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    Everyone is conscious and equal, besides our different bodies, memory and decisions, we are all identical consciousnesses.

    If there is no god, we have to immediately find a way to make our consciousnesses in our brains stay going so we can live forever.

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  1. What I said is true that for like half of people that are straight and true that half that are gay if really are are may have a range extended to all men too and even their attraction after creating them kept for either or both a the diffienterated girl look attraction and the befor diffienterated look of themselves which may have or only been kept and possibly diffienterated to a different boy look of face, and body, and like I said prob arn't like straight people and born with a wider range to all men and are ok with it, what I said is all true~ No the beards and hair color do not matttter not even the body, we're talkin about the face shapes and that after creating you I'm sure the best attraction you want is taken somehow from you, I explained earlier how probbably, and also diffienterated a bit more to the girl face with the beard taken away and wanting that look even a bit more than your own now since diffienterated a bit over to it, a different genetal is added as much really is good but a same genital is really good as much too, hair color doesn't matter much, not even much body either, but body usually goes with blueprints of face. y r u all gay About op gender or even same gender, look alike attraction I said is true, and cause it diffienterated from you and left your look as most attractive boy and really close in the most attractive girl range to what u want now and it is true unless you came out dif or wrong probbably, your all gay so that's why nobody agrees they "look alike".....I have no clue if your siblings would be thriving on thr brink of this wanted look alike attraction, I'll know one day, like even if have to create~
  2. At the beginning there I was talking about the look of a girl I'm attracted to the most, but as said later, looks like me, which is for everyone also and also for everyone is that yourself is the most attractive same gender as cause it's taken after creating yourself, which is then diffienterated to op gender and more att to that face, including body.
  3. Ew that's disgusting above, not watching of course, and no it has to be a actual girl of course, a god could make one, the spiritual god OR us particle gods once we get to that point and can switch into a god or human, or a most advanced organism creature womb thing could make anything, which could make us into gods and have that power same thing then.
  4. ya, a god could create one, that is actually a girl with a penis. Edited above paragraph for more betterness of understanding.
  5. Because as I said like right at the beginning, your own body after creating your body "gets" the (best) attraction jewel from U...and changes it (the body and face) more strongly to a girl (for a straight boy) and "while" your the most attractive boy then to yourself, literally everything on your body is the most attractive boy shapes and face, your even more attracted to the diffienterated appearance that looks like you because as I said "it changed a bit" and instead has a vagina which is made as attractive and "is" good, and a penis would be good too on her, and this diffienterated look is even more attractive and is therefore the most attractive girl, look-face and body, that your attracted to, and personality can change and is not a problem~ So my exact clone only - so theres not 1% of disgust which is not acceptable, is ok because it's in the range of what's ok, and was made acceptable by my brain as attractive-the most attractive-boy face, ect. which is just acceptable ....(but only boys that are the same gender and are not look like me exact arn't acceptable and out of range for a straight person)
  6. 1. For straight made people, it (is) disgusting as explained. Only thing acceptable for people straight is a clone or opposite gender. 2. Iv learned and ov that no matter how different looking a boy and girl are and totally not attracted it will never hurt the "statio" of aiming for only ever going near op gender and is not bad. 3. As I said normal could be straight... and born differently could be either like a girl's mind or like I explained might be spread out to able to like same gender also, but a universal cost of probably not as attracted to some things to achieve such a wider range.
  7. Every human & animal is ok with looking at eachother because not the same species even if same gender, and same species different gender is attracted, but same species and same gender as us straight people are, is disgusting!!! (the face is totally repelling) What I said above is true to normaly made beings unless your bi and maybe even more spread out but not as sexualy attracted sadly then for the advantage and so normal is more great, and that's why a normal boy and girl look alike and like your parents as I prooved what I said above for normal straight made people, and that it somehow formed in your brain from your shapes of body and face being formed and the nervous system and recordings of when created and then made the target for most attracted and differentiated it a bit to opposite gender face as being more attractive then yourself a bit, it may be impossible for it to do this if it can't and a spirit being the consciousness would prob just have the attractive target and each spirit is different and it could be like that, if that stuff is true~
  8. Nope the accidents inside a cell is not what makes a human or other amazing creatures...You couple of members are only spamming and not answering with the right if there is, answers.
  9. There isn't no mistakes, they form into things actual things, it is simple-the cell and or maybe just the DNA has to change but what gets in there to do so keeping the enviroment effect of water or air to fly-which that envirement doesn't make sense to effect as some don't get effected....what's that your agreeing with with fuzzwood?...
  10. I meant what I said seems right and I'm totally going with it of course as there's nothing to win over the said things
  11. Well saying that then there's not much I can think of to say other then my examination of theory is above that should be and seems true, you can test for yourself if you like the same color op gender more, and if the most attractive boy or girl- look like yourself and parents, and if there is disgust if you really really think about it about same gender, it's all above....as I said so then what made you also then makes you extremely attracted to yourself and also even more to a different but very similar op gender face that simply took a little differentiation from the best attraction of yourself that came from what made you...it's all above......and also what you said and about a just right off different attraction that doesn't look like you or parents and the bi and from the faces you seen when young is talking about being fromed OR brain wired....but the proof of what I said and how it explains plus so many people saying the couple "looks alike" proves what I said is correct...like what I said above is right and the normal case, and that maybe some are not born normal and acidentaly just brain wired different.
  12. The link or what you said doesn't give any answers, or none I can at all even see...I mean ball of cells first being like that, and then into a complex human, the cell's DNA or I think also the cell and DNA ? Had to change, and change in such a perfect way from things that would give it ease of symmetry to form like that us animals are and how perfect...but so how did the DNA and cell around it ? change? How does anything whatsoever change the cell and or DNA to give it the changes with perfectness to add on a evolution of growing wings or a tail...You could say all the hot water affects the cell and or DNA how ? and makes it on the path of having DNA to get gills and be ok in warm water but then how does an eviroment for wings tell it to do that to cell and or DNA ? to give a perfectness of a setup of the dna starting and cell structure for the next offspring to start to grow wings? Basically is it the DNA or also the rest of the cell that will make the sperm and egg grow into the creature? And how does even a air envirement if actually nothing I think give a change to the cell and or DNA to get wings and to with perfectness, perfectness of just rightly changing the cell and or DNA to the right way to start with perfectness on that road for each next new born and continue too with perfectness of growing the wings, and is it have to happen to all the cells or sperm cells or the productories?
  13. Firstly the laughing was cause I knew I was right I have proof and not to be insulting or mean and just to be funny... ~ Secondly, From looking alot at the faces of girls I am most attracted to and examining, I have found that, (also my mom and dad look like me) I have found that there are around two most attractive looks, asian face and a more egyption nose dutch face that looks more like myself, and these two faces (both of them )look like me! anddd my mom too! And the most attractive person is definitely the same color skin, unless you find the same look of face & body in black or other, but if it's in the same color it is even more attractive, so I'm...right...shrugs shoulders :/ ......it's proof of myself anddd others ,that you look like mom and dad and are attracted to a look that looks like yourself which looks something related to your mom and your attracted to yourself too as since that's where the attracting look comes from and differs a bit into the blueprints of a girl which you desire as much or more than your own look... 3. Well about gay and lesbian...maybe some of you's are not on track with the normal way we are wired as I explained above, and really are brain wired to be attracted to the same gender...but maybe you's are not really tho, because if you see someone that looks like you a bit, you might be ok with it, but maybe even a bit of disgustness still left unless a perfect clone or op gender is enough to not be bi...so maybe you's better watch it there ad think again...and ya if a clone or op gender maybe it would be ok I think...now also sato and others, it is true that I and others are straight becase some things honestly...are attractive....some are neutral like a square...and human males to me are disgusting, I can't really look at them, I enjoy more not looking at their face, and therfore respectively their body either then...so there ya ..go...
  14. Whahahaha Whahahahahahahaha nope, lol that can't be true because: 1. There is black people and asian ect all with different size or color skin and nose and the shapes of the face ect, and I'm sure, that just as much too, since brain wired, a black boy is most attracted to a black girl....that's why they always end up with the same look 2. A girl and a boy show evidence of brain wired definitely, attracted to the opposite gender only, girl to boy and boy to girl. 3. I know what I said is true myself actually because the most attractive look looks like myself but not exactly, and I'm also attracted to myself since am normal with long hair and fringe, so there mustttt...be something in the brain....that after creating you, makes you attracted to those genes/look, and you knowww the look, as when you see, you know, if u attracted, and the brain changes the attraction a bit to female anf that's why you like yourself, but not the jem, well it is, but the opposite gender perfect match is what you really want as much or I think more and is a jem or more of one even more attractive...
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