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  1. That is possible but that doesn't really tell us about the product itself. I was sceptical too for years but looking at the property prompted me to look into it again. Its not cheap.
  2. This site seems to fit the description in Genesis. Do we agree about this?
  3. This seems rather a remarkable historic site. Just the building itself they say is over 2000 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_of_the_Patriarchs
  4. @disarray - was Jesus ever prophesied through Abraham? I know Jesus spoke of Abraham several times, in some very obscure ways. These words may help me to see the connection between the two. There is a YT clip with a dramatised section of the Gospel of John titled: "Jesus Said To The Jews ''Before Abraham Was, I AM'' (John 8:31-59)" Boy, that speech by Jesus really seemed to stir trouble but from it it sounds like Abraham predicted Jesus. Well I'll need to see how that happened.
  5. That sounds like a good idea for use in aquariums. What would be the difference between rock dust and fine sand? How did you make your rock dust?
  6. Wow! I'm not saying everything in the Bible is true, but I could accept a basic story of Abraham maybe one of the first historic characters that could be pinned down. I would like to go through and isolate a basic story and compare this to the other religion's versions and see if it still fits.
  7. Thanks we call that limestone or agricultural lime when it is ground up. I was looking up a product called Rok Solid but it is made from NZ rocks. I visited a neighbour's farm and they were using this rock solid and their grass was a lot better that what was growing on my block, just 1 km away similar geology and rainfall. Was the difference due to the rockdust? In US they have a product called "Azomite" Azomite could be a totally different mineral but does it work?
  8. I could give you the basic story as I see it, but whether it matches that of the other religions I'll have to consider later. I haven't put aside a basic story as yet for it is a long passage in Genesis, but it could be done over a couple of weeks, for I'm pretty busy ATM.
  9. Has anyone used Rock Dust on your garden? What was your opinion of it usefulness?
  10. Had to consult the dictionary. I like learning new words thanks. As far as Abraham goes it appears he is lost in history. The have found a city called "Ur of the Chaldees" and for some reason they have rebuilt a complex there and called it the "House of Abraham", but I didn't see any definitive proof of this. Stories about Abraham seem to have been embellished with time. The basic story is rather simple and hence seems quite likely.
  11. @Disarray - I see that article comes from a site called "Answering Islam" was there a reason you chose that article? http://www.answering-islam.org/index.html
  12. Is that 1, 2, 3 days away or just in the next hour or so? Blowflies seem to sense rain up to 3 days into the future. They get real active looking for somewhere to lay eggs presumably. I was thinking the dogs could react to the flies.
  13. How long before the storm do you think dogs react?
  14. Abraham in his day would "Do unto others as they'd have done unto unto you and more so they never do it again" 'Don't bother forgiving the guy who just killed your mother just kill him and his family' The Maori in NZ had a word for this, "UTU", which is like revenge. It is how I feel too at times, but this time I strangely forgave. Google:
  15. @Disarray - well you do have some strong points there, and coming at it from other perspectives which I didn't even know existed. I'll tackle some of it over the next few days. Thanks for debating the issue.
  16. Are you getting mixed up with Daniel? I'll have to go and read the story of Abraham again for I don't remember that bit, yet you have mentioned it three times. It is a story not without its relevance to today's political situation as you have pointed out. It might be like NZ, we need to maintain that treaty so that in future years we can claim this land jointly. When I say that it doesn't seem to stake the claim as much as the promise to Abraham. I've never doubted the reality of Abraham even though the thought of sacrificing the child on an altar has always disturbed me, but I realise these practices were common in the times past. I don't find the story that remarkable that it could not have happened. If you looked at the story of Moses then you have to wonder. It has just got those examples of faith in it. OK doing a bit more research the story of Abraham surviving the furnace is a Jewish story, and is not found in the Bible. http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/112063/jewish/Abrahams-Early-Life.htm
  17. @Disarray - From memory Abraham led a fairly mundane life (see below *), except for his wife having a child (Isaac, at an extreme old age. was it at 90 years of age? All the promises of land and vast numbers of descendants were for future generations. Maybe a tomb or an inscription will be found oneday. [* I have just listened to a talk about the history of Abraham's life and it appears he was some sort of sheik at the time, so a leader of a tribe.]
  18. Well I have only access to a bit of paper that traces my ancestry back to King Henry III. What actual evidence could there be? Records can now be photocopied or put onto the internet, but I just remember it as a hand copied family tree. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_III_of_England What form do you think this could take? This would have to be something indivisible and so would be liable to be lost over the centuries. Who owns this and where is it going to be kept?
  19. I've heard of the word chimera. What did you mean by "chimerical"? Google definition: chimerical. 1 : existing only as the product of unchecked imagination : fantastically visionary or improbable. How many of us can trace the history of our families back 500 years? Maybe the family tree of Abraham has now been lost but it was still around when they wrote the beginning of the Old Testament. (Parts of my family tree can be traced to the 1300's but that is just one branch of it, it would be so easy to lose it, unless it is copied and backed up.) I could imagine that wasn't that easy back then. Still not easy today unless you are disciplined. Digital files can be impossible to access if the device malfunctions. I always thought it funny how Genesis records the words of Adam long before the advent of paper and writing. When does the chimerical story become merged into reality? Our country (NZ) is based on the Treaty of Waitangi. There is a half decomposed moth eaten copy left to prove it. Will this too become the thing of legends in the future? Maybe not for there is much effort in trying to preserve it. It seems we have to be cautious of discounting all our past. https://static2.stuff.co.nz/1318981529/136/5814136.jpg (It is weird to look at this picture for me. Makes my hairs on my arms stand on end.)
  20. The passage in question seems to be just a person describing a physical object. God doesn't come into it. You could still be right about the omnipotence nonetheless.
  21. So are you saying that all the prises are of equal value. So there is no benefit of being the first number drawn. Are you drawing them one at a time, and not returning that number back to the pool?
  22. Same article is referenced. Do you have any actual evidence for what you say about dreams restoring the glycogen levels in the brain? Would you start a new thread somewhere discussing stories in dreams? This one seems to be mainly about the science of dreams. I'd be interested to see what develops.
  23. A search of the web [latex]A=\pi {r}({r}+\sqrt{{h_c}^2+r^2})[/latex] Let r = radius of base [latex]h_c[/latex] = height of cone Both equations seem to be equivalent. It seems logical that since L > r then the area of the side of the cone is always greater than the area of the base. Since L > r then area of side will be minimum when L is minimum.
  24. Wouldn't there be a different chance for each of the prizes for each time a ticket is drawn it is no longer in the pool.
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