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  1. Some see Electrodynamic Tethers as the future of space travel and many are right. They are cost effective and have relatively basic fundemental equasions including Faraday's Law of Induction and the Lorentz Force Equation. But this technology has the potential to not only be used to for propolsion, but also as powerful generators. When a tether comes in contact with a planet which has a magnetic field, it generates a current and converts some kinetic energy into electrical energy.

  2. In the center of a black hole sits it's singularity. An infinitely dense point. I question, because this singularity is said to be infinitely dense, then shouldn't it's mass be infinite as well. Well this cannot be so, seeing that gravity is based on mass and distance, and we are not currently being sucked into a black hole. But imagine that this black hole does have infinite mass. We could expect that distance between us and black holes would regulate this much gravity, but even lessening infinity is impossible. Thus, there would have to be some sort of energy or force that regulates this gravity and keeps it at bay. SOmething that breaks the laws of physics that we know of. Howhever this is all speculation, seeing that we will never know the explaination of "infinite" density until we venture into a black hole.

  3. The entire universe is expected to decay at approximatly one google years(10100). At this time, every planet, star, black hole, etc. will be broken down into their basic particles. These particles will never again interact with one and other. Seeing that time relative, once all of the universe's components have been broken down, time itself will be destroyed along with it. Thus leading to an occurence where a non-physical dimension is destroyed.

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