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  1. People insult because of my poor English skills, people arent serious to admit that my homosexuality is caused by a inborn biological problem, get rude comments etc. I absolutly dont need that, sorry! 

    2 minutes ago, TheVat said:

    Time, perhaps, for some candid self-reflection.  

    Self relevtion of what? Did I insult someone? Did I say scientic BS? What self reflection?

    At Swantson please delete my account!

  2. Of course its divide in three language. Its the same with Canada and Quebec

    Tere will always be a French Canada and English Canada. But this has to do with language and culture. I was talking about ethnic background. 


  3. We have Arfrican Asian immigrants.

    17 minutes ago, CharonY said:

    Most immigrants to Switzerland are Europeans, and in contrast to other countries, getting citizenship is rather notoriously difficult (and below oecd average).


  4. 4 minutes ago, iNow said:

    You have both. If you’re not getting the sorts of responses that you want, perhaps look inward and reflect on how you could change your own style to better encourage and drive the conversations and responses you seek. 

    Wont change my style only to make you happier.

  5. On 3/24/2021 at 10:10 PM, MigL said:

    There is a genetic element, a hormonal element and an environmental element.
    Possibly all three in varying combinations.

    I don't think anyone has ever argued for a totally genetic basis.

    Hormonal yes, genetic yes environment no!

    otherwise do explain what environment can influence sexual orientation? There is none its inborn!


  6. I want conversations comments not votes.

    you say to push some people back? And do you explain that in the past homophic OPs didnt change their mind despite down votes?

  7. 7 minutes ago, studiot said:

    Yes and I mentioned a few cases and....?


    Totally agree.

    If The English establishment had not treated the Irish so badly over several centuries we would still be one country.

    But then the English establishment treated the English, along with everyone else, just as badly.

    Genoncide implies a deliberate murder in an attempt to exterminate. (Daleks ahoy)

    Indifference is quite a another matter.

    I have deleted it prior.

    2 minutes ago, CharonY said:

    That goes to the visibility part. Interestingly, in many cases aggregation of folks are caused by limitations set by the host country, so it can also be policy driven.

    But overall, it seems that certain events (e.g. Migrant crisis), policy and public framing has a huge influence. For example in the 80s despite much lower immigration rates, the public in many parts of Europe were much more adverse to permanent migration, even from within Europe. 

    My country has always been immigration country. Switzerland is not homogenetic society anymore! Bigger society like Germans or French are more homogenic.



  8. 51 minutes ago, Area54 said:

    The indifference to the suffering of the Irish during the potato famine was reprehensible. Characterising that as genocide is arguably too strong. The same indifference to suffering was a commonplace attitude in that period. Rather than indifference it might be more accurate to describe it as acceptance that bad things happen. I refer you to the writings of the Reverend Thomas Malthus who felt overpopulation and subsequent widespread deaths, through disease, famine and war were inevitable aspects of life. His ideas were widely respected by the middle and upper classes of Georgian and Victorian England.

    Would we approve such indifference today? Supposedly not, but I suspect much of the anguish over the plight of the poor anywhere on the planet is superficial. Many people, of all races, creeds and nationalities, do outstanding work to support the downtrodden, but most of us are too focused on our own problems, be they large or small.

    Just out of interest, have the Swiss apologised to the world for facilitating the laundering of drug money through Swiss bank accounts? I think at least as many have died from drugs, as from the Irish potato famine.

    Perhaps you are familiar with the English saying, "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones". We might all get on a little better if we looked at how solve problems rather than finding the best way of condemning others. Something for you to think about and, perhaps, comment upon. This 

    Yes Swiss officials have apologized.

  9. 10 minutes ago, studiot said:

    From the rest of your post I assume you are a US citizen.

    I think you are overdramatising the situation, partly by ignoring substantial parts of your own History, and like the OP, partly by confusing racial (the stated) subject of this thread with tribal and with personal discrimination.

    For instance I see no mention of the purchase of Alaska or the creation of the Indian Territories.


    There was no genocide.
    There certainly was tribal and personal discrimination that led to major hardship including starvation.
    This also happened in England.

    (Who were 'the Bits' by the way ? My family suffered as much under the same regime, but in mostly England and Wales.)

    Thank you for this reply to my post you quoted.

    I'm sorry but I can't see any connection to what I said  ?

    Of course Science cannot do 'everything' That is why we have the Arts, Humanities, Sports Gardening and many other activities.
    It should be noted that Science can offer matters of note to enhance these subjects.


    I am unclear if this thread is meant to be about genocide alone or to include lesser forms of discrimination.

    It is a huge topic so I will leave a few examples of racial and tribal genocide and a mixed version of religous genocide to illustrate the difference.
    I am not aware of any personally inspired genocide, such activity tends to be limited to lesser discrimination.

    Racial Genocide:  Carthage, Nazi jewish programme, Uighers

    Tribal Genocide:   Ruanda

    Religeous Genocide:  Cathars , Inquisition, Yugoslavia

    Do you see how religion cause harm in history?

  10. Today I learned that I am better off dead. 
     Because my homosexuality is pathological(biological issue,neurobiological problem).

    I coulnt even go in front of a camera because of my looking/face. 

    like if I wanted to create an international song I couldnt because of my face! People would look at my face and think ,,faxxot“! Ouch!


    I couldnt become a director neither because when I sit in front of a camera(late show) people would look at my face and think this guy looks weird ugly!!! Thats too much for me!

    my homosexuality had a deeper biological issue and leads to problems!




  11. 10 hours ago, studiot said:

    About the greyness, I would agree with you, but what makes you think Science does not offer a multitude of approaches ?

    For example in considering a structure you can use Force-Displacement, Slope-Deflection, Virtual Work, Energy theorems, Graphical methods, finite elements, and quite a few more besides.

    But surely the issue here is that Politics at SF is whatever the powers that be deem it to be ?

    Science can not do everything. Some things are not possible like making an autistic person to a non autistic person, even if we would understand the biology behind it. 

    and very recently this ,,gene therapy“ thing. If you have read this story about  this very expensive gene therapy (Zolgesma)from Novartis. Now they figured out that it doesnt cure spinal muscular antrophy! 

    science can not do everything, you see the very well when it comes to biological/medical issues.

    Humans are not monkeys! These genetic mutations which happened between these millions years totally made our brain distinct from monkeys.


    13 minutes ago, BlightedFox said:

    The answer to this question lies entirely in US history.

    Native American Genocide (what humble beginnings)
    US Colonialism/Imperialism began pretty much the moment we were no longer under British control (it has never stopped)

    Expansionary practices always involved atrocity, mass murder, and the cultural/social/economic rape of the ensnared nations.
    If we were going to criticise the Brits/etc... For their misdeeds, we would instantly be hypocrites to not acknowledge our own atrocities that were committing at that time, and have continued to this day.
    German mass genocide was too public and too exposed to be ignored. So the hypocrisy was necessary. The whole debacle happened as the whole world watched, and regular people were never going to take a different stance on such vile, and wretched crimes against humanity.

    Britain and the colonialist nations also existed in a different time in information dissemination. In those times, it was a lot easier to control the narrative.
    And atrocity after the fact doesn't seem to gain public interest nearly as much. Conservatives can pretend it never happened, and liberals can ignore it. Pictures coming from cameras taken last week are a lot harder to ignore, people feel connected to events happening in the now.
    Germany also, was a total failure. They were perfect scapegoats for right-wing trash across the planet. The evil enemy that isn't "US." The fascism of the 3rd Reich could be hand waved at political opponents of any flavor, and the meme's could roll for a hundred years.

    Controlling the information as it seems, is more important than the truth, when an uninformed populous is concerned.

    Maybe we really ask the bigger question?!
    How is it that Americans are so ignorant to our nation's long history of atrocity and human rights violations to many, many nations around the world? (spanning our entire history)
    It's almost like people go to Banana Republic to buy overpriced t-shirts, and they completely miss the irony. #UnitedFruitCompany

    US foreign policy has been almost entirely human rights violating for our entire history. Maybe the moral of the story, is that ALL of the violations are of equal evil, and bad. And the bad-faith disgusting argument "Daddy, Daddy, they did it too." is wretched!!!!


    Consider the bad-faith argument about the impending doom of "refugee caravans at the border."

    El Salvador

    Maybe, just maybe, you go read about US interventionism and actions towards those 3 nations for many, many years?!?!?!?
    The propping up of mass murdering militia groups,
    The propping up of puppet dictators and despots,
    The wholesale rape of indigenous peoples' lands and resources (not to mention the rape and murder of those people)
    -And that is just the tip of the iceberg that is the history of US foreign policy affairs... (You won't find many Latin nations we didn't fuch over)

    Spreading Democracy, as it seems, is just a phrase they use when they actually mean "You will do as we say."

    Yes Americans love to critized other nations when it comes to human rights and morality. But they still have death penality, their CIA used torture, still have Guantanamo, start stupid wars and rascism issues.



  12. 9 minutes ago, zapatos said:

    Perhaps you can set an example for us and quit pointing your fingers at the few nations you are singling out. The irony here is killing me.


  13. No hate. This just came in my mind yesterday.

    16 hours ago, zapatos said:

    Yes, you stood up and did the right thing. Fifty years after you stole money from Jews. And only after being sued. Talk about being hypocritical.

    Did you see, I upvoted your comment.

  14. What I wanna say Americans arent better at all. They also have dirt at their hands.

    The same with the Brits. And they really did historically crimes. 

    Dont point with your fingers at  few nations, while you arent better!

    9 hours ago, zapatos said:

    So because we discriminated against blacks, we should have stood silent as Jews were murdered? Give me a break.

    No. But it annoys me how YOU believe you are morally better than other nations. 

  15. 23 minutes ago, beecee said:

    The world looked down on the Germans and the Japanese during WW2, just as they (the Germans and Japanese) looked down on the western Allies. Not sure if Americans still look down on Germans, but we certainly do not in Australia, and my trips to Japan have been incredibly revealing about essentially what I see as  a beautiful people.

    What I ment this hypocrisi. Blame the Germans at the same time they discriminated the black population?

  16. Why did the Americans look down the Germans, although in US there was rasicm and discrimination of the black population?

    why nobody talks about the crimes the Brits did during colonial era?


    I am Swiss and we have paid back the money to the Jews. We have to learn in school what we did.


    What about the potato genocide of the Irish people. Did the Brits have said sorry?

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