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  1. Deadmau5:Ghosts and Stuff I used to not like deadmau5, but now I love him. His At Play albums are very easy to mix
  2. To our state, we are the most stable. If there are multiple universes, there could be a universe with only 3 dimensions without time. Not stable for a human to travel to. Now with the Multiverse, one of the paradoxes is that there could be a multiverse were any physics could be possible. Think of that. Thats what I mean by it is stable by our standards. They might have something different than our gravity, or their particles would interact differently with the world. Then you get into the multiverses that have 4 spacial dimensions, + 1 time, and that's were things get all screwy. Just think of how crazy that is!!! Still, to stable. I know that if universes collide, they might be reborn as a bigger one, but I don't know that a universe would survive a collision. I think that you are not thinking about it right. Time, as we know is relative. Because of that fact, we can assume that time does not pass the same for everything. Have you ever thought that our universe is just a cell in a massive body? But how long does the cell last? We know that some don't last long at all, but do you think the cell knows how long it lasted relative to us. That's were it gets cool. Maybe universes are colliding, but because our time span is so short relative to the universe as a whole, we don't notice it, because we don't live long enough. And your second question in the second paragraph is answered by the above. And for your last point, I can neither confirm nor deny what you said. I don't really know a lot about virtual particles. More research for me...
  3. HA HA HA!!! So Ironic!!! And My cat meme of the day.
  4. Peoples, we know hes trolling now. That last comment, oh, the insanity!!!
  5. I frogot to feed my fish this morning and I feel terriable

    1. imatfaal


      Not as bad as the fish do!

    2. Lightmeow


      How much do you want to bet...

  6. Hey dum-dum, I gave you some a while ago: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tests_of_general_relativity
  7. In my opinion, we couldn't do it. Like someone said, light is totally random. Due to that fact, it would be totally cool if you had a satellite, but, you said it yourself. It is random. So, you would have to have lightning collection centers everywhere. Then, there is the problem of catching the strike. Lightning has about at the least 10,000 amps, which for all purposes, is an insane amount, to be safe, about 700 times the amount of energy of a house socket(which is about 15 amps). But the amount of amps could go up to 200,000 amps. You would need a lot of resistance to slow that down. And resistance is essentially friction, and with friction, you loose energy, so by the time you could use the energy, there wouldn't be a lot to use.
  8. Well, if time goes on, then space time should be stretching anyways. I don't get what you mean by the forth dimension getting less flexible though.
  9. No, some scientists say more, others say less. 100 billion is a safe average that scientists like to use because it's "just right"
  10. I think you misunderstood what you read. We know that there are at least 100 billion galaxies from our view point. This is because there is a theory in cosmology called the cosmological principle. In this, we assume, that the universe is expanding from every point, like you said. Now if that is true, we know that all matter in the universe is basically a mirror of each other, i.e, if you look into the sky, the matter there is going to be as dense as matter some were else in the galaxy, or the matter is going to be equally distributed. Now, what the Hubble telescope did, is made a image called the Hubble deep field, and zoomed in as far as it could go, and took a bunch of pictures. Then from all of those pictures, they counted up the amount of galaxies in the picture, and because they were close to the same for all the pictures, the count of the galaxies, and they were able to take that data, then make an estimate, from that small region, to calculate how many galaxies we could see if scientists wanted to count them up, which they won't because we don't live that long. We don't know how big the universe is, but from our stand point, 100 billion is probably one of the best guesses that are made from data, but some scientists say it is more a lot more.
  11. Who are you to say this!!! You are only a high schooler!!!
  12. I hope you mean freshman college physics, or my school must really suck.
  13. Troll Memes(Because I can't post a billion on a certain thread)
  14. Get a religion. I'm sure the priests would love you. If all of the evidence lies in the paper... A priest just will tell you, "have faith", and you will believe. This is seriously my last post on this thread, but I will still keep looking here to see the just stupid things you have been writing. You seriously made my day with this joke of a thread, and I realize how lucky I am that I am not naive...
  15. Not really. Scientists know that there are multiple black holes in our universe. And, for black holes to exist, you have to accept the existence of space time. How does light "fall" into a black hole if there is no space time. And the theory also suggests that the speed of light is about 50% more than it is now. That can't be true, because scientists have calculated the speed of light. The speed of light is calculated using Maxwell's equations. Also, light doesn't have any mass. Therefor, it has no acceleration, because the a=F/m. This theory states that the UPD has a finite mass. Light also is electromagnetic, being energy, but is a particle at the same time, i.e., it is a particle and a wave. And because of this theory, there technically is no such thing as a vacuum, due to the whole universe being the Permeable Medium. But the theory states that the Permeable Medium is in between the spinning charges that make up the universe. The theory doesn't say what even is. Because it threw away the old definition of motion, it is saying that motion is electromagnetic. But it isn't there is other forms of motion... I just can't imagine it. Well, it was a nice trip, but I'm out.
  16. So the Summery of the Theory as I understand it The UPD, is a neutral particle made up of opposite charges, and the opposite charges revolve around each other. Also, even though it is infinitesimal, it still has charges, and mass. The Permeable Medium, is what is in between the space of the particles, and therefor is what makes up the universe. The motion of the particles disturbs the Permeable Medium, creating a electro-magnetic field. The Permeable Medium can also carry waves. It is saying that a black hole loops back on itself, creating and destroying the universe. Then the person says that positive and negative charges are the same. Then it is saying that time is a way for humans to describe the nature of the rotations of the spheres. Says time is a measure of relative distance. So time is distance. Then it talks about how elementary particles are made.
  17. The experiment shows the effects of time dilatation.
  18. This proves Relativity!!! And that link works, thanks
  19. I need the pdf to be uploaded to the forum. I can only read to page 287, then the rest is blank, and the download button doesn't work.
  20. I find it amusing you say that. I am merely an intelligent 9th grader. And Swansont, I don't think the person knows how GPS works. Edit: Said he, but could of been she
  21. The document doesn't even load for me anymore.
  22. You have got to be kidding me, you haven't heard about Einsteins eclipse experiment? http://simonsingh.net/media/articles/maths-and-science/1919-eclipse-and-general-relativity/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tests_of_special_relativity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tests_of_general_relativity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_dilation Come on, do some research and don't be naive
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