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  1. What is the limit for ibuprofen medicine? will it decrease the pregnancy & delivery pains?
  2. Why more dosage of sleeping drugs are more danger than more dosage of normal drug? Remember heath ledger's death, main cause is more dosage of sleeping drug.
  3. Are you indirectly telling me that I am not following site rules?
  4. why there is no donation page for this site to improve this site even more? I am sorry, if I Sound wrong.
  5. Plant contains even more sugar than its seeds have, then why plant need sunlight if they have more sugars in it?
  6. Even for animals there are veterinary hospitals, why there is no hospital for plants/trees?
  7. For plant growth, sunlight plays important role. So if seed is present under the soil, then how it is growing without sunlight?
  8. Oh Thanks, while replacing hard disk with new one, will shop keeper take my old hard disk? I run chkdsk /r on old hard disk, still bad sectors exist.
  9. how lifting ojects can cause back pain? We lift object with hand, so how it effect our back?
  10. But I am asking different question, but you gave irrelevant reply, could you please see my question please. & also I am not download hobbit 3rd movie.
  11. What disease am i facing? when ever i see burned matchsticks or char coal etc, skin itching takes places all over body. is this allergy? & also I am not asking solution to my problem, i am just asking what disease am i facing?
  12. For Muharram, Why Muslims cut their chest with blades? i saw the incident in the tv, even small children are also participate in it. why they do?
  13. My Hard Disk has 5 Years warranty & but it has lots of bad sectors will shop keeper replace Hard Disk for free if it has Bad Sectors? Actual Problem:Yesterday i downloaded 700 MB file, Now I can't able to copy or move the file, it showing "Data error cyclic redundancy check file". My Whole Time got wasted, again i should download whole 700 MB again.
  14. Eye Banks are not for researched purposes, there are storing corneas I am asking why eye banks are not called as cornea banks, because there are storing corneas not eyes.
  15. Acceleration is derived from speed, Acceleration is not visible to eye Velocity or speed is visible to the eye.
  16. but i can feel the speed , while travel by train or bus.
  17. Does Human Body sustain light speed vehicles? Now a says astrophysicist are trying to invent light speed vehicles for search of extra terrestrials.
  18. why eyes banks are not called as cornea banks? i know eye transplant is impossible, so then why eyes banks are not called as cornea banks?
  19. While studying quantum mechanics from standard textbooks I always felt some conceptual gap that was never mentioned or explained. In what follow I tried to formulate my question, please be patient with me. For a quantum particle in an infinite potential well the stationary states are labelled by the quantum number [latex]n[/latex] which labels the eigenenergies. An eigenenergy, that corresponds to a stationary state, does not change with time, hence is a conserved quantity. For a spinless electron in Coulomb potential, to model the hydrogen atom, again we have the same story, the stationary states are labeled by the quantum numbers [latex]n[/latex], [latex]l[/latex], [latex]m[/latex] which corresponds to conserved quantities. My question is rather general since I am trying to understand conceptually why only conserved quantities are used to label the quantum states. I mean how would someone think in advance that he has to look for conserved quantities, and then use such conserved quantities to label the states ?
  20. Is it meaningful to ask whether general relativity is holonomic or nonholonomic, and if so, which is it? If not, then does the question become meaningful if, rather than the full dynamics of the spacetime itself, we consider only the dynamics of test particles in a fixed globally hyperbolic spacetime? For the full problem, my immediate conceptual obstacle is that it's not obvious what the phase space is. In ordinary mechanics, we think of the phase space as a graph-paper grid superimposed on a fixed, Galilean space. The definitions of holonomic and nonholonomic systems that I've seen seem to assume that time has some special role and is absolute. This isn't the case in GR. There is a Hamiltonian formulation of GR, which would seem to suggest that it's holonomic. In classical GR, information can be hidden behind a horizon, but not lost. This suggests that some form of Liouville's theorem might be valid. The motivation for the question is that Liouville's theorem is sort of the classical analog of unitarity, and before worrying about whether quantum gravity is unitary, it might make sense to understand whether the corresponding classical property holds for GR.
  21. That doesn't address the main point that the original conditions of the universe would favor uniformity, which already solves the Horizon Problem. No causal contact is necessary to maintain equilibrium if the system is already in equilibrium.
  22. I always thought the uniformity in the temperature of the CMB was supposed to be expected, since it's a much more probable initial condition for the universe, what I mean in much better words: The only "counter-argument" I could find for that, ironically enough, comes from Jason Lisle (link): But if that "random nature of the initial conditions" is of the same order of magnitude as quantum fluctuations, wouldn't that apply to the early instants of inflation too? If so, how would thermal equilibrium be even possible under such quantum fluctuations during inflation?
  23. How did Newton discover his third law? Was it his original finding or was it a restatement of someone else's, like the first law coming from Galileo? What initiated the concept of what is now known as Newton's 3rd law?
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