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  1. Cool...nice to know. So you work with a lot of bands I imagine?
  2. I still don't understand.. What happens when a person tries to buy something on credit? Well they become indebted. What happens when they continue to do it? Even more debt, which lowers their credit score and all that jazz...They can't buy as much on credit. What happens when a country does that? You get PIIGS. Not only that, it's not even their money, it's ours. You know we had a surplus 10 years ago? They were planning to continue that.. Where the heck did all the money go? War? hahaha no... Look at this. And this. You see those diesel generators? See how much they are getting sold for? That stuff never goes bad..You take an engine and dump it in diesel gasoline and you can make last almost indefinitely.. Who's selling this stuff so cheaply? None other than the department of defense.. Explain that please..
  3. I've been playing both awhile now.. Any of you guys or gals play around with those? If not, why kind of instrument do you play?
  4. I agree with this.. How does one study the history of something that hasn't happened yet? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Yea you're right... I just wish they would actually do something interesting every once in awhile..
  5. A trillion dollars is ALOT of money.. Where the heck are the health-care overhaul people getting this money? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_health_care_overhaul I thought we had a deficient? Can someone explain the logic of this? If there is any..
  6. Well, they do bring up some interesting parallels..Regarding Hitler and the quatrains.. Are you saying that's fabricated?
  7. That's it exactly though... If the minority is inconvenienced by the majority (slavery for example) why should the minority have to put up with it? If they try to fight back though they are considered "traitors." The majority of landowners were slave owners at one point in time. What does "largely benevolent" even mean? It's okay if the gov't is bad some of the time?
  8. I'm starting to disagree with Socrates on the basis of absolute morality. To me, morality and government are one in the same. Obviously no one has a clear cut version of morality so why should one hope for the existence of a supreme form of government? Problems still exist even thru the organized efforts of human beings, often the result of these organized groups.
  9. Syntho-sis


    Read The Zombie survival Guide or something like that, by Max Brooks. Great waste of time... Learn alot of Machetes though..
  10. Why should I have to abide by your form of government though? Just because I was born under a democratic flag, does that mean I am required to salute it? Disclaimer: This is all in a philosophical context btw, I'm not trying to start some form of coalition or band of discontents.
  11. Syntho-sis


    I actually had that idea for a novel or a screenplay.. Mutated rabies...I mean think about it. It's the only thing even remotely close to a real zombie disease. Well that and Solanum... LOL
  12. We're always being told that government is good and all this, but why should anyone have to accept that? Since no one has an absolute understanding of what morality is, why not just assume everyone is wrong (or right- depending) and have everyone do things their own way? Why should an individual have to do anything anyone else says?
  13. Now I will admit that Pawn Stars is kinda cool...Mostly just for the vintage guitars you occasionally see on there, but I don't think it should be classified as 'history.'
  14. Thanks for making this site possible you guys. It takes alot of work to keep things running smoothly. Keep up the great work!
  15. Check this out... This isn't really news to those who keep up on their biology though. Cheers,
  16. Yea but they suck! It's essentially just reality television under the mask of "popular science."
  17. That's why this device is so interesting. It uses water tension as an adhesive..
  18. Hmmm, quite right. I think the Japanese already have a fairly capable device for such a purpose.. Yes here it is: I wonder if all this will be made available to the public smho in time?
  19. Spider-man Adhesive: I found this to be fascinating, just imagine the possibilities with such a device!
  20. Science Channel, History Channel, and Discovery Channel have really let themselves slide. It's just a reflection of the American Educational system imo.
  21. I hope someone finds this relevant. World's smallest political quiz.
  22. Are we discussing sexual selection or measurable features that are relevant to species propagation? Average, Ugly, and attractive are all subjective. I honestly don't think they are relevant to how much DNA a human is able to supply the gene pool with.
  23. 0 is a set with no elements. 1 is defined to be the union of 0 and the set that consists of 0 (which is the set with 1 element, zero.) So on and so forth. Infinity is the set of all elements. Since there is no set within nature that consists of all the natural numbers infinity does not exist in nature. Simple enough, eh?
  24. You called? (Sorry couldn't resist it.)
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