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  1. Yes there could be "life" on frozen planets. You will probably not find life on hot Jupiters. We may find life under the surface of frozen planets. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think of the thousands of exoplanets discovered, we still have not found a planet as nice as Earth, right?
  2. During what period of time were these planets found? Are these the most recent discoveries? Of all the terrestrial planets found, how many of them are so much like Earth that we could survive on the surface without help from space suits? As far as I know, we have not discovered any Earth 2.0. Maybe that explains the Fermi Paradox?
  3. It is my attempt at understanding the Trump supporters' view about Russian "interference," which was actually "helping Trump" (which Mueller could not directly say!) Trump fans say "thank you Russia," and have no incentive to read the Mueller report. That is why the Mueller report needs to be recited in Mueller hearings. Ask Mueller to recite, in his own words, each of the dozen documented instances of obstruction. That could take a week of 8-hour days, like the Watergate hearings.
  4. In Mueller's 9-minute statement yesterday, he put major emphasis on Russia interfering in the US elections in a "systematic and sweeping" fashion. It was the first and last thing he mentioned as if to reinforce in our minds that ALL Americans need to think about it. Trump-supporter's philosophy is "the ends justify the means." What's wrong with Russia helping Trump get elected? They did a good thing for America! So why should they even read the Mueller report? Barr already told them "nothing to see here folks, let's move along." Why was Mueller unwilling to state that Russia was helping Trump and hurting Clinton? Why just say "interfere" in the US election and not say "helped Trump and hurt Clinton?" The most Mueller would say was the Russian's tried to "hurt a candidate." I suppose he meant Clinton.
  5. I will go one step further on the subject of Nobel Prize in "Star Wars." Is Trump president because of the "type" of fans of Star Wars and "PRO" (fake) Wrestling (WWE) of which Trump has always been a big fan, about 1/3 of the US population? What is the correlation between fans of something as fake as WWE and Star Wars and Trump? Let's get back to reality and explore REAL strange new worlds and go where no one has gone before. This is the science discussion site.
  6. Anyone who can explain the workings of a lightsaber deserves a Nobel prize in fabricating the absurd. Yes, how do you make light travel only 3 feet? I would rather use a ray gun. "The lightsaber is the signature weapon of the Jedi Order and their Sith counterparts, both of whom can use them for melee combat, or to deflect blaster bolts." The premise of Star Wars is extremely absurd, "let's have war in space forever!!" I prefer "exploring strange new worlds and going where no one has gone before!" like the original Star Trek series did with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.
  7. Today Trump walked out of a meeting about infrastructure and said he won't work with Dems until they stop all investigations. There are a dozen or more investigations of Trump continuing besides Mueller's. The Mueller investigation was of very narrow scope. The other investigations however, cover a broader area, going into all manner of financial dealings, and of many Trump entities and allies. My question is how much in substance do the remaining investigations compare to the Mueller project that took nearly 2 years? Do they all add up to be comparable to the Mueller report, or could the other investigations be much more for Trump and company to worry about? What revelations may come out of the other investigations over the next 18 months?
  8. Thanks for posting that about Hafthor. They made him up to look more evil than any character I have ever seen! Are you referring to the large number of "dark scenes" in the episode "Long Night" (the battle with the zombies) where you can barely see what is happening? I agree that was frustrating. The lighting was not good, big mistake. Other than that I am quite satisfied with the plot so far. Spectacular scene how Arya Stark leaps upon the Night King, just before he kills Bran (and absorbs his power of vision-flight). Then he grabbed her forearm holding the dagger and she used her assassin training to drop the dagger to her other hand, and stab the King, and everyone zombie, human or dragon, crumbled into shards! She should be hailed as the savior of the living. For Daenerys to use per dragon to wantonly burn a multitude of innocent people was unforgiveable, even by Jon Snow. She had said she didn't want to be evil like her father. Arya will want to kill her and Cercei, and that will be fine with Sansa.
  9. Anyone been following this series? What can happen in the next and last episode? If you haven't been watching, spoiler alert.
  10. Would there be any advantage to installing a telescope on the far side of the Moon to survey our neighborhood for dangerous NEOs? It could scan the sky once per month as the Moon orbits the Earth.
  11. My question is will efforts to establish a base on the Moon delay doing the same thing on Mars? Why not just focus on a Mars base?
  12. And even before we can see it, the gravity from that region would have reached us before the quasar even formed. Would all matter in the universe already be in "gravitational contact" with all other matter in the universe, ever since the beginning? Since the gravity waves began propagating shortly after the big bang.
  13. Does the most distant quasar observed have gravity that reaches us, but the force is miniscule?
  14. I'm listening to the Senate hearing as I type. Because of Barr's clever 4-page mischaracterization of Mueller's report, Trump had a WHOLE MONTH to boast "NO COLLUSION...NO OBSTRUCTION... I'VE BEEN TOTALLY EXONERATED...WITCH HUNT...COUP!!!" Critics of Trump could not say a thing for ONE MONTH. First impressions are very powerful in human understanding. What a brilliant scheme. Barr set a skewed first impression for Trump's base to gloat over for ONE MONTH. Then Mueller's report came out and Trump's base and republicans are not very interested in the damning details. Very clever scheme, it worked. Now the Dems are stumbling around trying to penetrate Barr's defense of obfuscation and diversion by splitting hairs on every charge. Pat Leahy should retire. He could hardly articulate questions at all, mumbling and stumbling and making little sense.
  15. During Barr's confirmation I gave him the benefit of the doubt about his integrity. But I learned that he applied for the job of attorney general long before he was confirmed. In his 19-page job application he said that a president has almost unlimited powers to defy accusations of obstruction of justice. So Trump hired him. Now we are seeing Barr mischaracterizing the Mueller report. When questioned if he knew what Mueller thought about Barr's 4-page memo "exonerating" Trump, Barr said he didn't know what Mueller thought about his mischaracterization of the Mueller report, which was a lie. Mueller sent Barr a letter complaining about his mischaracterization of his report, weeks earlier. Now Barr needs to explain how he "forgot" about Mueller's letter of complaint. And now Barr is testifying before the senate.
  16. How so? I was thinking of space with an average density of about one atom per cubic meter. Any few atoms that stray too close to the BH will get gobbled up in no time at all. So that means that the region immediately inside the event horizon should be a perfect vacuum. Unless the atoms that enter an isolated black hole bounce around inside? Don't they head for the center and stay there?
  17. But what about an isolated black hole that is not feeding on anything? Even if a few atoms should get captured, they would soon reach the singularity and there would remain a vacuum inside the event horizon.
  18. Would it be correct to say that between the central singularity and the event horizon is a perfect vacuum? How could any particles exist inside the event horizon and not be instantly absorbed by the singularity? As particles enter the event horizon are they attracted towards the center at light speed? So how could the interior of a black hole, outside the central region, NOT be a perfect vacuum?
  19. Sometimes the fans cheer the heel and boo the face. Trump's base like his role as heel. They will always cheer him no matter what he does! The nastier he is the more they like him. It is hard for some of us to imagine that there are a LOT of people that think Trump's mannerisms are cute, macho, uncensored. Like Ann Coulter said, when Trump exaggerates or lies blatantly, she just thinks he is funny. They don't take Trump literally, they take him seriously. That is exactly the appeal of WWE "wrestling." Fake is ok.
  20. I like your idea of a "long articulated stiff pipe" so the helicopter can inject water with pinpoint accuracy, away from the rotor wash. The chopper may also have a drilling device to open a hole in the roof to inject the water (or dry flame retardant) using the long water pipe.
  21. He never needed to be a statesman, all he had to do was be the disruptor, act like the heel, and fight dirty, and he has a ready-made, adoring base of 1/3 of Americans!!
  22. No WWE is not real wrestling. Real wrestling is not choreographed in advance. Wrestling is what they have in schools and the Olympics. "PRO" wrestling is choreographed to look like real fighting. They don't just wrestle, WWE also pretends to inflict pain by ANY means! It takes great strength and skill, and ability to pull punches and follow a predetermined fight plan, but you have to admit it looks blatantly FAKE. In WWE fighters even carry "blood" in a plastic bag in their mouth to bite and make it look like they are bleeding profusely.
  23. Good question. Some water is better than none. What is the ideal quantity of water to allow QUICK pickup from the river, using an average chopper and also be effective? Or if Paris can afford it have a big, tanker chopper that can service all the ancient buildings in Paris. My next question is, where could they have installed an INTERIOR sprinkler system? That could have stopped the fire sooner. I heard the fire started high up near the roof so most sprinkler systems would not have stopped it. You need sprinklers as high up as you can install them.
  24. I had never noticed Trump's connection with "PRO" wrestling, or more properly called "WWE" for "World Wrestling Entertainment," until I saw "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver. "PRO" really means "FAKE" wrestling. Is anyone familiar with real wrestling, the kind of wrestling they have in high school, college and the Olympics? Are there any fans of real wrestling out there? Are there fans of WWE out there? What is the appeal? WWE is a choreographed dance that looks so fake, by the standards of special effects in movies, but is good enough for the fans. Trump's base always says, "We don't take Trump literally, we take him seriously." That is what the WWE is ALL about. I would like to see a study of Trump's base to see what percentage of them are fans of WWE. Trump is as openly fake as the WWE. In WWE there are 2 traditional roles, the "face" or protagonist, the decent guy who plays by the rules; and the "heel" or antagonist, who fights dirty and breaks the rules. Sometimes the fans cheer the face and boo the heel, but they also will boo the face and cheer the heal. Trump is the heel of American politics and his base loves everything about him. They think he acts the way he should, like a street fighter who never quits, and always comes back with something nastier. Also the "ends justify the means." The ends are "MAGA" and the means are "by any means necessary," even fighting dirty, cheating, and using help from Russia. Here is John Oliver's bit about WWE: "In professional wrestling, a heel (also known as a rudo in lucha libre) is a wrestler who portrays a villain or a "bad guy" and acts as an antagonist[1][2][3] to the faces, who are the heroic protagonist or "good guy" characters. To gain heat (with boos and jeers from the audience), heels are often portrayed as behaving in an immoral manner by breaking rules or otherwise taking advantage of their opponents outside the bounds of the standards of the match. Others do not (or rarely) break rules, but instead exhibit unlikeable, appalling and deliberately offensive and demoralizing personality traits such as arrogance, cowardice or contempt for the audience. [Does this sound like Trump?] Many heels do both, cheating as well as behaving nastily. No matter the type of heel, the most important job is that of the antagonist role, as heels exist to provide a foil to the face wrestlers. If a given heel is cheered over the face, a promoter may opt to turn that heel to face or the other way around, or to make the wrestler do something even more despicable to encourage heel heat."