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  1. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


    As for living off organic matter, i believe there are newly discovered fungi living in the Chernobyl reactor, living off the radiation, that's non organic no? ^^


    Ill dig out a source if you are interested.

  2. Not that odd, if you go through the integers 1 to 9, you'll notice the number of hits reduces (as a general rule)...


    1 = 21,550,000,000

    2 = 17,670,000,000

    3 = 15,210,000,000

    4 = 12,860,000,000

    5 = 12,750,000,000

    6 = 10,590,000,000


    the only exception being 0 = 11,160,000,000


    Of course much larger integers (providing they're a combination e.g not 1,000) will give even less hits...


    123 = 424,000,000

    246 = 185,000,000


    1,000 = 1,070,000,000


    I guess it's just a result of how much an integer is used, or is useful, though I'd of thought zero should be the top hit, with that reasoning...anyone know any better ?


    If Sysco doesn't mind, anyone want to have a crack at coming up with a number,that has the least results, with the smallest value ?


    EDIT: I'm pretty sure mrburns2012 won the original challenge.


    Sounds like benfords law to me :)





  3. Ok, 5614, ill try restetting the router completely.


    Cap'n, i confess i thought the same for a moment, but i never used to have any problems whatesoever, in azureus you can limit the outbound and inbound connections, i set them both to 1, and still had the same problem, so thats not it :)


    Dak, mmm, i suspected as much ... thnx

  4. i tried uTorrent but to no avail...


    i have made a little bit of headway though.


    The problem is that currently whenever i start a torrent my internet connection dies and i have to reboot the router.


    it MAY be a problem with the router, cos it seems that it only dies when i get BT to use one of the ports that ive set the router to forward.


    Also, now for some inexplicable reason, my routers web interface crashes everytime i try to change the ports.



    SOMETING is broken somewhere, and im going to get to the bottom of it.


    It seems odd for the router to just decide its going to be broken out of the blue ...

    ahh well. Time will tell.

  5. well YT, if thats so, whats the deal with this?




    Why ports are blacklisted and what to do about it


    ISPs have been increasingly reducing the available bandwidth for P2P users on the standard file-sharing port ranges. You may find you need to keep changing your port on a regular basis. This is normal, and a port change should sort you out if this is indeed what is happening. And please keep in mind that after any port change, and stopping and restarting any torrent, it may take up to half an hour or more for the benefits to become noticeable. So please try not to panic when things do not improve immediately. This is normal. :)


    Im not saying your wrong, i just want clarification.

  6. Ive recently been having problems with bittorrent, it seemed that my ISP was choking bandwidth on 6881, so i changed to 40,000, and then recently to 65535...



    My point is that switching helped breifly, but now whenever i start a torrent, my internet connection cuts out, completely... (that was the problem i had with the other ports too...) ... the problem used to go away when i changed ports, but not anymore.


    Id Like to point out that i used BT for about 2 years on the same ISP with no problems, this is a fairly recent problem, and none of my hardware has changed, except me changing the Port Triggering on my router so it stands to reason the problem MUST be the ISP...


    I assumed that my ISP had blacklisted a whole portrange so i emailed them asking for a list of them. i got this reply


    Dear James,






    We have no control over your ports and therefore do not block any. If you are wanting to check open ports on your PC I would suggest you use: http://www.dslreports.com/scan












    Im sure thats just a blow off, as im nearly 100% sure thats not true, and ISPs


    DO have control over ports and they do indeed blacklist/choke ports.


    So can any of you confirm this for me?


    I dont want to write an indignant email back, only to be proved wrong... but i think hes just lying to me.

  7. I have VERY similar dreams, although sometimes is the low gravity and sometimes its a complete lack of friction with the floor.


    i have to push off objects to go where i want and i usually end up sliding into people by accident.


    Also the place changes all the time...



    I always put it down to me not feeling in control of what was happening in my life.


    Indeed i wouldnt be surprised if alot of teenagers have very similar dreams...


    im 19 by the way.

  8. You are correct in that the gas will have more "surface area" and thus could burn better.


    However, in the engine cylinder there is a finite amount of space.

    In order to exctract the most power from the engine u need as much as possible of both fuel and air.


    By heating the fuel and the subsequent gas u make it expand, the expanded gas leaves less room for the air (containing the oxygen to burn the fuel)


    that will mean either;


    1. Alot of fuel is left unburned - resulting in low power output AND a dirty exhaust




    2. Less fuel is put into the engine which also results in less power.


    either way, the gains you may see from heating the fuel to make a gas would be counteracted by the aforementioned problems.


    hope that helps :)

  9. I remember watching a program on TV about a woman who used to drive through and around chernobyl on a regular basis.


    She was a motorcyclist (and a scientist) and loves using the open and empty roads to zoom around on.


    I remember her saying, stick to the middle of the roads and you will be fine...


    she demonstrated this by standing in the middle of the road with a geiger counter, then walking to the side of the road where said geiger counter went a little nuts.


    She also warned against going into ANY of the buildings as they may contain "pockets" of very high level radiation.


    Aside from that she was perfectly safe driving around.



    As for a holiday there, i wouldnt suggest whipping out a deckchair for a spot of sunbathing or going game hunting in the woods, but a drive through an eerily deserted city would be fascinating i imagine.

  10. of course theres hope!


    u just need to flex those mathmatical muscles a bit.


    google for some basic maths excercises to do, start off with GCSE mock papers and such, that will give u the questions, and if u have problem with the methods then google the specifics.


    when u feel u have a good grasp of that, move onto A Level mocks...


    just be sure u work through the excercises as they were intended, and when u get stuck, research the correct method.


    Just remember that what makes maths so delicious is that its all common sense, and fits together perfectly like some celestial jigsaw lol.


    so once u have the basics back in shape, everything else will fall into place.


    good luck and most of all, have fun!

  11. This maybe awfully foolish of me, but seeing your reactions to quinine id kinda like to try it.


    I like the idea of something bitter to the extreme, to the point where i'd never forget it... assuming it would do me no harm.


    Just curious is all! I guess its like trying to imagine a colour youve never seen, i just cant imagine something so horribly bitter, i dont doubt it, but i'd like to try it and see!


    Is there any way i can extract it from tonic water, or maybe buy it? (I suspect the latter would be expensive so id like to avoid that)

  12. umm, i know very little about chemistry, but technically, limewater "reacts" to air, or ratehr the C02 in air, to form a precipitate.


    I doubt thats the kind of answer your looking for but it fits the brief none the less.


    Im sure there must be more examples, nothing violent im sure, but reactions are reactions. (i hope :D)

  13. Well if they can swap an xbox pentium 733mhz processor with a 1.4 ghz one' date=' then I find no reason this shouldn't work.[/quote']


    well, one thing to bear in mind is, with the MP3 player, the firmware may onlybe able to adress the amount of memory its originally supplied with.


    For all intents and purposes an xbox doesnt need to know the differenc between the 733 and the 1.4, i think it may be a problem with the memory though...



    for example, when upgrading the Xbox's memory, u HAVE to patch the games xbe for it to make use of the extra ram, or it just ignores it.


    Also, with upgrading the CPU, it can have hilarous effects on some games that use the xbox's CPU as a timer.

    They end up running at double speed, so everything is in fastforwardesque style :D


    anyway, try it and see!


    let us know how it goes... ill see if i can dig up a video tutorial on desoldering memory chips from PCBs....

  14. An easier way of doing it would be to get it to apend Pi to a text file, that way you could calculate it ad infinitum, well, until u ran out of HD space ^^


    (im not POSITIVE about that, because when the file exceeds the size of your RAM, it will start eating into your page file, so theoretically, on a 64 bit machine, it could go anywhere up to 1/2 ure HD space + free RAM, either way... thats ALOT lol)

  15. I remember making a couple C++ programs that calculated pi. They never really worked past so many digets for some reason.


    if u were reading Pi into a variable, that will have been your problem.


    i forget off the top of my head but even a signed double Var has a small capacity for digits.

  16. Gah, that just horrible.


    the thought of doing that to my cats makes me feel ill.


    i wouldnt wish them any pain, the cute furry love balls that they are *melts*


    on a more serious note...


    there is no reason to cut cats fingers off >.>


    when we got our cats they scratched at all sorts of things...


    did we mutilate them?




    just sprinkle orange oil on where they are scrathing, they hate the smell and soon learn not too.



    when they were really mischevous, put a *tiny* dab on the *fur* above their nose.


    They run aroundlooking all put out for an hour.... but they behave and no harm is done.


    just be careful not to let it on their actual nose, or their eyes... or u will have a sad moggy.


    Poppers are so called as there was a myth they pop brain cells.


    dunno who told u that! they are called poppers because they used to avalable in small glass vials, wrapped in fabric, u grshed the vial then inhaled, it made a "popping" sound when u did so.

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