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  1. Once I was enrolled in a master’s class in Adult Education. However one professor failed my curriculum outline. I retook the class and got a B. However, it became too expensive.

    So I took my curriculum and taught it here on SFN. I thought, “if I could inspire adults to factor SemiPrimes I would create the ultimate cryptographers.”

    So with over 11,000 views, what did you think of the class?

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    2. StringJunky


      Most of those views are likely search engine crawlers. I've got 88000 profile views, which is about 20 a day. I  very much doubt my profile is being viewed by people 20 times a day. 

    3. Trurl


      Darn it. I thought it went viral. Darn the twitter bots.

    4. Sensei


      @Trurl @StringJunky

      Twitter bot https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twitter_bot is automatically answering chat bot pretending or replacing human in repeatable and boring questions and activities. Which has nothing to do with search-engine crawlers.. Totally, totally, different branch of IT..

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