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  1. Dear Thales, Excellent article/thread. I was ignorant for years, then I got the desire to learn, fell head over heels in love with knowledge/to know. But is it normal to become addicted,zealous and fanatic about, to know? I am only interested in information that I am interested in at that particular time. I call it personal learning. You are also right about specialized training. It is todays method. My day was "jack of all trades". Fear breeds fear. There is no learning in fear for the sake of fear. That is its own profit. Public voicing is the alternative to fear! pljames
  2. Dear Students and PHD'rs of Psychology. I am addicted to the computer/net because one, I am color blind and I am mesmerized by the color ,text and pictures. My wife who has a degree in Psychoogy tells me I need professional help. I do stay on hours at a time. Its instantaneous information at my fingertips. i was deprived of a education as a child and for some reason I cannot explain I want to catch up, but I dont think thats possibel. Do I sound as I need professional help? Sometimes I do and then I don't. This is no joke or my warped sense of humor. pljames
  3. I wonder why the scientists do not work on the internal problems of the earth first before going to deep space one? Would'nt one think the present problems at home (here on planet earth) are more important than mars, the moon or a asteroid? After all we have pollution of rivers,creeks,air,land and that is not present on planet mars, the moon or even asteroids. Could the money be spent here on earth where it is desperatly needed more than mars? pljames
  4. I once saw a beautiful little girl who was labeled mentally retarded and had MS. The problem was she was put into the menatl health unit because of her behavior. Her parents stated she was behaving radically and they did not understand why so they admitted her. Come to find out later she was protesting in her own way, her parents behavior in disciplining her. I have a autistic/mentally retarded son as well. I have no degree or PHD in Psychology or psychiatry yet I knew aht the problem was. I told the staff what the problem was and was transfered to another unit because I did'nt have a degree in the field. Does a degree or PHD really qualify you as a qualified professional in that field? pljames
  5. When I was a child no one taught me it was a language unto itself. I understand when a mathematician writes a book he sees the world from a mathematical perpective. Yet when a philosopher does the same its the same principle. I am fasinated with algebra. To me its like analytical philosophy only with words. I understand one plus one better than 1+1. We both arrive at the same answer but from different perspectives. Can we judge both perspectives wrong? pljames
  6. There are consious games and subconcious games. Realityvsfantasy. When the players subconciousness goes from reality to fantasy, its the games fault? How can we judge the player if they programs thereselfs to the game. There are those who swear lifes a game. Theres news. Did the creators of D&D think about the players going from reality to fantasy? Then lts blamed on the creator of the games. We are totally responsible for our on actions, except when we go from reality to fantasy. pljames
  7. To all the members, You have gave me a tremoundous view of science. At first it was totally confusing, now it is coming into perspective. I will never get past basic science, Ion drive interests me tho. I watched a program on tv last night called alien planet very interesting, that program to me put future science in perspective . Science in the future or exploration in the future. I's hooked, thanks for all you help and knowledge. pljames
  8. I have neither a degree or phd in Psychology, but I love it. Why is they can put a man on the moon, transplant a heart, but they cannot they cannot figure out the mind and all it intricacies? pljames
  9. I saw on the science channel yesterday the story of deep space one. Interestingly enough these top phd scientist stated they watched startrek and this led then to science. Everything I learned I learned from startrek. All the disciplines and subdisciplines. The ion drive was invented in WW11 by the Germans. Yet as I understand they the scientist have beamed two atoms from one place to another. I think its interesting on how a science fiction show has promoted the new applications like the ion drive and computer enhancements to todays science. I now understand how these science fiction movies promote science for the future. Any good science fiction movies out there today? Seen hitchikers guide to the galaxy. New sf fan and science buff. pljames
  10. pljames


    Tom , Thanks you have made my day. pljames
  11. Is it possible to save a window? For the purpose of putting icons/programs in it for tighter space and then use it as a browser. Thank you. pljames@brmemc.net
  12. What is it? Where can I get some information on it? Hope I spelled it right. pljames
  13. If two objects are not moving and percieve another object from different positions/perspections, are they relevent to each other? pljames
  14. I love knowledge today, but what good is it if you do not share it? I have learned there is no general term for knowledge, like philosophy ten philosophers say different ideas on what the general word means, then they goto the subdisiplines. Its like the word, theres the original word then the synonyms, which do you pick for the general word? It is a distributed speciality in our time. You have to select your expertise and go with it. What do you think? pljames "Knowledge is a terrible thing to waste", The Negro College Fund.
  15. I have learned there is no general term for knowledge. It is a speciality in our time. You have to select your expertise and go with it. pljames "Knowledge is a terrible thing to waste", The Negro Colle Fund.
  16. Thank you all for your answers. I love to learn. I have learned that knowledge is like a puzzle a dristributed parts puzzle. Everything is specialized. I have fifity years of knowledge about special parts of my life. to me not to share knowledge is a waste your mind. Thank you. pljames@brmemc.net
  17. Who is the leader of the free world and when did this happen? Who elected BUsh? The Pope and Bill Gates can have a audience with the president but he will not return my e-mails. How can I respect him if he does not respect me? Paul
  18. My telephone co states I am getting thirty bhps at the house box but when I get the icon computer online connection speed it's, nineteen.2 or sixteen.2. Now they tell me its windows xp. what must I do to get the thirty bhps d/l online? My modem is 115000 something and I have 1ghz.384mb of ram and a Intel pentium 111. Paul
  19. I am for it. I have been taught by rote,repeat,repeat ? oops! Now I am working with relate the thing you want to remember to something you can remember, interesting thought. Paul
  20. Theres a test in Australia called the STAT. Its a test of expierence for the elderly. Why do we here in America have this for our elderly? They could not pass a SAT,AT or any other kind of test because they have been away from education for quite a spell. Paul/pljames
  21. Personally I think fear breeds fear, ignorance the same. There will always be those who have a closed mind and only a closed mind. I love knowledge and I love to learn what others think about what I am interested in, Science,philosophy and all the sub-disciplines. Paul/pljames (Respect is a two way street,not a one way alley). Paul
  22. pljames


    I love the word and all it pertains to. But does the word relavitist have anything to do with relativity? I keep hearing it. I agree with the word tho need more information about the meaning. Paul/pljames
  23. blue Hello, Thanks for allowing me to join your forum. My first love is Philosophy then Science. But my personal problem is< what comes firstt he chicken or the egg,Science or Philosophy. I cannot get a straight answer. To me Science comes first because it is observerable through expierence. philosophy is, the art of Science or the deeper meaning of knowledge. There again I also have word problems like wisdom equals knowledge. To me wisdom is how to use the knowledge you have learned. Any body like to debate ththem questions? Thanks Paul
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