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  1. you are bored because you haven't blown something up. science is supposed to be fun right? perhaps you have taken the fun out of science for yourself in an attempt at accuracy? yep, x marks the spot... blow something up the best way you like.
  2. you can get away with a cheapy for a few buck if it is just a once in a while thing. if you solder all the time you want to control the temp better. you would need a station. here is a cheap station. i would try around the hundred dollar mark though. weller is a good name brand.
  3. philosophy opens the people to questions tha science can answer. this is how science was born itself. once geometry was a thing caught in a philosopher's stone.
  4. everything is moving around faster and there is more "chance" of transmutation. the greater the shadow the greater chance of getting hit.
  5. you need your language to actually do numerical work. where is the logical structures that complete your expressions? i would suggest an engine that follows mathematical rules. your expression instruction set also needs storage capacity.
  6. time happens at the speed of light. it is a field. the angle of motion so to say...
  7. i hope they dont give up.
  8. i agree mordred. thanks for the information. i find this thread shows collaboration which is a key ingredient of science beyond simple argumentation (it does work).
  9. consider spitting up the target area into sections that can be irradiated. firstly, microwaves will not kill you before you decide to s*** and get due to the burning sensation on your skin (see crowd control microwave). a standard thousand watt microwave is actually feasible with a few mods. capacitor bank with charging circuit and charge dump ( high power needs solid state switching). when you see the tube, you will have a ceramic tube with metal fins for cooling. this is where you need more cooling. a phase change unit from a refrigerator should be used to cool a secondary cooling loop with a reservoir and high velocity pump. this is no different than overclocking a computer or cooling a ccd camera. you may go through more than one tube so have one or two extra laying in wait already set up for cooling. sudden heat changes can crack the ceramic. DO NOT break a tube intentionally as this is highly toxic stuff. if a tube breaks dispose of it in a sealed bag at least. in the end your unit will take time and patience learnig it operating characteristics and capabilities (you must test it first and record the results so you know how to use it.) oh, you will need to build a reflector that shapes the device's "light cone". at the least you wil have 300 in microwaves, 100-150 in caps, 100 for charging circuit, ect.... it will be a few grand unless you scavenge parts. please note that if you use this device the signal continues past the object and can be triangulated by calls about interference (government takes your toy and puts you in jail). with knowledge comes responsibility. build it. have fun. do not use it on other people or property. i think a much more fun way to use it is to transmit audio into someone's head. (jokingly...)
  10. if you have the money to build a device emp or microwave, then just put it on a car or house. this is a better return for your investment.
  11. we use microwaves instead of traditional emps because it is directional. that means you are not losing the signal at the inverse square ( innefficient)
  12. i think ant is correct to a degree. the big bang expanded faster than the speed of light. and indeed there is a background noise at 208ghz. as well as the entire spectrum. and regardless of the fact that you cannot transmit information beyond the speed of light, the wave that ensued IS the amount of energy we have today. in other words it is equal my suggestion is that he sees the idea of how it works and can at least prove a signal (not superluminal). regardles of whether a resulting 208 ghz wave is the cause of matter accumulation, he gets the idea to an extent. now he must prove that it is not a 208 ghz wave. he must prove himself wrong to get the real answer. matter did start accumulating at a particular frequency. he is correct.
  13. hmm... this seems to be a question for a philosopher.
  14. i intended the material as a starting point where you have an actual example of a 208 frequency. by understanding the experiment, you may or may not find what you want. this was intended merely as an actual demonstration of this band. here is some more interesting material for you ant. http://www.ionizationx.com/index.php?topic=943.0
  15. when i started college and began writing and criticizing the works of others. i saw a trend. a man that cannot see himself cannot see the world around him.
  16. yes, imagine the offering to third world countries of such a yeast. it may offset the docs workload so he can concentrate his efforts on ebola. lol this is true affect. guidance where it is needed most. thanks guys.
  17. lol. thanks for the humor PHI. you actually bring up a great point. right now i am deciding how to store my chemicals and the like. i have a daughter that is as curious as i am. i found a lockable metal double door metal storage cabinet for fairly cheap. i also bought two different types of extinguishers for accidents. not sure why but just in case... i printed out an emergency number list too. i have it hanging next to the msds datasheets (document your chemicals...).
  18. i found it interesting that the magets had to be made out of a specific material type. i wonder if they are trying to tap the paramagetic properties of a surface.
  19. hello all, i am in the process of assembling my own lab. the evil side of me wants to to produce yeast genetically modified to produce pscillocybin resulting in yet another blow to the anals of society. the educated side of me wants to have a basic setup that will not get me into trouble... enough said. so far i have a decent set of chemistry glassware, stereo microscope, slides, dishes, clean box, a decent cleaning procedure along with supplies for it, and a neibor that fusses when i use my drill in hammer mode. what i am looking for is any ideas on creating your own lab experiments with homemade contraptions (i enjoy engineering as much as biology). any ideas will be useful. note that i am not looking for arguments against having my own lab but ideas instead. please note this and consider it while responding. P.S. obviously, if you do not have a sense of humor then please do not respond as my work requires more than the ability to count.
  20. http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00723-012-0380-3 here is an epr study you may find helpful. while it is not on the same subject, it is actual research involving a 208 ghz signal injection. this means there is actual experimental data to some degree that you can start with. the book is called applied magnetic resonance. hmm. the point is that i can argue with you all day, but i also cary the same burden of proof on my side of the fence as a critic. i hope this helps all.
  21. thank you for taking the time to respond charony. i will open a thread with a more appropriate topic. that should make things more managable.
  22. absolutely. like what you are saying, i will have a minimal set up that can't really be called a lab. i am actuallty familiar to some degree because of previous hospital experience. i will be enjoying the construction of some equipment experimentally. this will be an exercise in learning more than anything. i am getting signed up for some coursework and may eventually try to volunteer some actual lab time. my overall goal is to become more familiar with the basic techniques employed in a lab (never actually worked in a lab but have spent time talking to cooworkers that would explain what they were doing). it is really a fascinating field. they would show me the process of creating cultures and using the various equipment to complete thier chores. if i use a lab, it will probably be the spectrography equipment i will need as i plan to compare the genetic profiles of the different cultures to what is already available. sounds like a loss of time but i would enjoy the confirmation and this may foster further interest. i hope this sounds more realistic. my set: microscope clean box chemistry glassware and other odds and ends centrifuge set up for electrophoresis still compiling a list (it gets pretty expensive) it is obvious to me that i can only do basic things in my lab. i could just imagine the biohazard crew coming in after my arrest for accidentally releasing modified yeast into the environment. lol i will not go this far... i am just curious about the basics for now, and maybe after some coursework, they will let me in to a real full functioning lab. just so you know, i will be starting off doing a study on fungus (mushroom spores and structure). i have already ordered the samples so i have a place to begin... the beginning. P.S. your sincere concerns for any loss on my part are greatly appreciated. i will try not to bite off more than i can chew. please consider my plan to be a preliminary investigation to cure my appetite for knowledge. my reason for posting here is to establish a relationship with someone at least close to the field. i will take any information i can get. forgive any crackpottery i have going on here and thank you for the advice.
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