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    Promoting the disolution of the self puts you, PeterJ, in a logical predicament. The same logical predicament that belief in reincarnation puts the believer in reincarnation. And Karma, to be logically consistent would absolutely require that the self is immortal, and gets graded on its individual efforts and rewarded or punished depending on whether or not the self performs well.


    Regards, TAR


    The amusing thing is is all of you people think all of the others are is delusional. You cannot use logic to explain this. Tar, can you please explain how you use logic to explain your comments? I am a little confused. I do not think that this is a logical conversation. Maybe we need to redefine logic for this conversation?

  2. Thanks Sato, that must have taken some time to think of! I wasn't expecting it to get that complacated, although math can get as complex and hard as you want... If it wouldn't take to much time, could you explain to me how you got to the finial answer?


    Like how do you know that this will come out with the final answer: If its to tedious and time consuming don't bother, but I am cerious...


    How can you explain you came up with the below equation?

    [latex] f(x) = ((x \bmod \pi)+\pi) + (x \bmod \pi) * \frac{(\frac{\pi}{2} - (x \bmod \pi)+\pi)}{(x \bmod \pi)^{\lceil \frac{x \bmod \pi}{4}\rceil}} [/latex]
  3. I'm trying to write a function that where the domain is all whole numbers that returns only the values 1, 0, and -1.


    At first I made a peacewise function:


    [latex] f(x)=\left\{\begin{matrix} -1 & x<0 \\ 0 & x=0\\ 1 &x>0 \end{matrix}\right.\ [/latex]


    But I think I can be more clever than that. Would it be proper to combine the floor function and the sine function to make this?


    [latex] f(x)= sin \lfloor x \rfloor [/latex]

    Or would I need to do something else to make that work?


    Thanks in advance for the help!

  4. Mathematician John Nash, wife killed in car crash




    Such a sad tragedy..

    That really sucks. Imagine going through your whole life dealing with everything he had to, and beating the struggle, just to die because of a stupid taxi driver doing something dumb. Whatever, stuff happens. Good luck where ever you guys are :) Your legacy will live on.

  5. There is no such thing as karma, only cause and effect.


    What I mean is that people who enjoy doing bad things to others will not necessarily get what is coming to them.


    If someone becomes a drug addict and dies of drug overdose, it's because the drugs were bad for their body to begin with, not because of some cosmic force that cares about what people do or sees humans as being special.


    Millions of innocent people die every year of disease and starvation, so was that karma too?


    Morality is just an artificial construct to keep order in society and in the grand scheme of things humans doing bad things to each other has no more meaning than a bear eating a deer for food.

    Karma is cause and effect. And of course, karma is much more subtle than, you kill someone, something bad happens to you. Sure, nothing bad might not happen to you now or this life, but karma is tied into reincarnation, and something will happen out of you in your next life that is not explained. I hope the last point also answers your thing about millions of people die from starvation. They might of not have done anything wrong in this life and seem to be innocent, but they might have done something their last life. They also might have done absolutely nothing wrong in their total existence, and be learning some lesson or something. It's really complicated, and I suggest you do a little research before you say such an ignorant blanket statement.


    And your point on morality is also true, but humans like to have a reason to be good, it a religious, spiritual, or political reason. We like to explain things, and karma is one of the many ways we explain whats happening to us. How do you explain your goodness? ( I half assume you are a nice person ;) )

  6. I learned that in chemistry that when a unstable element is going through Beta decay, a neutron splits into a proton and electron, the electron being the Beta particle. As far as I know, the protons and neutrons are made up of quarks, which are elementary particles. The electron is also a elementary particle. But how do both quarks and electrons make up an atom? I did some research, and was unable to find a good explanation for this. Could some one please explain?


    Thanks in advance.

  7. The link is a .cgi, which means "common gateway interface", which means that it is a program on the web server that dynamically generates the web page that you get. I assume the program checks the input and gives you a "correct" or "incorrect" message depending. Nowadays, most websites contain dynamic content so you can't assume that a webpage that you get is the only one that you'll ever get.


    However, I've come up with the same 73-digit answer twice, which the website says is wrong. Wolfram alpha solved it for me :P, but I might be making a mistake. There are always bugs possible, but I'd bet on a bug in the puzzle website before a bug in wolfram alpha's solution.


    Can you split that into 2 equations of the form "x mod d = r"? Wolfram alpha will solve that.

    Note that x in your input means something different.


    I didn't know what that link meant. I assumed that it was basically another html page. That makes sense. Thanks

  8. Has anyone actually gotten to the answer? And put the answer into the site and found the correct answer? I was looking at the source code for the puzzle, and got this:

    <h1>Welcome to the new challenge set!</h1>
    <h2>Find the lowest possible value for X Good luck!</h2>
    <h3>(<i>You may want to learn about modular arithmetic for this</i>)</h3>
    <form action="http://meecles.net/cgi-bin/check/step2.cgi" method="POST">
      <input type="text" name="s" maxlength="80"><input type="submit" Value="Check answer here">
    <p>x mod 2 = 1           </p>
    <p>x mod 3 = 2           </p>
    <p>x mod 5 = 2           </p>
    <p>x mod 13 = 8          </p>
    <p>x mod 29 = 4          </p>
    <p>x mod 31 = 18         </p>
    <p>x mod 191 = 130       </p>
    <p>x mod 397 = 343       </p>
    <p>x mod 691 = 652       </p>
    <p>x mod 1009 = 858      </p>
    <p>x mod 2039 = 689      </p>
    <p>x mod 4099 = 1184     </p>
    <p>x mod 7001 = 2027     </p>
    <p>x mod 10009 = 5119    </p>
    <p>x mod 19997 = 15165   </p>
    <p>x mod 30013 = 15340   </p>
    <p>x mod 70009 = 29303   </p>
    <p>x mod 160009 = 42873  </p>
    <p>x mod 200009 = 158045 </p>
    <p>x mod 430009 = 267339 </p>
    <p>x mod 600008 = 318753 </p>
    <p>x mod 800009 = 438462 </p>
    <h5><i><b>Hint: </b>You probably can't do this calculation by hand.</i></h5>

    The one link is the link to the you got the question wrong. Therefor I don't see any end to the puzzle.

  9. Regulation and subsidy seem the only viable answer. Obama's suggestion of offering community college at no fee for the first two years strikes me as a good first step, too.


    We cannot sacrifice our ability to innovate and compete globally and allow education to become yet another social space where benefits flow only to the privileged and fortunate few.


    I agree. As a student in high school, I hate how expensive school is. My parents told me that I would have to pay for school on my own if I wanted to go(which I do) My dad told me he would rather buy a house then send me to school actually, which does suck. I am just trying to get all the scholarships I can... Then I have kids that I hate and probably don't even deserve to go to school, and they are rich and they are always joking about going there for the social experience and to party. With me, I'm going to get my penny's worth when I go to school. Hopefully, we will become a more evolved society with school and eventually we'll get to the point where school isn't as overpriced as it is.

  10. Oh my god, theres a triangle in my math book. It must be the Illuminati!!! Oh, and the triangle thing on a house, also the Illuminati.


    Sorry, I couldn't help it.


    Oh, and although it is pretty interesting, some of the ways you twisted the picture's especially the one with the cross, kind of are way to vague. And with your smile reference, we can falsify that, because it's not like humans thought back in the day, oh, I want my smile to look like the moon. Humans evolved that way, so you can't say what you are saying about it.

  11. Hey, Peoples, guess what, WE ARE ALMOST AT PLUTO, so we will get some pictures!


    This is very exciting for me personally. I was starting second grade when they launched the space craft, and have been watching this project for a while :), and am so happy it's almost in viewing distance. This will be a great break through for science. I've always imagined what it would look like on Pluto, and we will be able to see shortly :)


    Here it the link to the article I read:



    Thanks for reading!

  12. The boxes look stupid for closing programs, but you can easily change it so it looks more like Windows ME ;)


    Lets see, it's pretty much like any distro, I like it over Ubuntu because it isn't as fancy. I hate the Unity desktop. The start menu has an all applications catagory, so thats kind of nice. It's fast and clean. Kind of reminds me of ME.


    A stupid problem I'm having a problem is I just installed it on my laptop, and my graphics card as of now isn't working. I'm using an intel intagrated, so it should of, so I'm trying to figure it out. I have had no problem with my desktop, which is an AMD graphics card. Thats the only thing I can't figure out. I haven't really started screwing around with anything yet. Haven't felt the need to, you know. It just works...


    The only thing thats annoying, and you probably know this, is compiling stuff.



    I'm still trying to understand Ubuntu!


    Ubuntu sucks(In My opinion)... I think its geared more toward Mac users.

  13. I like windows 7, or linux. Windows 8 sucks. Its not that Windows 8 is hard to learn, but its stupid that they are forcing a mobile enviroment onto a person. Especially if you don't have a touch screen. Windows 8 is more backwards. Windows 7 is an insainly stable OS. The only thing that stinks is if you want to do anything on a really root level, you need to do some real digging to find it, and the CMD is more DOS and hasn't advanced in years. Thats where linux mint, or OpenSuse comes in. Right now, I'm running Mint, because I love it. OpenSuse is another great OS. I used to use Arch, but I got sick of having to update it and the updates breaking the system. I have no reason to use arch, other then to tinker, so thats why I use Mint. I don't really like XP, it's pretty Outdated, and you can't use the newer versions of OpenGL

  14. Sure. But Imatfaal was asking about how it would feel on his skin. As I attested, it does not feel wet and all indications [more-or-less] are that I surfed no no no ull forklenerns. :blink:

    He asked what the sensation would be like. I guess your right though. I've played with mercury though, and it does feel kind of wet if its cold.


    While that is true it does not add to the discussion about this topic. How must we approach the problems in order to gain better understanding of them.


    You should of said how should we approach the problems, I thought you were asking why complex diseases are hard to solve. Ok, so thinking.


    Here are some things we can do:

    Observe them(which we already do)

    Test different things, see if the disease is connected to another part of our body.

    I honestly can't think up of any ways... The scientists trying to figure this stuff out have been doing a great job at it(I MEAN NO SARCASM!!!), they really have been trying their best. Eventually they will figure something out. Just as now we know the solution to making a headache better is not to drill a hole in their head, but to give them the pills, or have them hold down on a pressure point. I think we just need a different tool set then what we have been trying to use. You know, you can't fix a china cup with a hammer, if you know what I mean... But, don't ask me for solutions.


    I'm going to use an example. Humans as of now try to fix mental illness with pills. As it looks like it works, it really doesn't, its more of a patch, you know, because the problems still there. But now, they also use therapy, and therapy works in some cases, and then the people don't need to take pills anymore. That's what I mean by a different tool set.


    Hope that added something. Sorry if I offended you...

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