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  1. Functions return a value but it can be an array... Recursive functions can call the same function again eg. Fibonacci
  2. Through wind-tunnel simulations the outer skin of cars and aircraft are designed to be aerodynamically optimized, with low drag and smooth air flow.
  3. Refraction is responsible (which is caused by different speed of light in different (air / water) media).
  4. Resistors in series add impedance. I = V / (R1 + R2 + ..... RN) //From Ohm's Law
  5. The Earth's magnetic field is produced by a system of huge whirlwinds of molten metal in the outer core known as a "geodynamo". These vortices arise from a combination of two factors: convection, and the Coriolis force. Convection currents act as the basic pathways that the molten metals take, while the Coriolis effect causes the molten metal to spin and form into defined column-like structures, oriented on the same axis as the Earth's rotation. This process is called Dynamo Theory. In view of the above Mars has only a solid core that prevents the development of a global magnetosphere. (no differentiation into outer and inner core).
  6. I like the analogy of a capacitor with a dielectric. When the voltage reaches peak, the dielectric collapses and there is a spark. Similar to the trigger of spontaneous laughter.
  7. Do some self-pep talk like - It could have been worse I can change those things that are possible to change and choose to ignore things that I can't The very fact that improvements are possible translates into optimism
  8. As per his evaluation of needs self-actualization was at the top of the pyramid, and I give some weightage to that ....
  9. https://books.google.co.in/books?id=F21aBQAAQBAJ&pg=PA39&lpg=PA39&dq=does+sleep+restore+the+catecholamine+systems+of+the+brain&source=bl&ots=xjgvCl0aM3&sig=GO15vIc4nUFF3vRva6o34VL4vzU&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjJ64y4n7XWAhVKM48KHf31CwcQ6AEILDAB#v=onepage&q=does sleep restore the catecholamine systems of the brain&f=false
  10. Grounding of nervous tension, something similar to a sigh of relief ....
  11. Sleep helps in restoring the equilibrium of catecholamine related neuronal systems of the brain.
  12. People of true character don't need to be deified, only inept individuals survive on flattery.
  13. Voltage fluctuations (without a stabilizer) can damage the computers hardware. Monitor problems are known to occur after 2 years or so. Malware and Viruses / Worms can corrupt memory and overwrite the BIOS. Computer FAN malfunction and overheating are more common with desktop machines and large servers. These are just a few scenarios that may occur.
  14. The expansion of the Universe could be described as "the time evolution of space". As an extension of this, the Universe could be described as "finite and unbounded".
  15. The Universe is not expanding (in the conventional sense), the space between galaxies is increasing leading to red-shift of distant galaxies.
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