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  1. I can hardly wait till EHT releases the black hole photo this Wednesday.

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    2. Theoretical


      You can get a general ballpark figure since there's a wide range of estimates for mass of Universe but using the relativistic escape velocity equation v = sqrt(2*G*M/r - (G*M/(r*c))^2), mass of 6e+53 kg, radius of 4.4e+26 meters you get an escape velocity of c, the speed of light.

    3. Silvestru


      You should open a thread about this but generally speaking, it makes no sense to talk about escape velocity of the universe. Your calculation aside, you cannot escape to a point outside of the universe, that point would just become the Universe, also how did you get c as a velocity? Please explain. 

      The Universe is finite or infinite. We don't know which one for sure but logically you would need speed in much excess of c to "escape" the Universe either way. For one, the universe is expanding at an increased rate at a "speed" higher than c. Check special relativity. 

      Anyway please provide any published paper you might have that compares the universe with a black hole.

    4. Theoretical


      Given present figures the Universe escape velocity is equal to or near c given the known equation. Mainstream is starting to accept the idea of a multiverse consisting of many Universes, which would mean our Universe is not everything. Mainstream does not understand the mechanics that causes c to be it's present value of 299792458 m/s. For all they know it could be changing as the Universe expands.

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