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  1. I'd rather not say where I study publicly, but if you'd like I'll tell you in a private message.


    I'm glad I can come off as a specialist! Maybe one day I'll have the knowledge to back up such an impression... I'm also studying for an undergrad MChem, in my third year.


    'Physical organic', as I've encountered the terms, is really good. Applying concepts like the Hammond postulate and Polanyi (et al)'s work on potential energy surfaces to organic reactions - I find that and transition state theory fascinating and useful. Shame I suck at maths.


    I found inorganic gets better as it goes along. There's some really cool chemistry being done using metal templating to self assemble complex systems and the like.

  2. I am. I'm still an undergraduate but I enjoy mostly organic and biochemistry. I quite like some "physical organic" also. Yourself?

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