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  1. Can anyone identify if these factors are close?

    i realize that the numbers are huge. I am facing the same problems as you trying to see if this works.

    The goal is not to destroy RSA and those ciphers that rely on factoring. That would cripple SSL certificates. We probably don’t have any encryption the NSA can’t break.

    Instead finding patterns in factorization finds new patterns and series.

    I would like to find patterns in biological organisms, but I no little of genetics or cell biology.

    There are mathematicians and physicists looking for patterns in diseases. I am neither of theses, but finding pattern is the most basic math. If if you don’t understand the theories or notation you can still visualize the series. I am not saying it is easy to add to the field, put anyone can understand patterns.

    That is how I feel. Let’s find patterns in factoring.

    1. StringJunky


      "We probably don’t have any encryption the NSA can’t break."

      If that was the case they wouldn't be pissed off with Apple.

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