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  1. Well said..Hell we dont want anyone growing any nasty natural organic crops do we.We want super resistant pesticide tollerent,enhanced,cell-deforming,carcigenic supercrops complete with superbugs who eat all the GM crops and they have to buy more seeds.Nice one. Lets hope no New World Order junkies jump in.After all with complete control over crop growing and naming their price for seeds in poor countries,they almost have us by the short n curly's
  2. I find it fascinating when people harp on about possibilities of alien life,without fully understanding the glory and uniqueness of our own .We are here so its happened, but when one considers factually how a whole series of fortunate events have came about.....its very profound.IMO im quite content with the fact we are completely alone,God does indeed play dice with the universe.......he threw 2 billion of them and hit all 6's....
  3. Erm.....they have been and continue to be inventions of this nature.Apparent success is claimed on a regular basis,however friction always wins in the end and the devices fail.My own designs for PM have given misleading results(one such apperatus continued to function for 8 weeks)you can imagine my heartache at discovering my own flaws in design...id totally overlooked that my device had two AA batteries cellotaped underneath concealed in the base.......Damn!!!
  4. Hope everyone has read the latest news on GM crops research.Its about 50/50 on the threads for and against but not all people realise the dangerous consequences of messing with nature,when our knowledge is so limited. We have really went head first into GM crops without tight controlled experiments and i find myself saying TOLD you so on other forums... The latest news is fields of GM oilseed rape....oh shocker!! its cross bred all on its own with CHARLOCK(you know that nice little livestock killer weed)anyway its now a super mutant resistant to pesticides ,how nice...oh never mind its also host to diverse crop eating bugs ...how soon before mutant ninja bugs are destroying our agriculture...good ol britain trying to get other EU countries to lift the ban on oilseed rape GM..........well done
  5. Why fire of course!!
  6. Seems alot of advice is overblown.......look to your left on the window sill...should be a plastic bottle with a baby on it....called Fairy liquid.....you mix a eggcup amount with 6 parts hot water into the sink.....leave for around 20 minutes.....hey presto
  7. hasnt anyone seen the hammer and feather experiment.
  8. he was a nutter...i play snooker . According to him i have a tendancy to stroke balls in with a phalus
  9. Corsair formed from the shards of Crucial..... I give Dak hope.. my old processor will not have forgotten whats it like to have this ....
  10. sounds more like your memory sticks are knackered...you need more memory... there isnt any.... there are those that dwell in the mountain.. they answer to no-one... they will answer to Dak the king of old commodor
  11. It is apparent from the very first post that Johnny 5....oops i mean thomas kirby are one and the same person.I find it astonishing that nobody has realised this including my good friend Phi. To be fair to everyone,i did not see sufficient justification for a permanent ban.Though we may all agree/disagree with decisions they are best left to actual moderators.Otherwise we end up with a membership voting system,and seeing how this is Blikes site.I do not think it prudent when he is paying for it. In my opinion Phi is the best moderator we have at SFN,he sets high standards without ego and not one to act without thought or feeling.I strongly feel that his posting in this thread was not required.It was a decision from all admin/mods and should be left at that.
  12. i dont have internet exploder yet...im still using explorer.Is exploder more prone to attack from spyware? if so why upgrade.
  13. Some say due to the composite of the moon that it is an alien mothership.Funnily enough before 1066 they was no mention of the moon directly in literature. Anyone doubting this can look it up.Without going off on a tangent the geology of the moon is quite disconcerting.Analysis reveals it is less dense towards the centre,its metalic elements are more quantative at its surface.And its weight ratio tends to point towards it being hollow. All in all it is a really unique object.....and not a broken off piece of earth.
  14. I once had a really bad gas leak and in the stressfull situation lit a cigerette.Fortunately i was unharmed as i was near the centre of the leak.Unfortunate were the three fireman,the next door neighbour and the cat.All of whom perished in the blast.I do often feel guilty but i guess they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just like gran when i dropped the radio in the bath to see what happens,how was i to know she would pull the plug out.Guess it was her fault for being so thoughtfull. So when i reflect on it i think they were very stupid to be so negligent of the dangers.
  15. i would ask........."uhhh were did you come from" But seeing how we are never going to meet an alien EVER.Because there are none it seems a useless excercise.
  16. yes you must severian............unless you want to make a fool of yourself
  17. its all to do with servers...and how they interact between your computer and the server...for instance http//www is hyper thread on the world wide web....(which means to search for a page or site using standard www browser,and viewing it).....absolutely no good if your wanting to actually set up an FTP connection.Try to connect FTP with the http://www.browser and you are directed to a page cannot be displayed.Now use your FTP written software and put in eftp//www and bingo your connected to the actual server direct to DL and UL. Basically if i can put it correctly the www tells the net your wanting to access the site or page using the standard www browser so your wanting it to be displayed.Simply allowing the GET and POST command using standard browser(this enables the bridging of differing software..you know macs n windows etc....if your all using a standard it makes it easy to get along) I fix and crack not hack so really not into all the protocols as such but hope it helps !!!
  18. The best example i can give about the lack of free will is my life's experience.Were i am today is because of descisions i took/or failed to take from the very beginning.Every relationship i ever had with people was meant to happen that way to bring me today.If i had married this person,said yes to this plan i wouldnt be here now in my present situation.The fact is they were not little branches of descisions i made sendng me down different paths,it was inevitable....already happened.If i had of stayed and married my partner of 19 years....i would not be with this fabulous person whom i can say is my soul mate,a person i have been searching for my whole life.Four years ago i got very frequent dreams of holding a beautiful baby girl i can see her face vividly and i had the dream enough times to know. It was however illogical my children were grown up late teens, i certainly didnt want any more.But today im staring into the face of my two year old daughter...the same person from my dreams....i know it is!!! the fact is regardless of others opinion it has confirmed my convictions.It has not altered my actions,thoughts, feelings.I still make mistakes and apart from now i dont get concerned about it,it doesnt occupy my thoughts.I percieve free will on my part and live my life accordingly.Which is has it should be! That is how it is.....enjoy it you only get one go at it.........dust ye was made and dust ye shall return.Just when the cosmic joker strikes laugh along with it.....you really couldnt avoid it...lol
  19. As a poker player myself i liked jdurgs post.However i dont agree that his analogy was correct.In poker we are constantly weighing up the probabilities,there are only 52 cards in the pack and as he rightly says we have seen the straight hit and miss many times. But gut feeling is the total opposite from intense thinking.It hits us so to speak totally out of the blue.When in fact we may not have been thinking about anything related to the subject of this 'emotion ' for want of a better word. At times it seems like a cosmic entity is passing a snippet of info to a future event direct into your brain.It cannot be instinctual because as a form analyser,i bet on what i percieve with many years of experience as the horse with the best chance on form.Then as im stood there waiting for the off,a very strong 'gut feeling'you should bet this complete rag outsider its going to win!!(occasionaly accompanied by a subtle hint...staring out the bookmakers window you see a seagull passing...which happens to be the horses name your getting the feeling about) Now we may not always act on the feeling depending on its intensity,or if we let logic rule our thoughts.But i can honestly say regardless of my betting,the horse i got the feeling about always won.Never ever lost! Easy you say? get rich by betting on your gut feeling.If only it were that simple,the fact is the feeling is a totally illogical attack on the sense's, varies in intensity and common sense has fistycuffs with your feelings.'What if this time your wrong...your just thinking its a gut feeling....do you really want to put this months wage all on a dumb beast with four legs"....regardless wether you act or not,its always a sickening DAMMIT i should have bet. It is well documented that this 'gut feeling' saves lives,famously W.Churchill springs to mind.Many of avoidable deaths may have been because the person failed to act on the little voice that said NOOOO DONT GET IN THE CAR DIANA,(sorry bout that) My own thoughts to the origin of this feeling/thought is to do with the Time.We know so little and percieve it to be linear but i think everything has already happened.There is no 'free will',what will be will be.You dont always go with the gut feeling because that course of action has already happened YOU DIDNT do it so it can never change. A case of you actually got on the death train that smashes into the plonkers transit van stuck on the track,so it is unavoidable. So what is it you ask? Well it may be us tuning into the frequency of time,our time!.30 secs into the future our consciousness is/has functioned and our neurons have already fired,we may be getting no more than a glitch a bridging of the gap,the ability to percieve two instances of time itself....hence the feeling we all get at times of THE GREAT COSMIC JOKER....i shouldnt walk near that muddy puddle "what if a car comessss.....SPLASH.....and yep your soaked..now what were the probabilities of that happening on a country road with no cars in sight!!..or i will walk to that interview in my new suit its a nice day.........and yep before you arrive the heavens open and your drenched.
  20. The image would more likely be felix the cat!!!
  21. Having spent along time pondering the questions of life elsewhere in the universe,at one time fully accepting the probabilities.I now feel it incredibly niave and wishful thinking. For hundreds of years our best minds have contemplated not only the 'how's' but the 'why's' as well, to the process that dead inanimate mixture of chemical compounds can all group together to form life. One would say it impossible,(as science doesnt take to accepting miracles.)Were it not for on this planet LIFE actually happened. A fluke?or, inevitable outcome when planetary conditions suit the criteria?? its logical to accept the second on the basis WE exist.However intellectually you would therefore have to concede, that life in fact is created.In fact the universe itself is metaphorically alive! And only by our limited technology and comprehension do we conclude that we need a criteria of conditions. When pondering the math probabilities at the micro level,id like you to think about this! The fact that your here sat reading this is no small feat.Your mathematically highly improbable.For you to be 'here',trillions of atoms had somehow to assemble in such intricate arrangement so specialized and particular to you that it has never been tried before and in fact will only exist this once.For the 6 or more decades these atoms will engage in billions of deft co-operative efforts for you to remain essentially intact. Why these atoms bother to devote such attention for your benefit is the mystery,your atoms dont actually care about you,indeed they are unaware you are even there at all.They dont even know they are there! Yet for the remainder of your life they will co-operate with selfless devotion to keep you you. On your death they will dissasemble quietly into a pile of atomic dust(none of which science tells us was ever alive,but all of you)drift off into the universe to do whatever else and thats it. After all the ingredients for life on earth(nothing exotic) can be found in a typical chemistry lab...hydrogen,nitrogen,calcium,oxygen,sulper..a sprinkling of other very common elements and there you have it. Out of billions and billions of species that existed fighting for survival since the dawn of time,99.99% are gone.Life on earth is brief and dismaying. We believe our planet and its conditions promote life....funnily enough its even better at extinguishing it. If you subscribe to the later,wereby atoms throughout the universe go into forming life under the correct conditions(they make everything else from stars to rocks,air planets nebulae) Then unwittingly you have accepted the idea of the creator,regardless of the actual wittering of any athiest view points that some in these threads incessently drivel on about. One must readily accept that atoms need not exist at all,there's no law that requires the universe to fill itself with small particles of matter,produce light,gravity etc to which our existence hinges upon. They need not be a universe at all for them to float about in.For an incomprehensibly long time(if one can say time) they wasnt a universe at all,nothing.......nothing at all ANYWHERE!!! Life therefore is a one off miracle!! A fluke!! which for a brief moment in time you can enjoy.Or a grand design by the creator......you cannot have it both ways
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