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  1. whats wrong with eating animals? we have canine teeth for a reason.

    This is not a good indicator of carnivory. Male horses retain canines (rather impressive ones, actually), but they are well-known herbivores. We have a typical omnivore dentition with molars adapted for grinding plants, that also have raised cusps for slicing meat.

  2. If you were a dictator of a country (e.g. you purchased a country) would you make homosexuality legal? Why?

    Of course. Homosexuality doesn't hurt anyone, does it?

    Would you have freedom of religion? Why?

    Sure. But freedom of religion also means freedom from religion.

    What will be the primary principle you will adopt when running your country, liberty, order...?

    Social tolerance and sustainable environmental ethics, for starters.

  3. This is GD so I'm not going to give any warning points but LET'S LIGHTEN UP on the flaming. Newtonian is entitled to his opinion as long as he keeps it civil. And Hellbender might just take Mokele's place as Resident Biology Expert if he can keep his cool.

    I apologize. Newtonian's comments rub me the wrong way, and I buy into it, like a fool. I'll place Newt on my ignore list once again, and try not to take his insults too seriously.

    Mokele's got the scientific knowledge we need on staff and if everyone will give him the chance to become an experienced Moderator, I think you're all going to like the improvements.

    And congrats to pangloss for his promotion as well. Good choices, everyone.

  4. Whilst there is a moderate similarity of character,Mokele lacks the charisma and dry wit.Instead we are offered other atributes,an arrogant, self righteous,obnoxious,insulting,undignified little boy.Frankly its laughable.

    Oh, stop being jealous.

    friendless insignificant little pricks to disrespect,insult the people whom make up the SFN membership.

    You mean members like you?

    SFN is being eroded and im sure the hard core members are aware of it.Jeez you may as well go the whole ten yards and promote Hellbender(sorry hellbender)

    And just WTF is your problem with me? Please, do tell before your troll ass gets banned. IMO, I would make a much better mod than you thats for sure. You're just a common troll with some serious problems.

    Anyway needed to get that out... the forum is sinking beneath the waves.....of mediocrity.

    Then leave. No one here likes you anyways.

    IMO moderators should be selected by the membership.Voted in by the membership.That way you actually get the best most respected members moderating.

    In that case, I'm sure you would be at the bottom of the list.


    Nice knowing you, Newt.

  5. And your point is...?

    1. I was being neighborly by posting links with some food-for-thought. Get off the defensive, sheesh.

    2. These are other people that had this idea before you, and reasons why their methods are logically and factually flawed.

  6. use the search function and look for posts by Sayo about the matrix movies

    Okay, here are some quotes I found that reflect my opinions quite well:

    Put it this way: if I'd started the thread, it would be called "your least hated and reviled Matrix instalment".
    As for philosophy and religion, yes - I agree they were "thrown in". With reckless abandon and a complete disregard for the individual or historical significances.
    How is "Matrix" art?
    Yes, I agree that there is philosophy in the Matrix. But two things:

    (1) While a lot of it is open to personal interpretation, eventually all philosophy has to hit common axioms that by definition cannot be arbitrarily discarded wherever convenient.

    (2) What gets on people's tits is that it's cut and pasted from other sources, and completely unoriginal, while lauded about as being fresh and ground-breaking (which it clearly is not).


  7. Actually, "indivisable" is still there, "under God" was added[/b'].

    I thought it was both? That "under god, indivisble" was one and just "under god" was another way. I don't remember...

  8. Do you think The Matrix was a good movie?

    When it first came out, it was okay. Then later when every movie started copying off it, and every concept in it became cliche' I got really tired of it. I haven't even seen the sequals.

  9. Actually I think I might change my vote to prison movies. I love movies that take place in prisions. I know prison probably isn't how they show it. But I love how all the prisoner wind up becoming loyal friends to each other to beat the evil wardens.

    Yeah, some are good, but IDK. Sometimes seeing the visceral, brutal behavior of prisoners is disturbing. I have heard the show "Oz" that used to be on HBO (I never watched it, its too....messed up) is an accurate depiction of prison life.

  10. Yeah, I've seen to many terrible Sci-fi movies to list that as my favorite.

    Try being really bored an unable to leave the house and having to watch the scifi channel movies. Its bad, real bad. "Frankenfish" is my favorite :P

    There are some good horrors, but I don't watch them, because I'm a chicken.

    I guess because "Alien" is my all time favorite movie (an odd quirk, I know) is the reason I listed that. Although I am a horror aficianado, there are some that are too disturbing or wierd for me, so I can understand completely.

  11. yea, i've never heard of chemistry or physics, so it's random. ranom random random Bob Dole...er, random.

    It's their objection to materialism, basically. Science doesn't say whether or not god is responsible for natural laws, and this pisses the IDers off for some reason. Any idjit knows that chemical reactions and natural selection aren't random, but because we don't run around saying "god did it! god did it!" I guess they think it might as well be random.

  12. I think the "Under God" has more to do with the U.S. seeming like a country ordained of God, or something like that.

    Well prior to 1952, it was "indivisible", then they changed it to "under god".

  13. "If George Bush truly listened to God and read the words of the Christ, Iraq and the devastation in New Orleans would have never happened."

    Yeah, George Bush is some sort of evil wizard that can summon hurricanes at will. :rolleyes: Someone needs to tell her to shut up. Seriously. She's an embarassment.

  14. To me, the height of arrogance and insensitivity is throwing fast food garbage out of moving vehicles. There should be a special prison for people who do that. With really filthy cells.

    I agree. Its wrong on so many levels.

  15. You folks realize, don't you, that the very most radical change anyone can expect here is that the words "under God" will be removed from the Pledge, and that's all?

    Yes. Thats fine with me, but I don't know about the other members.

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