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  1. Is everyone here afraid of the Rice Experiment? Real scientists are truth seekers.

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    2. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      So you just like criticizing from the bleachers? Why are you here if not for science discussion?

      It sounds like you've encountered minor peer review before and had some ideas heavily criticized. I hope you realize the distinction between attacking ideas and attacking people. 

      So if I start a discussion for you, what is it exactly you'd like to talk about regarding "the Rice Experiment"? What does it claim to show? What is the big deal about this experiment, and why do you think people are afraid of it? If you don't couch the whole thing in terms of conspiracy, you'll remove a great deal of initial criticism.

    3. Theoretical


      I'd like to see academics researching the rice experiment and similar experiments in-depth. I believe that's what my status post was pointing out.

    4. Strange
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