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  1. You should of said how should we approach the problems, I thought you were asking why complex diseases are hard to solve. Ok, so thinking. Here are some things we can do: Observe them(which we already do) Test different things, see if the disease is connected to another part of our body. I honestly can't think up of any ways... The scientists trying to figure this stuff out have been doing a great job at it(I MEAN NO SARCASM!!!), they really have been trying their best. Eventually they will figure something out. Just as now we know the solution to making a headache better is not to drill a hole in their head, but to give them the pills, or have them hold down on a pressure point. I think we just need a different tool set then what we have been trying to use. You know, you can't fix a china cup with a hammer, if you know what I mean... But, don't ask me for solutions. I'm going to use an example. Humans as of now try to fix mental illness with pills. As it looks like it works, it really doesn't, its more of a patch, you know, because the problems still there. But now, they also use therapy, and therapy works in some cases, and then the people don't need to take pills anymore. That's what I mean by a different tool set. Hope that added something. Sorry if I offended you...
  2. I think the reason why we can't understand the disorders is because they are complex, and might have a million variables to it.
  3. Ha, beat 2048 many times now, just figured the pattern out!!! Ah, Just like the Rubix Cube(Getting a 5x5 speaking of...)

  4. Hello, I have a question. So we all know that, in the real number system, you can only have positive and negative numbers, right? Because The numbers cycle twice because there it is one dimension. And you can only have right or left. 1*-1=-1, -1*-1=1. Then you have imaginary numbers, right. i*i=-1. -1*i= -i. -i*i = 1 1*i=i They cycle because on the complex plane, there is four quadrants, thus can cycle four times. So, now, lets go to three dimensions shall we. Is there a number that cycles 8 times? Please answer... And if there isn't one, lets try making one up, shall we? Oh, and when we make it up, how would it be used? Josh
  5. Hello peoples, I have a question for some of the older scientists here, who I assume are doing something other than reading about science. Let me tell you what I mean... So, I love science, so I read. Over the past month, I have been reading a bunch of science papers and stuff, trying to fill my brain with more knowledge. Now this is all fine and good, but with reading, I'm not actually doing any science, am I? I'm just reading... So, I want to figure something out. I want to help the world, and be one of those people who actually does something other that know a lot of stuff. So how did you guys start your first project. How did you know what you wanted to do it on... Any answers would be AWESOME!!! Thanks in advance, Lightmeow

    1. imatfaal


      Lightmeow - now there's a frood who certainly knows where his towel is.

  7. Why does the United States care about other peoples wars?
  8. Was Newton wrong because he didn't thoroughly explain gravity? I don't think so. Same thing with Einstein. Sorry, but I don't think one person can do it all.
  9. Some of the ads on this site crack me up :D

  10. Oh, I was talking to another one of my friends, who goes to a catholic church. But she just goes because she is curious about it. I was talking to her about this, and she says she asks questions she knows they can't answer. She said she almost got exiled because she was talking about the corruption of the Catholic popes back in the day. Just don't get why I got exiled when I was so young...
  11. Or(let me whip out my Hitchhikers Guide), God says he is based on faith. Now man says, if god was true, then that would be proof. Then, proof denies faith, and without faith, there can be no god. 'I hadn't thought of that' says god as he promptly disappears in a puff of logic" Next, man goes to prove that dark is light, and gets himself run over in the next zebra crossing. I love that book, it is probably my Bible...
  12. @Moontanman That is something that you need to copyright, then send to the science community...
  13. This is a real hypothesis!!! Its in the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, the first time they got onto the heart of gold(Infinite Improbability Drive is on), and Arther says, "Ford, there's an infinite amount of monkeys who want to talk to us about this script for Hamlet they worked up". What is this called, does it have a name?
  14. He didn't say that about the clothing... And he was a priest... Yes, that is what I meant. And the question I asked the priest was when I was 7. What Unity said did make sense though. Maybe some Christians aren't smart enough to know this.
  15. So I just have a few quick questions about things that never quite made sense to me. First, I was talking to a friend about what is wrong with homosexuals. I said I had nothing against them. She, also said she had nothing against them, but she didn't like the idea that they were going to hell. I replied to this, "Well, if they believe in hell". Then she says, well, if you don't beleive in hell, you will go anyways. I wanted to ask her, do all of the isolated tribes go to hell just because they didn't believe in god. Do they? And the next question that I am going to ask actually got me kicked out of church. What do people wear in heaven? Then I asked the priest, are they naked. He said no because that was the first thing adam and eve figured out when they ate the apple. The second thing. Do they wear white robes. The priest said no. Then I asked, do they wear what they were wearing when they died? He said no. Then I said then what do they wear. He said he didn't know. I said a few remarks about how stupid that was, then he exiled me from the church. Thus my hate of religion. Any one want to sheed some light on this????
  16. I'm sure there is. Hey, there are animals that we observe in the wild, and the animals have no clue we are there. Or ants, do you think ants are aware of us when we are looking at them. Speaking of ants, do you think trees could be higher than us???
  17. Good work!!! I love listening to artists that aren't mainstream and listening to music that means something.
  18. I am trying to figure out how to make a function for this wave. I drew it terribly, but I think it works: So, how would I make that? I tried but I can't do it. This is not for home work, I'm just curious. If you can't understand that image, basically you have a sine wave on a sine wave. Sorry, I'm not good at explaining things.
  19. No, I should of said something else, but if something is falling down an escalator, and the escalator is going up fast enough, then it will never stop falling...
  20. This might be cruel, but: baby falling down an escalator.(You have to think about it...)
  21. I have always admired Carl Sagan, as he was a big avicate for science, and tried to spread the word of it. He is the reason why I love science, let it be known. When I was little, I always looked forward to watching his cosmos series.
  22. My spell check isn't working, FYI What you are saying is half vallid, but we have done studys to show that animals can cummunicate to each other using certain sounds and gestures. Therefor, by your argument, their communication is unnatural. Who are you to say that the sounds that we use are words. All our words are sound. Who are you to say we are more evolved. What greater good would we follow. There would be no greater good if we couldn't invent anything. There have been studies with dolphins that say that they do stuff for fun, i.e., sexaul intercourse; for enjoyment and pleasure, not to procuate. Dolphins have "hobbies", why can't humans. I assume you have a computer because you are posting this, so you are a hyprocrite. So, what is your difinition of survival? Living naked, eating raw food, and procuating. How? What is your point? Then why do humans have free will? I doubt it. I wouldn't be able to talk to you. People would be isolated, and their would be no far cummunication. Speach saves a lot of time. And the way you're preaching, I feel like you are doing everything you are trying to say is wrong. LISTEN TO YOUR EGO!!! Yes, and this thread is fictional. We are in this reality. Take it and be productive, or go naked in the middle of nowhere and I want to see how happy you will be. Lightning that burns down trees is anti-nature, all the oil is anti-nature. You froget that everything gets recycled eventully. Humans by that difinition are evil. Basically what I think you are saying is learning is unnatural, as I understand it. And you dissagree with free will, and want no truck with it... Regards, Lightmeow
  23. Probably not... Unless you have someone rage quit and hit a person when they throw their council out their window. But serously, no. There have been many studies, and the results have basically all been biased. Hey, playing GTA encourages violence, but that doesn't mean that I am going to go out and do anything...
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