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  1. 1 hour ago, iNow said:

    Chinese and Russian controlled GenAI TikTok videos beamed directly into our brains via Neuralink chips. Hive mind driven by evil queens. 

    I said next. Aren't they doing that already? 😄

  2. The World can get much much worse. But hopefully it has reached full bizarro with Trump selling Trump Bibles, ironically including the Constitution, and the bizarro pendulum only has paths toward normalcy no matter it's current direction...if not...what's next?

  3. 2 hours ago, swansont said:

    How/why is that more ethical or acceptable? 

    IMO it's more acceptable in the sense that they have more time to realize the inevitability of the outcome and get to choose how much pain they want to endure. Of course that's as a Nation, not as individuals.

  4. 47 minutes ago, StringJunky said:

    With Russia finally admitting it is "at war" with Ukraine, will this change anything in terms of the rules of conflict? Does that free open more options for them in what they can allow militarily with their armed forces and population?


    I expect the "see what you made us do/what aboutist" Putinist Kremliners will attempt to justify anything and do anything that they think will help their position. Not that twisting the rules of conflict, such as they are, is limited to their side only.

    Putin is certainly willing to cherry pick through history with an unmatched sense of entitlement.

  5. 11 hours ago, swansont said:

    If the lady that wrote that opinion piece for the LA Times thinks holding the response in the kitchen is regressive she might find better examples by looking in the mirror.

    From the link:

    "The 42-year-old rising GOP star wore a understated solid-green blouse, a no-nonsense hairdo and minimal makeup. But the look was so generic, she could have been a nonspecific character in a pharmaceutical ad if only she were gathering flowers at an outdoor market or riding a bike in a sleeveless shirt to celebrate the retreat of her moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis."

    Of course, maybe that's just her thing and she would have equally picked apart the look of any Republican male that might have given the response.

    I saw little of what I would consider legitimate criticism in that article. Maybe that's just me.

    ...no need to point out though...that Trump is so much worse it baffles me how any reasonable person could bring themselves to vote for him.

  6. 10 minutes ago, CharonY said:

    I think it is obvious that context matters. In campaign tour, it is appropriate to be folksy. In the context of a state of the union address and rebuttal you would expect things to be more formal. 

    Yes. But it not being so doesn't lead to what I see as Vat's hyperbole, that he has yet to double down on...unlike Swansont, who claims it's legitimate criticism. (his term for it)

    On 3/11/2024 at 2:16 PM, TheVat said:

    A woman's place is in the kitchen.  Katie's true calling is wife and mommy - the Senator thing is just a hobby that the Patriarch of the Home has kindly permitted her to do.  

    Never underestimate the regressiveness of the American right-wing.  

    Sorry you couldn't access the SNL video.  If I can find an all-region version, will post it.  


    24 minutes ago, swansont said:

    Surely if I had said that you could provide a quote of me saying it.


    Thus the "?) and the "Surely not")

    You read far more into my words than is actually there...with a little help from INow even when I make it clear I don't agree with it.

    Not that I ever claimed Warren and Britt were doing the EXACT same thing in the kitchen...I clearly stated otherwise.

    But it's hardly a stretch to consider both the SOTU address, and the SOTU response, very much in part campaign speeches.

  7. 1 hour ago, swansont said:

    I missed the part where Sen Britt cooked some food, but I didn’t watch the whole thing. What dish did she prepare? 

    So...you're saying it's okay if woman is there cooking, but not campaigning? Surely not!

    Here just for you is a photo of Warren campaigning, not cooking, in her kitchen:




    1 hour ago, swansont said:

    Was it before or after she misrepresented the human trafficking story?


    That's certainly a more credible line of "legitimate criticism", IMO.

  8. 26 minutes ago, swansont said:

    Criticism exist outside of SFN threads.

    How much of this was her thought process? She was not alone in this - one does not simply walk into a SOTU response - and since this is the view of the MAGA crowd I don’t have reason to doubt this was part of the thought process. The question is, why do you? Because of all the respect and support they show for women who don’t toe their line?


    I guess because I thought it was obvious that it was intended to make the Senator seem "down to Earth", someone voters would feel they could relate to.

    Why do you think Elizabeth Warren used the kitchen for political purposes? Why do you think she would do that if she thought it might purvey a message of encouraging female subordination? She obviously thought it would make her seem less stiff and academic. I don't think she would have done at at the expense of equality for women.

    The current Republicans don't show much respect for themselves, their religion, or their claimed values, when they toe the line with Trump, IMO, but I don't think "putting a woman in the kitchen" was what they were selling with their SOTU response.

    Trumps MAGA crowd can only vote once.


  9. 3 hours ago, swansont said:

    Yes everybody is. But it would be improper to appeal to bias in order to dismiss legitimate criticism. 

    Here is the "legitimate criticism" you're defending?

    11 hours ago, TheVat said:
    12 hours ago, CharonY said:

    I don't understand the thought process in filming the rebuttal in a kitchen. Also boo to geolocks.

    A woman's place is in the kitchen.  Katie's true calling is wife and mommy - the Senator thing is just a hobby that the Patriarch of the Home has kindly permitted her to do.  

    Never underestimate the regressiveness of the American right-wing.  

    Sorry you couldn't access the SNL video.  If I can find an all-region version, will post it.  

    I don't know much about Katie Britt, but I doubt that was her thought process in choosing to do the rebuttal from her kitchen.

    Whatever Vat, or INow, might think of her politics, I very much doubt they believe it was either.

    Maybe you can explain why you believe it is, or for some reason want to defend it as "legitimate criticism".

    Surely you're joking, Mr. Swansont!


  10. 8 minutes ago, swansont said:

    iNow’s response is likely satire of the expected response. Does your point differ?

    Substantially yes. Which was why I didn't sign on to it but admitted to the "poke with a rhetorical twig".

    To wit:

    I don't see it as the EXACT same thing, just that I was well aware of Warren's use of the kitchen as a political setting. Nor do I fault her for it.

    I don't consider any of us insincere partisan hacks, nor do I think you all can't be bothered watching their conduct or beliefs or voting records.

    But I think we can be biased.

    Not that I believed Vat's hyperbole was intended as any more serious than INow's satire.

    Plus I thought it was funny.

  11. 6 minutes ago, swansont said:

    Exact same thing? I didn’t realize that Warren cooked a dish/baked a pie as part of a SOTU response at the behest of her party. And that Britt was giving cooking advice. Yes, they are both women in a kitchen. But calling it the EXACT same thing is to paint this with so broad of a brush so as to lose all meaning.


    You tell him Swansont!

    ...and don't let him get away with "insincere partisan hacks" thing either!

  12. 42 minutes ago, swansont said:

    And your point is…?


    5 minutes ago, iNow said:

    That we’re hypocrites who laugh at one Senator but respect and give a pass to another who obviously did the EXACT same thing.

    The additional insinuation is that we as a group at SFN do this since we’re insincere partisan hacks who only see the letter beside the Senators names and can’t be bothered watching their conduct or beliefs or voting records.

    He just wanted to poke us a bit with a rhetorical twig. 

    That one.

    This is the political humour thread, after all. (Though the youtube I posted is rather well done, I have no disrespect for Elizabeth Warren)

  13. 3 hours ago, TheVat said:

    A woman's place is in the kitchen.  Katie's true calling is wife and mommy - the Senator thing is just a hobby that the Patriarch of the Home has kindly permitted her to do.  

    Never underestimate the regressiveness of the American right-wing.  

    Sorry you couldn't access the SNL video.  If I can find an all-region version, will post it.  

    Here's a better...oh wait no...that's Elizabeth Warren

    Maybe she's just a Elizabeth Warren Wannabe?


  14. 7 hours ago, iNow said:

    Christian nationalism in the US is not the same as Christianity. It’s more like an American version of how the Taliban and ISIS distort Islam. 

    I certainly hope you're not trying to imply that Mike Johnson isn't the second coming of Moses...subservient on Earth only to Trump himself...


    "Or so Johnson thought. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the speaker was “perhaps unaware that the event was being recorded for the NACL Facebook page.” The video is no longer available, but Rolling Stone reports that Johnson thanked the organization for not letting journalists in. “I’ll tell you a secret,” he said, “since media is not here.” God had spoken to him throughout Republicans’ weekslong effort to find a new Speaker, Johnson said. Eventually, God revealed to Johnson that he would be a Moses-like figure leading the GOP and the country through a “Red Sea moment.”"

  15. 2 hours ago, zapatos said:

    It gives me heartburn. And Trump is only the half of it. The other part is that it turns out half my neighbors think like he does. And it's not even the politics that bother me so much since I can accept policies that are not to my liking. It is the fact that by most measures he is a despicable human being, and half of my fellow Americans find that acceptable. I honestly didn't know that so many people could be like that.

    I don't read much political news anymore beyond the headlines. It is too much like watching your neighbors cheer for those who sponsor dog fighting or human trafficking. It's just kind of depressing.

    When you put it that way I feel a little more fortunate. Very few around me have much good to say about Trump.

  16. 1 hour ago, zapatos said:

    I imagine any selected candidate in any election in any country will be the "best" only by chance. The electorate does not vet its candidates, much less the entire population. Candidates self-choose and the electorate gets to decide who of those who stepped up they like the most, or dislike the least.

    Don't mind me. I thought we were done with Trump after the crap he pulled after the last election. Apparently not.

    Old Joe may be holding it together better than expected, or not...depending on your expectations...but he's not getting any younger.

    We are much to close to a return of Trump.

    It's like watching a train wreck.

  17. 12 hours ago, LaurieAG said:

    Although biased polls might possibly influence the vote of some of those who aren't too bright.

    If the choice were between a guarantee of 'getting into heaven' or winning an election what do you think Trumps choice would be? ;)

    Good point. He can always run against God later...assuming God doesn't do the right thing and abdicate in his favour...

  18. 5 hours ago, Sensei said:

    The ideal situation is one in which there are no soldiers, no arms industry and no wars between countries. And there are no countries. There are only people..

    If only the human race had always evolved in ideal situations, such that none of them would take advantage in the ideal situation you described...I wonder what those people would look like?

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