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  1. Here's a simple solution to the riddle I posted. There was more to it originally, but I can't remember any of that right now.


    Cheers, :)

  2. Your a medical student?


    That's what I want to get into. I'm in highschool currently. Any advice?

  3. We share our differences on certain issues iNow, but I always respect you thoughts on the issue at hand. I am attempting to emulate the scientific rigor you bring to the table. I have a long way to go.



  4. You seem well-versed in all things science, nice to have your opinion on things.

  5. ha well email? musicalnex@yahoo.com


    message me some time

  6. hha cool- i added u


    ttyl laterz

  7. im 16 goin on 17 hah-and ur 17 thats cool- do u have like msn or yahoo?

  8. cool- always nice to talk to ppl from other countries..

  9. hi- so how are u?

  10. im from ohio- usa- hbu?

  11. haha thx- so's urs

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