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  1. The death penalty is more expensive than life in prison. The death penalty is more than twice as expensive as life in prison.
  2. So if an adult is lacking in maturity or intellectual development, would you punish him the same way you would a minor? If the reason is lack of maturity and intellect, then the problem is not minors, but people with a lack of maturity and intellect. Don't categorise minors as not having maturity or intellect. That's like saying all Arabs are terrorists, just because those are the only ones that you here about.
  3. Then maybe its the eligibility for drinking, smoking, and voting that needs to be reconsidered.
  4. Then we would have a serious problem.
  5. I see no reason why saudi Arabia should be called a democracy; it is not. If they believe they are then they either don't know what a democracy is, or they are just wrong. A democracy does not let men control the lives of women. That is not freedom or democracy. Ignorance? Wishful thinking? The idea that if we think they are democratic we won't attack them?
  6. and the necesary resources. I think their technology would conform to the recources they have.
  7. Advanced technology doesn't mean anything except advanced technology. The only judgement you can make about a society based on their technology, is that they have good scientists.
  8. When did Cadmus come into this? Does his involvement in this thread have anything to do with giant space zombie Jesus?
  9. And people say this technology would be useless..
  10. Could be used to get a better understanding of cloning.
  11. There could be many good reasons to create new species. We could use them in the military. Make really strong animals, and give them just enough intelligence to follow and understand orders. If we put them in the military we could save the lives of many of our soldiers.
  12. First you talk about Europeans, then all humans. You look at the actions of one 'tribe' of humans, then base the actions of all humanity on the actions of that group.
  13. Probably. They are aliens, and would most likely be completely different from us. They are different creatures, they could be hostile, or they could be peaceful. We have no way of knowing until we encounter them.
  14. Mine is the one it shows where your avatar should be when you are at the home page and don't have one selected. I picked it because I coudn't find one that I wanted.
  15. Just as confused as you. The only thing I can come up with is that the laws of physics might have been different when the energy was created. That doesn't make sense though. I think that we'll never know the answer to that question.
  16. Good. It is hard to have a debate when neither person understands the other person's position. We aren't aware of the other dimensions, and they don't have an affect on us, so I don't see any use considering ourselves a part of it. If something was found that was caused by another dimension, I would consider ourselves a part of it, but that hasn't happened, so I believe we exist in only four dimensions.
  17. What I have said is that for something to be part of a dimension, it has to be part of a dimension it either has to be aware of it, or somehow be affected by it. You have based your conclusion off of just one part of my argument. You think our existing in more than four dimensions is a scientific possibility, while I think it is more of a science fiction idea.
  18. You left out the other part of my post: I said that if the dimensions have an effect on it, then it is part of that dimension,and the four dimensions affect it, even though it has no awareness of it. You can't take one part of one argument, than try to defeat the whole argument based on that one part.
  19. We might. I believe it is possible, but until I see evidence showing that we exist in more than four dimensions, the idea that we could exist in more than four dimensions is just a what if; an interesting thought, but nothing more.
  20. I already answered that. I agre with you there, and have never said otherwise; reread my posts, and you'll see that I never said that all existence was limited to four dimensions, just ours. Even though they are not aware of them, it still has an affect on them, which all are aware of to a certain degree, excluding the rock. BTW, we could be in more dimensions than the rock, because it is possible that consiousness is a dimension.
  21. Yes, I am. I think the current idea is that there are 11 dimensions, but we only live in 4 dimensions, so yes we can live in less than the total number of dimensions that exist. Yes. I don't see how you could be in a dimension without being aware of it. If we were not aware of the dimension of height, and it had no effect on us, would you consider us a part of that dimension, even though we don't know it exists?
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