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  1. I keep hearing the word morals ringing in my ears when the word invisibility is spoken or written in this case. I totally understand spying on our enemies with this new technology...but couldnt big brother also use it against us, in justice, everything in our private world? Is this such a good technology while it might be used...against us?


  2. I am trying to grasp if a butterfly flies in Japan the air waves can create a sonami(?) some where in the world because of it? I have also heard all things in some fashion relate to something else...except a snowflake. Is this true?

    pljames :confused:

  3. I love learning but I cannot remember the whole book. I take what I can understand and apply it to my own personal understanding making it my philosophy. So I have changed the original thought to my thought. Is this learning approach correct morally, existentially, what? pljames :confused:

  4. I like basic psychology and not advanced. All my life I was taught you come last and your family&friends come first. I have been miserable all my life. all of a sudden I did what I was not brought up to believe. Think for yourself and do what makes you happy. At sixty two I am beside myself. I do not harm anyones, physical,mental,moral or spiritual philosophy. Am I selfish and self centered to believe I can be happy? I am however have serious problems loving my fellow human as is, faults and all. Have I went overboard in my new belief?


  5. :confused: Lucid Dreamer,

    I saw krgrons thread, interesting. I am also stuyding INT Profile. I fit that bill. I have been a daydreamer all my life and have suddenly started to think all the time. I feel I have always walked to the different tune all my life but am just now beginning to understand I might not be as stupid as I think. Is it possible to use both side of the brain by thinking and daydreaming? pljames :)

  6. :confused::) Dear P&P Friends,

    Who said ,"thinking outside the box"? I love that exspression. I view things differently than most. I love to solve personal problems taking into account all the ingredients of the problem. I love to think outside the perverbal box. From science to apples. I think all the time about whatever comes to mind. I want to believe I am unique and a exspressionist. I have always walked to the tune of a different drummer all my life. I am being harassed to the point I am losing my patience with these people because I seem like a nerd to them. Is this a sign of mental health problems? pljames :)

  7. :confused: This is totally new to me. I feel it is on the edge of the Neuroscience field. I have two software programs which goes into this mindmapping thought. One is like a flowchart and the other is multiple list like synapses of the brain with inconnected links. Like a map. Theres something there that attracts me to it. Can anyone relate to where I am coming from and tell me wher I can get more information about mindmapping? pljames :)
  8. :) Dear Quantum Mechanics friends,

    Thank you for all your answers. They were all extremely helpful. I love this forum I have learned more from this forum that of books. I also learn form the science channel as well. I am extremely grateful for this forum and you. Thanks! pljames :)

  9. Excellent answers all especially Phi for all,

    "I think you're referring to introspection rather than psychoanalysis. It is difficult at best to explore your own underlying motives and to come up with effective treatment. We are often deceptive when dealing with ourselves.

    Normal introspection is healthy and desirable. Trying to understand yourself is good, but we often need an objective party to tell us what may really be going on."


    But if even in retropect analysis you search and find something that might push you over the sane line? Is there a grey area and have you discovered your gray area and your limits sane wise or do you immediatly seek professional help? pljames

  10. :-( I have a habit of psychoanalyzing my personal problems. I have no degree in any mental field but the basics. I love problem solving especially people problems. Is it harmful to think about analyzing your personal problem so to understand them more rationally and correct them? pljames
  11. :confused: I love science and all it encompasses. But I have noticed there are some that disagree with the status quo like Einsteins theory the big bang and such. Can anyone tell me what percentage of the science community is together and what parts are not? The ones that disagree with the status quo state that the ones in the know are spouting dogma according to there findings. Then the disputers arise and tell there side. Why is the science community divided into so many camps? Would not this division cause the non scientist and believers to mistrust science and the scientists that make these discoveries?


  12. :mad: I understand basic science. I have ask this science question twice to no avail. This is not a JOKE! Physicists state our universe and everything in it including our planet and ourselves are made out of matter/energy. Theredore we humans are solid biological matter/energy. if that is the case then, Question one, how does the energy that forms a tree, sky,or person know how to do that? Or Does matter=energy have a intelligence to do that?

    Maybe you do not understand the question? It is a secular science question

    right? pljames

  13. :confused: I understand ICANN is having management problems. Now the governments of the world want a international ICANN. Can anyone tell me in basic simple english what ICANN problems are and who can really help settle them? PLJAMES
  14. :confused: Physicists state we and our universe are made out of matter/energy. My wife always tells me about mind over matter/energy. If we are energy and the world we percieve is not the real world my questions are, can you overcome matter5 with your mind and two does energy/matter have a intelligent?


  15. :confused: If the universe is composed of these things which physicists state it does and we and this planet and all in it also does, question? Does this energy have intelligence? Like does the tree which is energy know its a tree and how did it become a tree by just energy alone without intelligence or with intelligence? Just a secular answer please.


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