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  1. Simple. Teaching biblical creationism was ruled unconstitutional. So the creationists revamped it, gave it a fresh new look and name, made it so vague so they can weasle out of it being equated with creationism, slapped a G.O.P. sticker on it, and sold it to Kansas schools. Voila.
  2. Yeah even if one theory is obviously not scientific. Next we will be learning about astrology in psychology classes next to place of personality theory. Here's what Frist really means "science classes are essentially forums for everyone to express their ideas and philosophies, who cares about learning science anymore." And I am sure bible-belt residents have never heard of god, (oh I'm sorry, what do they sugarcoat it as, ah yes, the "designer") so exposing them to that school of thought is a must. Please.
  3. walking and not buying SUVs and F150 super-duty trucks is a good way to start reducing gas prices. Why not start there? I think that buying gas-guzzlers is people's way of spitting on sustainable ethics and environmentalism. "We don't need to conserve non-renewable resources, whe're Americans."
  4. this is a little bit belated, but what exactly is "creationalism?
  5. Headgames. how very annoying. There are still girls my age who are into immature head games like this, but I never went for them. Life is too short and complicated for stupid WB channel-esque mind games. I like when a girl is straightforward and doesn't assume I am a mind reader and actually tells me what she wants. I love the straightforwardness and simplicity. I happened to find a girl like this who I am still with.
  6. same with me. I am a great cook, but my girlfriend burns things and forgets about stuff. She is self-concious about it, but I find it cute in an endearing way. She thinks that to be a good future wife she must be good at this stuff. So we compromise. People are different. Even if you think you and you partner are a lot alike there will be differences, and compromise is sometimes the only way to make a relationship work.
  7. Phi-His intelligence and effectiveness as a mod. Sayonara-His treatment of fools and trolls with that English wit akways makes my day. Swansont-Funny guy, and incredibly smart. Mokele-Extensive knowledge of my favorite sciences, has a funny, cutting way of insulting people. In My Memory-Knows a little about everything, excellent poster and has a way of making it feel that your opinion matters, even if she may disagree. Bettina-Don't post much in astronomy, but she is very nice. Dak-Spelling errors aside (don't take it personal ), very witty and smart poster. dave-Nice guy, funny and smart. Pangloss-Excellent politics poster, very even-handed. Makes me actually think more about my own political views. thats all I can think of at the moment. I think everyone has good qualities worth listing here, unless you are a troll.
  8. Nah he took a sort of sabbatical, I don't think he ever really deserved a banning. Welcome back, buddy!!!
  9. Me? Oh thank you, I never pictured myself as especially mature.
  10. What a wonderful thread, I had a great laugh. My favorite parts: buzsaw asks for a list of transitional species between sarcos and humans, confidently thinking no one could supply such a list, mokele does, buzsaw attempts to ignore it, mokele calls him on it, buzsaw tries to shift the goalposts, then sputters a bit before agreeing to not post about biology anymore. Classic creationist crap, made my day.
  11. Can anyone tell my why metafrizzics was banned? I tried to use find his last post and didn't see why.
  12. The hypothesis that organic molecules were formed from inorganic ones. This is seperate from evolution that describes biological change. Evolution didn't start until well after the first self-replicating molecules were formed.
  13. Supposed or real "gaps" in the fossil record is not de facto proof that your intelligent design idea is true.
  14. Hall of Shame: Willowtree herme3 Christ Slave/Chatha Toni buzsaw ShaneTheWolf Nicolas ExtraSense Thats all the SFN classic trolls I can think of at the moment...
  15. Hows this: Well you said that there are no significant transitional fossils below. Your creationist sources may say this but it is not true. Thats just the tip of the iceberg. To maintain your creationist status its pretty much a given that you either don't know much about evolution, or purposelly twist it in some way. Read about evolution from objective sources sometime. Secularist scientists? Where might I find some of them? You do know that not all scientists are atheists right?
  16. It should have been evident in the first place. Read it again. Slowly. I can see this is going to turn into an immature pissing contest with both of us saying "you're waffling" "no, you are". See the thing is, I could refute them, but I highly doubt you will ever get the point. You are a creationist. You are doing religion, not science, and I could care less about religion, least of all yours. That doesn't mean they have to be telelogically designed to survive. Trial and error; 99% of species have become extinct. No, I mean that opinions have no place in the scientific method. Okay then I am done with you then. You admitted that your intelligent design crap has no evidence and thats all I need. I meant that judging by previous posts, you know nothing about evolution and science you are just here on an agenda, so your arguments don't carry much weight. Except I have evidence. "Belief" doesn't come into play for accepting valid scientific theories. What? Wrong. Objectivity is the hallmark of science.
  17. We have an ethical obligation to try and save and manage animals that are endangered because of our mistakes. So it may not be the way nature works, but the activities of us humans can wreak shockwaves of damage on the natural environment, which is unnatural. It will be preserved, thats how it would be otherwise different.
  18. Also why I am happy to be this far up north. However, there are still some fundies up here who make a big stink about things like this so that my high school bio teacher barely talked about evolution in any depth.
  19. Strawman. You know thats not what I meant. Yeah ridiculous huh? Except thats not what I meant. Try reading about evolution from objective sources. No, if the organism wasn't capable of surviving on its own, then it wouldn't be around to talk about it, would it? Mine says; "A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof" (Dictionary.com) Exactly the opposite of what science is all about. More waffling. You mean to tell me you don't think that intelligent design creationism is not a good substitute for evolution, which is science? Scientific theories are not proven, thats why they are theories. I guess we shouldn't expect more fo you, if your previous posts are any indication. How do you even know this "designer" exists, let alone what his "will" is?
  20. Give it up man.....
  21. Whether we call it "new creationism", "stealth creationism"or "spin-doctored creationism", ID is just creationism with a new and catchy label. Yup. Not one IDer or creationist has ever published their theories in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. I challenge someone to prove me wrong. Yeah, thats what I mean.
  22. See my post in the "Welcome Creationists..." sticky. Science isn't a democratic process. You teach the kids the theory that best fits the facts and thats that. There is no room for "alternate ideas" in science classes.
  23. Evolution works by modifying existing organs, keeping them working in every stage of development. The "irreducable complexity" mumbo-jumbo requires one to be ignorant of this fact. A vital organ becomes that after the organism becomes dependant on it to live, for example, not the other way around. IMO? No one cares what you opinion is, I'm sorry to say. Science has little use for opinions. coming from you, this comment is laughable. And this proves your point how? Who cares what the bible says? Save it for the religion forum.
  24. Wow that sure changed my mind
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