions illuminate our ignorance so it can be fixed. 

      I wish you the absolute best of luck. If you aren't too busy, please stop by sometime. We can be a good reference for learning even if you don't want to participate in the discussions.

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